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Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Conservative Response to my Tongue Lashing

A Primer- How to Artfully Dodge a Constituent Plea for Help
Smee again:
My last post was sent to every MP by e-mail. The response was about as expected: one from the Libs that was OK and one from the NDP and that was OK?
The truth from a Liberal is expected and I got it:
As a courtesy, I will let you know that of the 1000’s of emails we get, correspondence from constituents always takes priority. Our policy is to respond to people when they’ve identified themselves with names and addresses.
Out of the whole batch of Conservative MP’s I got 2 responses – simply Form Letter acknowledgements
  1. Thank you very much for contacting the office of Joe Preston, Member of Parliament for Elgin-Middlesex-London. Mr. Preston welcomes hearing from Canadians and being made aware of their views and all comments are brought to his attention.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to e-mail MP Barry Devolin.  Barry always appreciates receiving correspondence from his constituents and other concerned citizens.  I assure you that either Barry or a member of his staff will review your comments as soon as possible...
It only seems appropriate that I point out that while everybody in the Conservative Party seems to appreciate and welcome comments they don’t pay much attention. Even a direct cry for help from a Constituent is evaded with lame excuses. Following is a prime example of one Conservative Member of Parliaments dodge to evade any involvement in any distasteful or confrontational situation like asking about the blatant violation of privacy and Law with the Seizure of a Constituent’s Confidential Medical Records.
Fortunately one of the new responses was from the Office of Barry Devolin. This self styled defender of constituents has already demonstrated his skill at dodging anything controversial. Justifying and defending the intentional violation of a constituents Privacy and seizure of her Medical Records (by Justice, Health, and asshole Vic Toews) is completely out of the question because the Police are now involved. 

(Barry-Boy probably thought up the whole damn scheme!)

Following is a link to and then a condensed summary of that skilful evasion of responsibility and the response of the Constituent whose question he’s dodging.

``  29 March 2012
So far no response from the commissioner on how the investigation into the unjust, unwarranted removal of client files from my doctor's office is going.
BUT my MP's response is as follows...
 Dear Ms,
 Thank you for contacting Barry to express your concern.
As Member of Parliament, it is inappropriate for Barry to intervene in files within the care & control of a police agency.
As you have outlined in your letter, if you feel your rights have been violated, you should consider contacting the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.  They are in a better position to assist you.
Unfortunately due to the nature of your inquiry, we are unable to further assist you.  If you have any future concerns regarding unrelated matters please do not hesitate to contact me.
Marnie Hoppenrath
Constituency Assistant
Office of Barry Devolin M.P….

My response to this letter:
Dear Marnie Hoppenrath,
Thank you for your speedy response. Since it is deemed inappropriate for Barry to intervene in files within the care & control of a police agency, could you please advice me what type of help Barry does consider appropriate when one calls on him for help or guidance.  A great number of people have had their privacy violated and the confidentiality we all expect when going to a doctor has been broken. Barry is part of the system that governs the doctors and police who then impact each and everyone of us including but not limited to me, as they see fit, regardless of how we/I feel about their inappropriate and fraudulent actions against us/me. What about our basic human rights other than having the police investigate themselves, what about having one of your many other agencies looking into this injustice? Please let me know what else i can do other than contacting the Ontario Civilian Police Commission. It seriously seems oxymoronic to have the police investigate themselves. 

This little rocket will also be sent to all MP’s.

I couldn’t have said it better myself


Blaine Barrett