I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Friday, 26 October 2012

I want The Right to Die a Dignified Peaceful Death.

Harper and the Harpocrits Don’t Want Me To

S’mee again:

Gloria Taylor died in peace: I admired her as a leader and a fighter worthy of my respect.  Gloria fought for the right to die because she was sick with a terrible illness, facing a painful end, and she wanted to exit life painlessly with dignity. She won!
Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson issued a statement expressing his condolences. “I was saddened to hear the news of Gloria Taylor’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family,” Nicholson said.

Then why the hell is he appealing her decision???

That’s Not Justice.

Harper is appealing the Gloria Taylor Euthanasia decision to the Supreme Court and that is stupid and obstructive. I want more freedom than that to decide when my life ends. I don’t want my eligibility to end my life subject to a bunch of pointless regulations that only allow it in case of pain and suffering and a doctor’s consent. Dying when you’re sick and in pain is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a much bigger question coming up. I don’t want to live in the rotten future I see ahead for us old farts.

What about a Right to Die when you simply choose to do so because you just don’t want to get up tomorrow? Mental competency and the ability to express the wish to die are all that should be necessary is to get assistance to do so.
I’m almost at that point.

Everyone of you who is past middle age, nearing retirement, and has come to the realization that you’re bank account, savings and investments and future retirement income are not going to cut it, Woe is You. Sooner or later you’re going to come up short of the means to support yourself in any easy style. One certain future I see is one of skyrocketing prices for almost everything; simply because of ever increasing demand for and a steadily diminishing supply of nearly all the resources needed for human survival. I don’t see how any world with the nationalistic leadership mentalities and so many divisive hostile relationships can ever coalesce and cooperate to handle the problems in time to do anything of consequence.

Take a look at the future possibilities over the next 40 tears and it’s scary. You are looking at a life span of 90-100 years and getting there is going to be no fun. Just having enough money after retirement to maintain a survival level of living is going to be a real problem.

The problems our world faces are almost too numerous to count: Environmental degradation, resource exploitation, pollution, a declining food supply, maximized Agricultural output, global warming, erratic weather patterns from downpour to drought and all unpredictable, and on and on. To this mess of problems we now chuck in all the human social problems resultant: greed
Islamic Fundamentalism.

Take a look at all the good things that are around you that make your life worth living. You are going to lose them all over the next decades.

One of the consequences of living too long is sooner of later everybody who ever knew you dies and suddenly you’re all alone. One by one they all go and the rate accelerates. The days of dying in bed surrounded by your loving family are not an option.

I’m 70 years old. I’ve had a good life that has gone all to hell. Every day I watch my wife shrivel up more! She has COPD and I can’t do a damn thing to help her. After 50 years of marriage I think I’ve honoured my marriage vows and the only reasons for living are the “Till death do us part” promise and her well being. That’s not enough.

Three score and ten years is enough!

That’s the point when God decided life should end and it’s appropriate that it do so. When you reach 70 your life should be yours to be disposed of as you wish.

The worst future I can imagine for myself is to be 95, incapable of caring for myself, bed bound, dependant on strangers for my daily survival and widely aware and awake. You suddenly begin to think about your own worth and what the purpose in your life is and realize there is none. At this point any connection to anyone who has any idea of who you are, or were: what you’ve done or failed to accomplish is gone. You are simply an expense because you are completely unable to contribute anything and the money spent keeping you in that lousy captive existence could be better spent trying to handle the flood of Alzheimer’s patients who will need caring for.

When I reach the point I decide to die I simply want to express the wish and be able to accomplish it. I don’t want to commit suicide and I don’t want anyone responsible for my death. All they need is the firing squad method. Six pills, 1 lethal: give them to six people; choose random pairs and have a different pair of give me my sleeping pills three nights in a row. I will never know when I got it and no one can be held responsible. That is the point. I will have achieved my objective of a surprise departure in a peaceful, painless dignified manner.

It happens: You Croak!!

Regardless of your faith, or lack of it, we all will now find out if God and Heaven exist. You either wake up to golden lights and the Heavenly Choir singing Gloria, Gloria, In Excelsis Deo, or you don’t wake up. One thing certain is: either way, you won’t be disappointed by the result.
We’re all going to Peace, calm and quiet, so help push the Right to Die to the maximum.