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Sunday 7 August 2016

A Betrayal of Our Trust

A Major Betrayal of Our Trust

The OPP in 2012 began a cover-up of what has to be the biggest sting operation involving Criminal Negligence and the Invasion of Personal Privacy in Canadian history!

The morning of Jan 26, 2012 the Ontario Provincial Police under the leadership of Detective Sergeant Marc Duval made a false arrest in order to commit the most massive Invasion of Personal Privacy in Canadian history. They then stupidly turned that into the most massive despicable Crime of Criminal Negligence ever conducted by a Canadian Police Force. They have successfully concealed those two offenses for over 4½ years and the crime is still in progress!

What Happened and Why!

What Started the Cops on the trail to Criminality

In 2001 the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations were passed and Health Canada began issuing Licenses for both the possession of, and the personal or dedicated growth of Marijuana for medication that provided Symptom relief. This started slowly but grew to over 3000 Licensees spread all across Canada by early 2009.

By this time every Police Force in Canada seethed in angry frustration because they were kept completely ignorant of any information provided to Health Canada on the Application forms required to obtain a License. They had no idea who or where the Licensees were, no details as to amounts to be purchased or grown and no locations of any legal grow-ops. They had paranoid thinking that assumed every Licensee was a druggy who couldn’t be trusted and there were many grow-ops that were being used to grow excessive amounts of marijuana and selling it to unlicensed buyers including Organized Crime for Criminal distribution. Health Canada would not release any of this information because it was all covered by Medical Confidentiality and was highly secret and secure in their custody. The Cops wanted to obtain this information and in 2009 the road to access began to be unblocked.

What changed?

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana License at that time was a very difficult job because of the opposition of the Canadian Medical Association. All Doctors in Canada were virtually ordered not to sign an application because there was too much unknown risk, both to the patient and the Doctor. Even though the signing was perfectly legal nearly all Canadian doctors faithfully followed orders and refused to do so.

In the latter half of 2009 one doctor who was much more aware of the lies about marijuana and also of the potential Medical benefits decided to defy the CMA admonition and by himself wrote about 100 Applications. In 2010 Dr. Rob Kamermans output accelerated to another 1000 and by mid-2011 he had signed about 3000 applications. This criminal was located in Coe Hill, Ontario and one smart OPP officer utilized a flaw in the law regarding the Invasion of Personal Privacy and devised a plan to access all the prohibited details.

Standard Medical Policy required that the Standard Application Form for every Class of License required the creation of duplicate copies. The original to be forwarded to Health Canada and disappeared into their secure storage. The other copy was for the Doctor’s records and these were all kept at his office in Coe Hill. The smart Officer recognized that the files stored at the Doctor’s office were not under Federal Security but now under the Laws of Ontario the Invasion of Personal Privacy was not a crime. The offense was prohibited but to break it had no penalty and an apology erased the offense All they had to do was gain access long enough to copy the information in the files and then return them with an apology for their mistake and no-one would ever know their Medical files had been invaded. The only problem was how to gain access because the Doctor was doing nothing illegal. They sent it to the experts and because it was a high volume, well organized and efficient operation: they suspected criminal involvement and planning and turned it over to the Organized Crime Task Force for a solution


The Task Force was headed by Detective Sergeant Marc Duval and he almost jumped for joy. He had spent years searching for illegal grow-ops run by gangs and organized criminals. Accessing the locations of these 3000 files located nearly half the legal grow-ops in Canada for his inspection and closure because he believed there was no medical benefit to marijuana and druggies weren’t sick: They didn’t want pain relief, they wanted a “high”.

Duval was very aware that all they had to do was create a large number of lies and they were very good at that. A list of discoveries establishing the high probability of any crime, if plausible, provided the basis for the probable cause. It would be easy to convince a judge to issue a warrant for evidence of that crime and they could arrest the doctor on “suspicion of” and remove him from the office and allow them to take custody of the files and extract the information.

Mistake #1 – Timing!

Since time holding the files needed to be minimized he needed some time to do the planning for both the raid and the handling and inspection the files following to be done in the fastest and manner to permit their return to Dr. K the Custodian of the files. The task was difficult but he completed it in late 2012. Accordingly, they used their normal crimes: Fraud, Forgery, Trafficking, Money laundering as charges and backed them up with bullshit investigatory findings. Charges that would seem more appropriate to a criminal gang operation than to a country doctor.

Having concocted the charges Duval somehow got a gullible Judge to issue a warrant in December and intentionally set the date for the raid after the New Year passed. He did not know the number of files he would find but he would capture Dr. Kamermans complete 2011 production.

The Raid!

The raid went perfectly. Duval entered the office with warrant accusing the doctor of Fraud, Forgery and on and on, handed it to the doctor, had him arrested, handcuffed the doctor and his wife Mary, and sent them to jail but not before he forced them to pose for photographs. He had the waiting room cleared of patients; got his goon squad into full gear inspecting and packing file but then the unexpected happened.

Gerard Faux and Tracey Miller were patients of Dr. Kamermans and had an 11:00 AM appointment with the Dr. but were running late, arrived, parked and hurried into the office and right into the middle of the goon squad before being spotted and stopped. They were detained for a short while and interrogated by Sergeant Rob Henderson as to who they were and why they were there seated right next to Sgt. Duval. He was busy at a desk opening patient files and inspecting them and he was close enough to hear the entire interrogation. They were released shortly and left without their files.

Mistake #2- Returning Some Files!

Later that day Kelly Brown, one of Dr. K’s patients called Dr. K to get an appointment to get some test results and Dr. K told him the office was closed and the and the Police had removed all his files. Kelly became concerned and told his wife, a nurse, and she took over. Sandra McIntyre contacted the Bancroft OPP and was referred to D/S Duval in the Orillia detachment.
She asked for Kelly’s file and he said No. She proceeded to ask for his lab results. she wanted his blood sugar numbers as he is diabetic. Duval said,” I am not a doctor" to which she replied "exactly why do you have his file?". He phoned her back within 10 min to get her address and a copy of Kelly’s file was sent by courier overnight. Duval relaxed but too soon: the shit hit the fan the next day.
By some streak of good fortune Kelly was a friend of Gerard and Tracey and called and told them what had happened and they decided to do the same. Tracey took the initiative the next morning and called the Information and Privacy Commission to ask what their rights were. The IPC contact advised the files were theirs that all they had to do was call Duval and demand their files back and if they did not get them to call back and the IPC would get them returned.
Gerard called Duval and informed him what they knew. Duval advised they hadn’t needed to call the IPC. The OPP were not refusing to return any files all they had to do was call him and he would have released them. He obtained their address an they shortly had their filed delivered to them.

Mistake #3- Slow manual inspection of the files!
By the end of week one Duval became concerned because his squad of inspectors was too slow in opening files and they were far from finished. To stall any queries, he created a blackout of all phone calls: instructing that all calls asking about the files were to be transferred to a recording machine that promised a call back but never did. The calls quickly died and he decided to continue to hold the files to complete the inspection. A couple of weeks’ delay was no problem but at the end of the first month he had received no further inquiries and the work was still far from finished. He assessed the problem and decided it really didn’t matter when he returned the files: there was no punishment involved.

Mistake #4- Holding the files too long!

Processing the files dragged on and was finally completed and any worry about its discovery vanished as all interest in them disappeared. Fall came and with it Duval discovered his first disastrous mistake in scheduling the raid after year end. He discovered any return of the files created a major, major problem. He had held them over a year when he learned that 8 days prior to the raid the law regarding the offense of Invasion of Personal Privacy had changed and the consequences of any discovery of that offense were disastrous for the OPP.

January 18, 2012, Judge J.E. Sharpe of the Ontario Court of Appeal made a ruling in Jones v. Tsige, 2012 ONCA 32 that changed the offence of Invasion of Personal Privacy from one with no punishment to an act of “Harassment” with a penalty of an obligation for compensation to the tune of in the range of $10,000-$20,000 with the provision for more depending on Harm, that escalated according to the severity of the damage. He could not see any possible revelation of his invasion of all of the files and he decided not to return them at all.

I Lodge a Complaint!

Somehow in early 2013 I stumbled across Criminal Code 219 Section (1)- Criminal Negligence and it nearly blew my mind. It was clearly obvious and provable that the files had been taken. Over a year had passed and all the patients’ Licenses had expired and no one could obtain their medication. That had caused harm in extreme amounts because many patients relapsed and required hospitalization or had a recurrence of symptoms they could not control. Criminal Negligence? No way! : this was Intentional Negligence calculated to hurt all druggies.

I wrote out a detailed complaint alleging Criminal Negligence and the Invasion of Personal Privacy and sent it to the Office of the Independent Police Director in early May, and quickly received a reply giving my accusation OIPRD Complaint #130005918. All I wanted was for the Director to accept my complaint and start an investigation. Procedure dictates that if the Director accepts a complaint it gets turned back over to a different detachment of cops for investigation. If a Director makes a decision it there is no route of appeal. The Director is deemed incapable of making a mistake. The presence of the files still in police custody is solid evidence of the crime and all I wanted was to get the files released and the cops charged. Given the facts that was a certainty and 4100 acts of Criminal Negligence committed by all the members of the raid.

I sat back and waited: considering the result of their investigation and failure to convict any of the G8 & G20 protest Police thugs, who beat the hell out of, and corralled innocent spectators, I had little confidence in the Blue Brotherhood returning a charge

A Wrong Decision: An Appeal: Rejection

I waited over a month! What was the problem? It might make a week: but a whole month? Something smells.

June 17, 2013 I received a form letter from a Clerk advising that the Director had read my complaint but rejected it because the crime had been committed more than six months before the complaint was received! Bullshit! I had included the fact that it was still going on! The denial further stated that to investigate it was not in the Public Interest! The rejection was signed by the Clerk.

I sat in a total state of bewilderment but I was not going to accept any decision on those grounds without the signature of the Director. I concluded the Clerk had rejected it after she noted the date and decided not to waste the Directors time.

I wrote an appeal directly to the attention of Director Gerry McNeilly and demanded he correct the error of his clerk and reinstate my complaint. I e-mailed it June 20, and received a final rejection 3 hrs. later signed by the Director simply verifying the decision. No change of grounds or any other reason?

I erroneously concluded that he had rejected it out of sheer arrogance. I had addressed him like the nigger he is and he resented it. I did not determine I was wrong until recently.

Another Dead End and A Major Stroke of Luck!

I was totally stopped, there was no one else to complain to. After a 2-year delay in anything, I stumbled across the fact that if you asked your doctor for your file back and didn’t get it, you could call the Information and Privacy Commissioner and they would find and get it for you. Bonus I e-mailed the IPC replied but they wanted confirmation that Dr. Kamermans did not have my file. Accordingly, I phoned the Doctor and confirmed the cops had not returned it and notified the IPC. My complaint was accepted and assigned file number 2015-PC29.

The investigator assigned to find my file was Nathalie Rioux and she was excellent, she found the file in no time. It was still in Marc Duval’s custody somewhere. At this point, having found it, I dropped the complaint and did not ask for my files return. By this time the contents were all obsolete, they could only get my file released, but I wanted all of them release simultaneously to attract notice.

I Complain to the Premier

I decided to write a complaint and send it to the Premier but before I had completed that I was lucky again and ran across Judge J.A. Sharpe’s ruling that changed the Invasion of Personal Privacy to an offense of Harassment with a penalty that was adequate compensation for the offense. This was a major change in the impact of the case and I made certain to reference it in my following Complaint to the Premier.

That resulted in the 17-page “Denunciation of Gerry McNeilly” for Malfeasance in Office that I sent Sept 2, 2015. In addition to the Premier I had copies sent to the Attorney General Madeline Meilleur and to the Minister of Public Safety and Corrections.
To ensure their receipt of my complaint and verify it I sent all copies Registered Mail and then I waited again.

The Results of My Complaint!

September 8 I received a reply from Premier Wynne expressing her concern. She also advised I would be contacted by the staff of the Attorney General and given advice and guidance.

I again waited a month and received a Form letter reply from the Tribunal and Agency Review Division thanking me for my information and saying they would attend to it. Fuck them. Where is the help and advice the Premier promised? I wrote back and demanded some answers.
I received the same form letter but with the addition of the statement that if I sent any more e-mails they would be ignored and filed in the Circular File.

This results in a back and forth flurry of E-mails up the chain of command and finally to both The Attorney General and Deputy that ended with an ultimatum on February 7, 2016 with the subject line:
To date I have received no reply.

So, Where Am I Going?

I contemplated sending another complaint to the Premier but one voice alone has no impact and I decided to contact as many of my fellow victims as possible for help.

A multi-victim complaint with names would carry a far greater impact and here we are.

Here’s ours: Now we see what happens!!

Blaine Barrett

Cover Letter to Judge Sharpe

Court of Appeal for Ontario                                                                              August 2, 2016
130 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N5

Attn: Justice Robert J. Sharpe

Regarding:  the Tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion
Your honour:

I truly regret having to do this but I must bring to your attention what I believe to be the most egregious breach of Personal Privacy ever committed in Canada. This was an intentional violation of the personal files of 4100 Medical patients in order to obtain the information contained in the Applications for Medical Marijuana within them.

The morning of January 26, 2012, 8 days after you signed the new tort, the OPP Organized Crime Task Force raided the Offices of Dr. Robert Kamermans, arrested him and took possession of all his patient files that contained copies of the Applications the Dr. had signed: to date they have not returned them to their rightful owners.

Why and what happened after the raid constitutes Criminal Negligence and that is another matter I am asking the Premier to stop. See attached:

Where the new Tort comes in is what happened to those files while in custody of nosy cops for 4 years?  The actions of the cops beginning shortly after the seizure convinced me there had been an invasion of Personal Privacy: but I had no proof. This spring I found two eyewitnesses who are prepared to testify they walked into the office in the middle of the raid and saw the leader of the raid Detective Sergeant Marc Duval along with several others opening patient files and examining the before packing them for removal.

That your honour is where matters stand. Every detail of the crime is outlined in the accompanying copy of my complaint to the Premier and its allegations supported by the attached chronology “A Major Betrayal of Trust by the Cops”.

I do not know what you can or will do with this situation but my concern is what I can do if this offense is covered by the new Tort. No one can tell me how I and the other 4100 patients I represent get a lawsuit started; go to report their qualifications for compensation if eligible; How, what, and where are all unknowns. This is starting to smell like a class action requiring a lawyer and a lot of rigmarole. and there is no way a lawyer could even be paid a retainer to start a suit.

Sir: I realize that your ability to provide any advice is limited by the constraints of your position but I must ask “does this fall under the new tort since it was signed before the raid?”

If it does sir, can you give me any advice as to how to proceed or, if not, provide me with a reference to someone who can?

Sir: I apologize for doing this but I’m 75, Canadian and proud of it. I never ever begged for anything but I never ever thought that I would be victimized by a force sworn to serve and protect me: here I am doing just that!

Again sir: my deepest apologies

Best regards

Blaine Barrett

Cover Letters to the OPP

Letter to OPP Commissioner Hawkes

Ontario Provincial Police Headquarters
777 Memorial Ave
Orillia ON
L3V 7V3

Attn: Commissioner J.V.N. Hawkes

Dear Commissioner Hawkes:

Attached you will find a copy of my Complaint to the Premier and a copy of “A Major Betrayal of Trust” that outlines how a crew of your cops screwed 4100 innocent victims by committing Criminal Code 219, Section (1) Criminal Negligence and Criminal Code 221 Criminal Negligence Causing Harm

They did this to access information in private patient files to allow them to pursue Marijuana Growers and by invading these files committed offenses under New Ontario Tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion that has an attached provision of a mandatory Compensation in the amount of $ 20,000 for the victim.

How can I get these bastards punished? What are you going to do about this?

I expect a response

Blaine Barrett

Letter to OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum

Ontario Provincial Police Headquarters
777 Memorial Ave
Orillia ON
L3V 7V3

Attn: Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum

Dear Commissioner Barnum:

I just sent this to the Commissioner and asked him what he is going to do about this:

“Attached you will find a copy of my Complaint to the Premier and a copy of “A Major Betrayal of Trust” that outlines how a crew of your cops screwed 4100 innocent victims by committing Criminal Code 219, Section (1) Criminal Negligence and Criminal Code 221 Criminal Negligence Causing Harm

They did this to access information in private patient files to allow them to pursue Marijuana Growers and by invading these files committed offenses under New Ontario Tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion that has an attached provision of a mandatory Compensation in the amount of $20,000 for the victim.

I note you are in charge of the Organized Crime Task force and my understanding is that Mark Duval is a major player for you. I simply would like to know if you were aware of any of this shit or was he acting on his own initiative in pulling it off and concealing all evidence for nearly 5 years.

I would appreciate a reply

Blaine Barrett

Cover Letter to IPC Commissioner Beamish

Ontario Information and Privacy Commission

2 Bloor St E


Toronto, ON M4W 1A8

Attn: Commissioner Brian Beamish

Dear Commissioner Beamish:

 I am simply giving you a copy of my Complaint to the Premier and supporting documentation regarding Criminal Negligence and an egregious mass Invasion of the Personal Privacy contained in 4100 medical files which I believe are covered by the new Ontario Tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion.

I do not expect you to do anything about this and I only provides it as notice of what I believe will be a major disruption of Ontario Privacy law.

Last may Nathalie Rioux, one of your investigators managed to finally find my Medical file that was removed from the office of Dr. Rob Kamermans by the OPP in January, 2012 and never returned. With some difficulties like lies and evasions she miraculously found it was still in the custody of the OPP or Crown along with all the others. Nathalie asked if I wanted her to get my file back and I declined because after 4 years all the contents were obsolete.

When I asked how I could get all the files removed as proof positive of a crime and punishment of the cops involved she advised that your office does not have the power to interfere in the operations of the cops or demand any disciplinary actions for violations of privacy. That to me is a serious matter and I was hoping you might interfere in this matter and try to secure that power but that is your decision.

In closing: I am extremely grateful for the help and courtesy that Nathalie rendered me and also thankful for the IPC having a special status for Medical Records that permitted me to request recovery of my file.

With thanks for simply being there for me

Blaine Barrett


Cover Letter to Detective Sergeant Marc Duval:

Ontario Provincial Police General Headquarters                                                                                                July 18, 2016

777 Memorial Ave,

Orillia, ON L3V 7V3

Attn: Detective Sergeant Marc Duval:

Hello Marc: You don’t know me but I’ve been chasing your trail for 4 years, 6 months, and 18 days because you confiscated my Medical File and have not returned it along with 4100 other patient files. I’ve finally found enough evidence to convict you of Criminal Negligence and that could get you ten years and I hope it does. Further to my pleasure I can now establish the commission of offenses of Harassment which according to the new OntarioTort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion that has an attached provision of a mandatory Compensation in the amount of $ 20,000 for the victim.

I complained to the OIPRD in May, 2013 but your buddy Director Gerry McNeilly squashed my complaint proving Criminal Negligence by using two phony technical violations and totally ignoring any facts proving Criminal Negligence.

Well, Gerry has this stupid Immunity from error and that stopped any progress in my complaining for over two years until early this year I made two discoveries that opened my eyes and I found irrefutable evidence of both offenses and I am going to advertise them to get a public awareness that you cannot dodge.

In two weeks I am going to send the attached Complaint to Premier Wynne along with the attachment and explanation that covers my whole 4½ year chase to nail your ass to the wall. To ensure she cannot dodge it I am sending copies of the whole can of worms to a selected Distribution list that I think will be really pissed off.

See the list at the end of this package.

I short I am going to hock a big gob of snot on your floor and get the good guys to rub your nose in it.

Well, that’s about it, my job is complete. All I have to do is drop my bomb when I’m ready. Then I can just sit back and watch the hammer slam your fucking head for being the meanest, conniving, lying, malicious, most vindictive son of a bitch I have ever encountered.

For your further education I have attached a copy of my complaint to the Premier, also The Narrative of the crime and the Distribution list so you can anticipate a demand for answers from all of them.

That is the end of my association with you: just the thought of you leaves a bad taste I my mouth: like I’ve licked a pile of shit.

You have no idea how pleased I am to be able to get some punishment inflicted on the dishonorable cunt who stole my file and invaded my privacy just to obtain evidence to chase me.



Blaine Barrett 

The self-declared winner in this pissing contest


Cover Letter to Gerry McNeilly- Director OIPRD

Subject Line: A Personal Advisory for Director McNeilly

Greetings Gerry:

It’s been a long, long time.

This is an advance warning of how I am going to put you on the National Shit list in about two weeks. Even though I consider you my enemy I felt you deserved one.

This concerns a complaint to be sent to the Premier when I have completed preparation of my game plan and contacted as many of the 4100 victims as possible. That will be about month end. Now you can look forward to the shit hitting the fan.

June 20, 2013 you sent me this:

“OIPRD Complaint Number- 130005918

Your email correspondence of July 20, 2013 has been reviewed and does not alter the outcome of my decision sent to you by email dated July 17, 2013.”

I must advise that the contents of your letter are somewhat concerning given the language and comments.

Further correspondence of this nature will not be responded to.”

That sir was the stupidest fucking thing you ever did. You refused my complaint on the grounds that the Complaint was received later than 6 months from the time of the crime and it “was not in the public interest to investigate it,” The fact is the crime was still in progress and still is, and if a herd of criminal cops is not in the public interest, that’s a complete fucking distortion of reality.

The facts as presented in the following page of my complaint detailed the criminal actions of the cops and irrefutable facts supporting a charge of Criminal Code 219 (1)- Criminal Negligence. For some strange reason you ignored my input.

I am not a person you ignore and, a nigger, just did.

I sent you an appeal of your decision and pointed out your failure to note the criminal facts and stressed all of them again. I know that you read them because you commented on the profanity I used in my appeal. You simply ignored them and I could not understand why except possibly you were afraid of offending the Blue Brotherhood. Since your decisions have Immunity there was nothing I could do and I was silenced.

I could do nothing for 2 years but with my digging around I found the files and that established the Criminal Negligence charges. I also have proof of the cops looking into the files and that now may have enormous impact in monetary compensation.

Accordingly, I went around you and I am sending a Complaint directly to the Premier forcing her to deal with the loss of the files. I have accompanied that with a detailed account of the crime and its consequences portraying you as a willing conspirator in a plan to suppress evidence that has hidden the crime for 2 more years.

Attached are three files:

The first is a copy of my complaint to the premier: Short and sweet.

The second a long report called “A Major Betrayal of Trust” With all my details and interpretations of what has occurred in the past 4 years.

All that time I have failed to get public attention but that is entirely due to the media who simply will not listen. This time this is going to get to the public because I made sure of that with the Distribution List that is the third attachment.

I trust you enjoy reading a masterpiece yarn that will leave you in suspense as far as how it ends.

In exchange for this I now consider us even and I will never contact you again.

Now I simply have to sit back watch you get whatever punishment my Distribution List thinks is appropriate. I hope it includes your removal as Director. I believe that position belongs to a man of integrity and this will flaunt your lack of that essential ingredient simply by your conduct which cannot be denied.

A word of advice: Don’t fuck with old farts! We all have experience dealing with assholes!

Blaine Barrett


E-mail to PC Leader and Justice Critic

Subject: A Crime in Process You Should Be Aware Of

Dear Mr. Brown and Mr. Hillier:

I have sent this to you both as the chief advocates for Justice in the PC Party. I need your help getting the crime stopped and the public made aware of the problem. It’s been concealed far too long.

The attachments to this e-mail consist of a copy of my complaint to the premier that was sent to her this week, and the story of how I found the crime. I need your help to get this well-kept conspiracy out in the Public eye, stop the crime in process, and get some justice for 4100 victims of Corruption in the Ontario Provincial Police.

I would very much appreciate a reply with your comments, criticisms and any help you can give me in accomplishing my objective.

In anticipation of that reply:
Best regards

Blaine Barrett

Cover E-Mail to Media

Subject: A Complaint to the Premier You Should See.


This concerns a story that got the usual media coverage of a Sensational Front Page story without any follow up investigative journalism. It concerns the victim of an OPP sting operation that you all missed.

Knowing that cops are all trained liars, you gullible bunch of assholes jumped all over the victim the day they announced his arrest: charging fraud, greed, organized crime involvement, forgery, and on and on. Not one of you questioned how or why a simple country doctor violated the accepted CMA prohibition on signing Applications for Medical Marijuana (a legal activity): and while signing 4100 of them (no small chore given the details required for each application) was able to have the time and evil mentality to engage in all these criminal activities.

You’re all fucking idiots: The doctor was signing them out of compassion with honor not out of malice and greed but you turkeys just couldn’t accept the truth and hung him on a cross to display him to the Public as a truly evil criminal with no redeeming value.

You slandered a man of Character following his ethical beliefs and his pledge as a Physician to help others and to do no harm. You fools simply don’t know that a man of Character is deemed one because of his observance of two prime ethical requirements- Honesty and Integrity: both of which you all lack.

5 years later the doctor has still has not been brought to trial but his reputation has been smeared, his practice and income ruined, and there is no end to his persecution. Maybe they don’t have the evidence to convict him? He has the right to a speedy trial but that is denied on a continuous basis. Why?

There is no way you can rectify the damage you have done to this man but if any of you has a moral backbone you can get off your ass and help me take him down off the Cross you hung him on for display.

I would like a response from you but I don’t expect one.

With contempt and no regard whatsoever:

I am

Blaine Barrett