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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Patients Shafted as Medical Policy

Medical Cupidity on Display

Anyone who reads this blog pretty much knows that my latest concern is a blatant violation of Medical Confidentiality and the fact that I think it’s an outrage. It relates to the arrest of Dr. Rob Kamermans and the seizure of his complete Medical Files in January of this year. Right after the arrest the Secret switch got pulled and nobody can find out anything. I initially described the problem in my post “The Kamermans Conspiracy” that can be found in the Pages on the right hand side of this post..

I decided to find out as much as I can about what grounds the ITO (Information To Obtain) presented to justify the Kamermans warrant: and what legal loophole was letting them get away with confiscating and invading 4000 private Patient personal Medical Records. That information is not easily obtainable from Law Enforcement or the Government so I asked the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario for help. I got told to ask the Cops. They didn’t seem concerned?

My understanding is that Medical Records are the property of the Physician the Contents of the file are the Property of the Patient and every file should have a warrant before it is accessed. Since these were Medical Records, I accessed the Positions of both the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) and both were very clear that access to any file by a third party without medical justification or a warrant was not acceptable.
My understanding re confidentiality was confirmed.

Since there has been absolutely no comment from either about this mass violation of Confidentiality, I wrote to the Chair of the CMA and Registrar of the College and asked them what goes. You can find both letters listed in Pages to the right. If they were not complaining loudly it implied:

  1. There was some justification and a legal reference to support it?
  2. They just didn’t give a shit?, or
  3. They were co-conspirators with the Nazis in setting up a deterrent and destroying Medical Marijuana.

To me, since they haven’t bothered to reply, the answer is #3. Both organizations have never endorsed Medical Marijuana and both have done their best to covertly discourage Canadian Physicians from signing Applications for the past decade. Dr. Kamermans was one of the few exceptions who defied their under-the-table advisories in favour of assisting his patients.

Dr. Kamermans has faithfully observed the Hippocratic Oath. Failing offer relief available to a patient; by refusing to approve his intake of an herbal substance he claims helps his pain: is to do him harm.

The CMA and the College both discourage the use of pot for two primary reasons:
  1. There has not been enough scientific study to establish any benefit from its use.
  2. There is too much potential harm to the patient in its use.

Bullshit to both: it’s simply

GMPF “Greed Motivated Professional Hypocrisy.

Relative to Number 1:

The CMA finds several thousand years of testimonial evidence is not enough to establish any benefit. That can only come after years of completely unnecessary rigorous scientific study that is motivated by professional vanity and greed. To accept Medical Marijuana on the basis of overwhelming testimony would be to abandon the billions of dollars that the profession stands to gain by insisting on those studies.
It would mean a loss to the profession of

money, grants, reputations, education and employment.

That is simply not in the best interests of the current and future generations of Canadian Physicians. As far as their ignorance about the last twelve years scientific evidence goes, I suggest they consult Granny’s List

Maybe an index of over 400 pages listing positive international will wake them up but I doubt it. They’re simply in denial because of the potential profit loss.

Relative to Number 2:

Thousands of years of use by millions of people have failed to reveal any harm. Not one established linkage to anything harmful has been established except its competition for cotton. So far the CMA, CPSO or any other anti-pot organization has been able to find one death from a Marijuana overdose. They must be frustrated as hell. I pray it stays that way. It’s one suitable punishment for the crime of “Asshole Obstruction.

If you agree they’re simply sulking and won’t answer, maybe you can give them a shaft for me. All you have to do is copy, paste, send the following two e-mails:

#1: To: cmamsc@cma.ca         and     #2: To:   ir@cpso.on.ca

Subject: Breach of Medical Confidentiality re Kamermans.

Attn: Dr. Anna Reid- President           Attn: Dr. Rocco Gerace- Registrar,

October 4 you were sent an e-mail from Blaine Barrett. TheSmeeGoanGuy
regarding the above invasion of Patient Privacy and we are all waiting for an answer.
When will we get one or are you sticking the question in the Ignore file?
Please advise

Sign it however insulting you like.

If you send an e-mail you have my thanks, If you don’t please have a good reason. It’s not a problem to be ignored.

That’s it for now
Blaine Barrett