I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

An Apology to my Readers

Smee again:

When I started this Blog I had big ideas about going viral and all that crap. I wanted to start a protest movement and try to bully the Government into backing off punitively revising the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations.

It wasn’t my ego that started me. I know my limits and Leadership and Organizational Skills are among my weaker talents. I was going to recruit those from the fantastic following I was going to develop with this, my Hyde Park Soapbox Blog. Revision of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations is going to limit and control all growth. This will inevitably escalate the cost for every Licensee of the Program and I selected these victims as my target audience.

I didn’t realize at first that trying to recruit a responsive following to protest from a bunch of laid back stoners was about the stupidest thing I ever did. I think anybody who smokes Pot for 41 years as I have, should know that he won’t make any ripples in that pond!

Common sense I Forgot
I have no doubt I could get them to read my plea and decide to help me. The problem now arises from Pot’s effect on the mind.
Any toker knows Pot’s three common effects when smoked and I conclude that:

  1. Tokers read it but then short term memory loss and takes over and they lose it.
  2. While that is possible: it’s more likely that stimulating reading results in a burst of creative thinking devising brilliant solutions to the problem, but then
  3. Loss of Motivation sets in and they can’t get their arses off the couch and leave the brownies alone.

It has been 9 months since I started the blog. I set out to save personal growth and that has become impossible given the current state of affairs. I have no place left to go except to rant about what I see as being wrong and completely out of character with Canadian values and Principles in the way this Harper Crowd has conducted itself. I have problems in deciding where this blog should go and at this point I’m asking you guys for advice. Give me your input to help me decide what to do in the coming year. When you hit the end of a post or page let me and others know what you think. Sign it as Anonymous but let us know what you think.

Why would I want your input and feedback?
Because there has been none. Out of the thousands of views and visitors that this blog has received, there have been virtually no Comments: A total of 17.  
These have all been complimentary but a one liner doesn’t give me my readers’ assessment of the worth or weakness of the arguments I spout, nor does it expose other readers to the criticism and thinking of others. As a result

The problem is that I have no idea:
  1. Who you are,
  2. What you think about anything or
  3. What you would like me to rant about or look into further.

If I look at myself:
  1. I was born a Pedant and I make no apologies for that.
  2. I can Read 1200 words per minute; I make no apologies for that.
  3. I was born with a Sense of Smell that rivals a Bloodhound
  4. I am Blessed with a Genetic Linkage between my vision and my nose.

At times it is a nuisance but it has given me the ability to read just about anything that this Government has done and smell horseshit or the odour of death and decay. That tells me something is wrong and then Pedantry turns me into a rat terrier digging some prey out of a hole. That ability and this Blog now have a serious problem because when I look at all the lies Harper and the Cabinet have spouted in just the last year the stench is unbearable and too much for me to handle. Too much is wrong and there’s too much to bitch about:

As a minimum bitch list theSix Pillars of Character as defined by the Josephson Institute-Making Ethical Decisions

Trustworthiness: Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty Reliability, (Promise-keeping)
Respect: Civility, Courtesy, Decency, Dignity, Autonomy, Tolerance and Acceptance
Accountability, Pursuit of Excellence, Self-Restraint
Process, Impartiality, Equity
Caring and Citizenship.

Within just that framework of 20+ expected performance areas, the Harper Government has such a list of violations and failures that it is beyond anyone’s ability to keep track of, much less take the time to comment on the violations as they occur.

At the present time I am most concerned with the violation of Medical Confidentiality and the Dr. Rob. Kamermans Persecution. I have been trying to find out just how an invasion of Privacy of that magnitude and the targeting of an MD (for damnation and ruination as a sacrificial Lamb) can be justified. I don’t think it can: but no-one will tell me the Chapter and Verse of Canadian Law they are using to Sanction their Criminal Behaviour.

Once more I’m running over the length limit for posts so I will conclude this post with the request that you take just a minute and give me your advice. Punch into Comments and let rip. I appreciate all the input I can get. I will continue explanation of what I am faced with ahead in future posts but for now I’ve run out of steam.

In hope I get a ton of comments to consider

Blaine Barrett