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Friday, 19 October 2012

Journalistic Ignorance? Indifference? or Incompetence?

Just another Media Flaw! They Pop up like Boils

Yesterday Google alerted me to an article in the news that never should have been published. It’s just filler but it’s another inexcusable hostile attack on Medical Marijuana which I addressed with a letter to the author.

 Here is a link to the article and following my response.

To: WellandTribune.ca
Attn: Mr. Allen Benner- Reporter

Re: Too many patients going to pot: MD

Dear Mr. Benner:

Blaine Barrett, 
Medical Marihuana and TheSmeeGoanGuy

How dare you present the unsupported opinion of an unqualified moron like Dr. Pran Kundi as news worth publishing? He’s presented as some sort of expert in the field of Medical Marijuana. It’s a complete crock of misleading bullshit.

It’s the biased, one-sided unsupported opinion of some East Indian G.P. who doesn’t give a shit about pain because he hasn’t got any. Where the hell is one supporting study that links marijuana to cancer? Lung or otherwise! He has no basis in fact and touting pharmaceutical substitutes that just don’t work implies to me he’s probably collecting a fee for the favourable review. You know how drug companies work, don’t you?

The Swami doctor apparently hasn’t bothered to consult Granny’s List for thousands of scholarly studies of the benefits of marijuana. I don’t know of one with a provable harmful consequence or it would be front page news.

I checked on the Doc. He may be a good guy but he’s no wonder boy. I checked at www.Ratemds.com and found 30 doctors listed for Welland. 10 had no ratings yet but of the 20 that did the average rating was 3.9 and Dr. Kundi rated a 2.9. That’s fourth from the bottom

If there was one iota of actual proof of any physical harm as a result of smoking or ingesting cannabis the Medical Community would have killed medical marijuana long ago.

You apparently unaware that there is a sneaky underhanded vicious war going on about Medical Marijuana and if you’re going to write about something, get yourself informed. Go to my Blog and check out the other side of the equation. The Kamermans Conspiracy is the most blatant assault but I don’t think you’ve been paying attention to major details, just the minor. You’re probably completely unaware of it and the egregious violations of Medical Confidentiality involved

You’re supposed to be a professional journalist: fact check yourself. You owe your readership a correction and the Licensees of the program an apology.

I and my readership will be watching for it.