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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Conservative Anal Orifice

How Disgusting can an MP get?
           Smee again: This Guy’s a Problem
Robert J. Anders, MP Calgary West
A Conservative Rectum That LEAKS!!
Don’t be surprised if most of this post is Plagiarism ripped off Wickipedia. They will give you the same data but they don’t put it in perspective: They deal in facts but in a jumbled up chronological manner and give no analysis. Simply by presenting those facts in proper chronological order and inserting a few comments here and there I leave it to you to figure out what is theirs and what is mine. You might conclude I don’t have much use for moral and ethical pigs like him and you’re smack bang on. Enjoy my assessment of the man and his performance.
Robbie boy began his political career in 1994 when he worked for the Republican Party on the senate campaign of Jim Inhofe in Oklahoma as a professional heckler. His mouth earned him the label of "a foreign political saboteur" from CNN. This gave him a firm foundation in Tea Party thinking.
Before being elected in Alberta he served as the Director of Canadians Against Forced Unionism, an organization related to the National Citizens Coalition. that gave him a firm foundation as a Fundamentalist Libertarian: You know those idiots with their “God Save Business, Damn the Poor” Philosophy.
He started his slimy clime to power in the 1997 Canadian federal election when he was elected in Calgary West, the Reform Party riding just vacated by Stephen Harper. It’s not surprising: Stephen was a fellow member in the National Citizens Coalition and apparently shares the same warped beliefs Robbie holds dear. Recently Prime Minister Stephen Harper indicated his support of Anders, stating that "Rob is a true reformer and a true conservative. He has been a faithful supporter of mine and I am grateful for his work.” Robbie was only able to conceal his bigotry and control his mouth for 4 years until he was the sole parliamentarian to vote against making Nelson Mandela an honorary citizen of Canada in 2001.

Stephen must have really chewed his ass out then because he successfully controlled his skill in the production of verbal sewage for 10 whole years. Finally the production of venom in his teeny-weeny brain was just too much and in 2010 the dam burst and Robbie advised Canadian Troops that they should follow his personal philosophy "When in doubt, pull the trigger". Robbie doesn’t need a gun; he just shoots off his mouth.

In February 2010, nineteen Board members of Anders' Calgary West riding association resigned en masse, citing interference from the Conservative Party. Nobody wanted him with his warped views as spokesman for them The 32 member board had been planning to ask Conservative Party members at the riding's upcoming annual general meeting whether they wanted to hold a nomination contest.. The party's national council intervened, saying it had already declared Anders as the candidate for the next federal election, and threatened to take control of the annual general meeting of the constituency association. The resignations brought the total number of board members who had resigned over the course of one year to twenty-four.
Until this year Anders was member of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs. He was removed from that position, based on his tendency to fall asleep during meetings. In March 2012, he was removed from the Veterans Affairs Committee following controversial comments in response to arriving late, texting, and falling asleep at a committee meeting (including calling his accusers NDP hacks who praise Vladimir Putin). Robbie has now been reassigned to the House-Senate Standing Joint Committee on Scrutiny of Regulations. I conclude that Mr. Harper is a follower of the Peter Principal and has applied the Lateral Arabesque. He’s promoted Rob to a position with a big title, on an invisible Committee with no responsibility and hopes he’s going to disappear! No such luck, Stevie. The assholes still in the Party and worse he’s still in Parliament.

In July 2012, Anders opposed his own party and criticized Treasury Board President Tony Clement for funding a vistors' centre honouring to Norman Bethune a fan of the biggest killer in human history. He missed the point. Bethune was a doctor. Political prejudice and judgement are not part of relieving human pain suffering and the Hippocratic Oath says nothing abut being politically correct before you assist a patient. It’s just more of Anders “God Save Business, Damn the Poor” Philosophy.

As a reminder of just who runs the OLD Boys Club, remember:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has indicated his support of Anders, stating that "Rob is a true reformer and a true conservative. He has been a faithful supporter of mine and I am grateful for his work.``

That was prior to Rob’s latest stupidities. In the past three months he has gone far beyond the limits of free speech that Parliamentarians should observe. He has unjustifiably interfered in Alberta’s 22012 Election so badly that Ron Liepert, Alberta's Minister of Energy, accused Anders of campaigning against him.

In September fellow Conservative Party members disassociated themselves from Anders' character assassination of the New Democratic Party leader. He’s got the balls to use the Commons, (where he responsible for nothing he says and immune from any real consequences or prosecution) to slander Thomas Mulcair  and state he "Hastened the death" of former NDP leader Jack Layton. I hope he committed a fatal error when he presented himself as a blatant homophobe this month.

He called Bill C279, a private member's bill that would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and hate crime section of the Criminal Code to include "gender identity" and "gender expression" as grounds for discrimination, a "bathroom bill"  He’s a self proclaimed Homophobe and Hate Monger. He thinks Gay bashing isn’t a hate crime, he thinks it’s justified punishment for a pervert.

I don’t understand why Harper puts up with this asshole but then I look at this Conservative Caucus and he obviously needs the 87 Conservative Supporters who voted for Vote #466. That is the block of ideologues that still fanatically support the Right to Life and Anti-Abortion movements and are corrupting the Conservative Party. In reality that is the majority of his majority.

Harpo has to kiss their ass to keep power.

I have no idea what Mr. Anders future will be
I would reward any gay who is successful in uprooting and bashing the Bastard.

I would readily spring a couple of hundred bucks for a real Canadian hero.
Technique Counts
I’m quite prepared to Double that for either:

  1. a SPSKB (Severely Painful Successful Kick in the Balls) or
  2. a Lengthy Hospitalization will qualify.

I can only hope someone will claim it!

With great expectations, I am