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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Harper’s at it again!

More Sneaky Under-the-Table Bullshit

S’mee again

Yesterday The Guardian and CBC published articles that every Canadian should resent.
It announced that the Harper Government has finally been given its due recognition.
We just won the Goddamned DODO Award for duplicity and secrecy- Actions that Harm biodiversity. The Harpocrits are actively helping to dump 100 tons of rust into the ocean and violating 2 International Conventions. It came from Alberta and Steevil the Weevil no doubt will justify it by the number of Canadians getting work from sabotaging the environment.

In order to win this tribute to stupidity and arrogance, the arseholes in Ottawa were perfectly aware of possible massive environmental damage when some scum Yankee named Russ George, with a record that stinks to high heaven, dumped the forbidden contaminant; in fact they apparently were active participants and helped.
That sucks!

The Guardian: Canadian government 'knew of plans to dump iron into the Pacific'

Vancouver Sun: Tonnes of iron dumped off BC's coast

What else have we got going on under the table?
Well there’s the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) as well as the Nexen takeover by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). Both involve losses of sovereignty and should be no-no’s but Harpo’s always right.

Both these need extreme examination but Harpo is doing his normal keeping his cards to himself thing and nobody has any idea where he’s leading: Not that anyone ever did! He wants Canada to trust him. Why should we? We just watched him betray the trust of his Pro-Life following and back away from abortion like a scalded cat. Two faced = No Trust!

Once upon a time Harper got lectured by UN experts for his refusal to acknowledge Harm reduction as a better way to deal with drug addiction. Not our Law and Order Leader. Fail to punish a sick criminal, no way. If Harpo had his way he’d ram through Capital punishment for growing Medical Marijuana.

He started sulking, decided to teach them a lesson, sucked up to the US position and came out in support of Israel, screw the Palestinians. That got Canada kicked off the Security Council by the UN Arab bloc and Stevie just can’t seem to get over it. He once again knows it all and doesn’t agree with anything that organization, or anyone else in the world, thinks is the proper approach to environmental stewardship. He knew better that the experts and contemptibly helps dump garbage into the ocean. The fact he was violating UN conventions no doubt gave him extreme satisfaction. That’ll teach them to disagree with God’s representative on Earth

Canada’s position as presented by him is a complete denial of reality. He’s got Canada standing up in front of the General Assembly and giving them all the one finger Heil Harper salute. He’s destroyed Canada’s image as a common sense reliable neighbour whose contribution as a middleman negotiator and peacekeeper was valued by the UN.

I fear now that the world will see all Canadians as mirror images of our asshole leader.
Nothing could be further from the truth, but our leader doesn’t know what truth is. His whole government is based on lies, distortion and misrepresentation of the truth. Over 50% of our population knows that and wants him gone. Unfortunately we gave the asshole a majority and he’s beyond control until we can kick his ass out of office at the next election. That span of years is going to seem an eternity. Woe is us!