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Sunday, 30 September 2012


It’s not THREE MONKEYS. It’s all 308 MP’s

I am really pissed off!!

Medical Confidentiality, our personal private information, yours and mine is under attack by the Harper Government. The January invasion of privacy conducted by Mr. Harpers SWAT boys in confiscating, inspecting the contents of, and holding 4000 patients’ Medical files for 9 months is an outrage that needs explanation. To obtain one, I notified all MPs with an advisory Letter of Introduction and Request for Help this past Wednesday Sept 26.
Go to Pages to the right “A Letter of Introduction to Parliament
In the text of the letter I requested that in order to find out what I was outraged about in more detail they simply punch a link to one of my blog articles. To make certain that they didn’t just automatically shoot my most important message into the circular file I asked in my closing that they acknowledge receipt by simply hitting Reply typing Gotcha and hitting Send.

I shot my letter off and was very please to get only 8 not in the office replies. That means 300 E-mails were waiting for the morning to be read. I sat back and waited for a response.

Three days later, not one fucking response. Not one MP’s office bothered to read half way down the page and punch the Blog link, and nobody bothered to punch Reply.

That leaves me with only three possible conclusions:
Based on Probability
  1. The Commons has a built in spam protector that dumps multiple address e-mail (35%)
  2. Harpers IT boys have hacked the network and scrap all criticism (50%)
  3. None of them give a shit!  (99.5%)

While I figure how to push the bastards, maybe some of you readers could send Your MP a nasty reminder that they do have Medical Patients who NEED Medical Marijuana and value your privacy.
Don’t be polite- point them to this Blog. It will probably serve as a revelation that all their constituents value their privacy and it might be nice if their elected representatives got off their ass and do some of this “public service” they claim to render.

Do I sound bitter! I am so disappointed I could fucking near cry.
The only bright spot in my life is Omar Khadre finally getting home.
Now we can watch the Toews Circus come up with bullshit reasons to keep him in prison for life. Omar hasn’t seen the last of harassment by the Cons, they don’t know when to quit!

Until next time