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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Blatant Violation of Medical Confidentiality

Continuing Outrage and Persecution In Process

In my last post I regarding Secrecy, Privacy, Confidentiality and Stephen Harper
I made reference to the case of Dr. Rob Kamermans because it involves something that affects every Medical File in Canada, including yours. Our Personal Privacy

The Harper Government believes that they can access all the personal private contents of your Medical File by simply alleging your doctor has broken some law. They can now go to a lax judge, obtain a warrant and having done so they can now apparently search his office, confiscate all his files and go through the contents at leisure. I smell some very rotten odours that can only originate from Conservative Bullshit?

I’ve already commented on the Kamermans situation in the Page links to the right of this pane and I won’t repeat the specifics of his case that are detailed there but I am going to ask some questions for which I have been unable to get answers. All these questions relate to the justification for the tactics and actions employed in the raid and to the source of their information because it all is related to Medical Marijuana. Dr. Kamermans was selected as a victim because he signed too many Applications for Medical Marijuana. Note:All identities of Licensed Patients well as all related paperwork are the secret property of Health Canada and beyond the Cops reach.
If they have a load of identities and related paperwork (like the fraudulent and forged Applications he is accused of making) as evidence where did it come all come from? Seems like there’s a big hole in Health Canada security, or Somebody: way, way up the Totem Pole, authorized the release.

I don’t think that breaking patient confidentiality is justifiable when the severity charges they have laid against the Doctor amount to little more than petty crimes.

How can an error in judgement by your doctor result in an invasion of your medical file and your private personal information becoming exposed to some cop with a scanner?

I can’t answer that question and neither can you

The Cops will deny everything and truthfully answer nothing: we know how truthful they are when a Cop has fucked up. I intend to get an answer to that question but we are in the CYA stage and it won’t be easy.

While I’m asking that, there are several other questions I think need answers, for starters:

  1. Who planned the raid?
  2. Who was in charge?
  3. What was the chain of command including names
  4. What allegations were made in the warrant?
  5. What evidence was presented to the judge that signed the warrant?
  6. Where did the evidence come from?
  7. Who was the Judge who signed it?
  8. What alleged crime of violence justified a SWAT team of 20 Cops for a raid on a doctor’s office?
  9. What alleged crime justified the seizure of all patient records?
  10. What is the Loophole law that permitted this invasion of privacy?
  11. Where were the Files stored?
  12. How many have been scanned?
  13. How many have been returned to their owners?

The hunt for information and how it’s proceeding is going to provide fodder for many future posts because every answer I get will breed a half dozen others: it’s SOP for Harperites.

In any event stay tuned, and if you have any information that is relevant please send it to me. We need all the dirty linen we can get to lever some answers out of the herd.

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