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Monday, 17 September 2012

A Change in Blog Direction

Secrecy, Privacy, Confidentiality and Stephen Harper

Smee again:
When this blog was created its purpose was to help save Medical Marijuana. Thanks to the Governments failure to follow the common sense advice of the Supreme Court as of the end of July,  I am given to understand that the Regulations are null and void.
Now the worry is
 “What punitive measures violating common sense and law are going to replace them?”

The problem in getting an answer lies in Mr. Harper’s obsession with and conception of Secrecy, Privacy, and Confidentiality. Every aspect of his government is afflicted with the same obsession and he has managed to place a stranglehold on virtually all communication. He refuses to answer the Commons in any detail by simply asserting that he is aware of the problem and it’s being handled; he limits the Press to his selected suckies and only answers questions from them that are submitted, pre-screened and approved. All communications at Cabinet level are deemed secret and confidential by Executive Privilege so nobody can find out what the buggers are up to or even thinking. Somehow Privacy is a priority only with regard to Vic Toews infidelity and the few redneck freaks who managed to destroy the Census and screw up all national statistics. Vic Toews knows full well that cop access to Internet suppliers’ data bases is a gross violation of Privacy but he’s just another liar like his Boss. He tried his best to push the bill then pled ignorance as to its content and impact. Horseshit!

Now I think the idiots have finally gone too far with their contempt for the Confidentiality and privacy of any Medical File. That specifically applies to all patients of any Physician who might dare to sign any Application for Medical Marijuana. They have successfully established a deterrent that is intended to scare the shit out of any Doctor who might sign a patient’s Application. Now how did they do that?

January 26, 2012 one of Herr Harpers Gestapo agents led a crew of 20 imitation SS Storm Troopers in a raid on Dr. Rob Kamermans office in Coe Hill Ont. They arrested him, searched his office and confiscated 4000 private and confidential Medical files.

There is virtually no information available from the authorities, or the press as to how they were able to do this. The secrecy lid has been clamped on.

The boys are really good at this secrecy shit. They’ve apparently got a lot of influence and the Press is chicken shit for fear they’ll be cut off access to God’s Press Briefings. Knowledge of the raid and the confiscation of the Medical Files has been effectively limited to only the Bancroft/Belleville area. The National Press simply ignored the raid and the questions it raised. Separate actions by the CMA and Ontario College ensured communication of the deterrent to all the Physicians it was designed to terrify.

Since no info was available I got on my PC and asked Google what was going on.
Surprise, surprise .
I found 14 results for Kamermans on the Web. I then searched the News for first Kamermans and then all the suggested searches listed as related to that.
Results are disappointing but revealing.
Of the 13 entries on the web only 5 actually originate in the news media.
One biased TV Special on Global,
Three articles came from the local area Bellville and Bancroft papers and
One news entry was carried by the Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald.
The only other Web entries were from Marijuana Help Sites and Blogs.

In short, there is virtually no National news coverage of what is the most important breach of Privilege and Confidentiality by the Harper Government. If this breach of Confidentiality is somehow sanctioned, then there has to be a loophole in the law that nobody is aware of. Every Medical file of everybody in Canada is under threat and nobody outside Ontario is even aware that the violation is still in progress.

I intend to change that with this and all kinds of stuff is in the works. The whole government is starting to smell. More frequent posts will follow this in a much shorter time. For more updates re my Imitation Snoopdog investigation and my assessment of Medical Marijuana stay tuned.

I was just listening to CBC and the World Champion Gurner.
It seems that since 1267 there has been a facial expression called Gurning.
It totally describes my expression every time I think about Medical Marijuana.
Gurning is
Showing the face of someone during the transformation,
from Awareness of something
to Groaning about it.

Till Later