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Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Call to Arms for Growers - Continued

Some Thoughts on How

 “We Shall Overcome!!”

My last post to “Wake-up WannaBe Growers” - Part 1 ended on a sour note with my perception of the future as a black hole of opposition to medical marijuana by all Municipalities. I was wrong: we don’t have to wait for the future; the Black Hole has already sucked in its first victim.

Yesterday Nov 3 my prediction came home to roost. I got an e-mail from Mike:

My names mike and I have a grow license, haven't stared yet. Wondering if I should not inform city hall about growing , I know lots of people growing with licenses, haven't ever asked if they had permission to grow didn't think you needed it. What a joke!! “

It’s no joke: guys,

I answered and warned him off as follows:
Morning Mike
S’mee, Blaine. Glad to be able to help.
Stay away from City Hall, that is enemy #1 and they will be for a long time. You want to be invisible to them or the cost of complying with city by-laws will bankrupt you. I don’t know where you live but I suspect whatever by-laws are in place are designed to intentionally stop any growth of marijuana and there will be years more conflict ahead before they get an attitude adjustment.
You have a license to let you grow pot but it doesn’t say how or where you can grow it. That is totally under control of your municipal government. They are not guided by logical common sense reasoning but rather from a fear and paranoia that has been cultivated by constant stream of bullshit for the past ten years about the dangers of growing pot. . I won’t go further but just look at the reasons for the initial Revision of the MMAR in July last year. Every hazard and danger listed as the result of pot growth is a lie or outrageous distortion of the truth from the opponents of Medical Marijuana. It will take years to re-educate Council and overcome the poison spread by the Fire Chiefs, Police chiefs, and other do-gooder opponents.
I don’t know what else to tell you. I have no idea how many grams or plants you are licensed for but keep a very low profile. From what I have found, the majority of grow-op busts are the result of excess electric usage or complaints from nosy neighbours. Use the brains available for guidance from your local Hydroponic equipment supplier and check out your plans before you even start doing anything.
I suggest as a first step in your education that you go to my blog and read this post to get a real idea of the hostility you are up against. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.
Now, having dumped all the negative shit on your shoulders I suggest you go ahead and set up your grow-op because now you are aware of the dangers. There is all kinds of help available in the pot community that will help you out. Personal Growth is the only way anybody will be able to afford pot in future and if you need it, it’s worth the risk.
If I can help more just ask.
Being able to help gives me a meaning to be.
Thanks for the question
Unfortunately my advice didn’t do any good.

At supper time I got this!

I am now finding out why your so pissed off . I recently received a 98 plant license for a commercial property in coquitlam . We have three licenses all for the same location ( thinking we could split the rent costs ) Monday fire marshal bob came for the annual inspection , now we have thirty days to remove all of our gear. We are not zoned for this I am told , we have 2 hundred plants ready to flip to bud. Haven't seen the police although they were informed about this. I am wondering how I can be told not to do this, take down our equipment , while having permission from Health Canada  ...?????   WTF  any ideas would be appreciated . Thanks mike

I don’t know what to advise him!

The adversarial positions of City Council and the impossible to meet By-law structures regarding Marijuana Growth, across this whole country, effectively bar All Growth. That leaves everybody who wants to grow pot shit-out-of-luck and here we all are!

What now? I look at who wants to grow pot and it’s the Biggies, local growers, and the majority-the piss poor people like me. We need the shit, can’t afford to buy it and eat too. We just want to grow our own supply and not get hung, drawn and quartered if we do.

I have no idea what can be done to help the Biggies or the locals but I think there is a good possibility that the little guys can get a break if we play cards we have available.  I think it can be pulled off if I can get a whole lot of help and assistance from everybody who reads this and thinks there is any probability of its success. So here goes!

The whole municipal problem is fixed in place like a solid wall so what has to be done is punch a hole in it!

I know! I know!

Waste of time and effort

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Give me more credit than that for cripes sake, I do not intend a Head vs. Wall conflict

I think I can create a hole in the wall by infecting it with a virus.
Create a big one via internal dry rot. No violence involved.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

As far as what virus I’m going to use you’re just going to have to wait for my next post.

There are suitable candidates (GO FIGURE) but it’s how you infect that matters.

This little atrocity diverted my attention and I’m still brainstorming!

Until then

Blaine Barrett

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