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Monday, 19 November 2012

A Vicious Conspiracy in Harpoland

Conspiracy, Corruption and Crucifixion

There’s a conspiracy going on at the highest levels of the Government in Canada and it all has to do with the continuing Prohibition of Marijuana.

I’m not shitting you.

It involves all the Power players:
  1. Corporate offices,
  2. Lobbyists,
  3. the Government,
  4. the PMO,
  5. the Ministries of Health, Justice and Public safety,
  6. the Police,
  7. the Medical Community, and
  8.  Media.

All of these have been manipulated and coordinated to accomplish one purpose.

Silence a whistle blower!

What’s he whistling about.

Iatrogenic?? Medicine and Drug Profits

Wiktionary: Adjective

Iatrogenic: (medicine, of a disease etc.) Induced by the words or actions of the physician.
That is what it is all about

Cover up + Profit = No Pot.

I can’t tell you who the target is or how they are doing it


Following is a summary of the problem.

The WHY if you will.

It was written by the target victim and outlines the source of the problem
I knew something smelled bad

The Relief of Pain

Risk and Cost Analysis

When it comes to the treatment of pain, there are several options, all with some degree of cost and risk, depending on the individual’s coverage and choice.

Treatment Methodology
Annual Cost to Individual
Annual Cost to
Government = Taxpayer
The main cost of NSBID use is Dr. visits. NSBID’s are over the counter meds thus not considered dangerous but deaths do occur from renal failure and GI Bleed.


Percocet and Oxycontin and Morphine, most of the cost here is for the Government as they are covered by drug plans.


Dr. Visits and Pharmacy costs
Using narcotics is also very risky behaviour as there are annually thousands of deaths attributed to overdoses of narcotics. In addition there are hundreds of thousands of addicted whose daily activities consists of looking for, acquiring or acting illegally to get their daily “fix”. I would say these individuals are not making a worthwhile contribution to society- in other words they are not taxpayers yet still have their Dr. visits and medications paid for. The Government solution is
More addictive than opiates. Must be closely monitored and cost of methadone itself are high. My opinion it makes them more addicted and thus more difficult to eventually detoxify.


$4000.00+ for Dr. Visits and Methadone
Medical Marijuana:
Patients who use medical marijuana prescribed and supplied by the Government. There is no drug plan. Costly but affordable to some
$3000-$1200 / year

$150 for Dr. visits

For those who cannot afford it there is the option to grow their own
$300-$500/ yr.
$100-B1 or B2
$75 for Dr. visits

So not only is medical marijuana a big saving for the Government and taxpayer; there are no deaths attributed to the use of medical marijuana.

We have the safest, most effective, cheapest remedy for the patient and the Government = taxpayer = individual.
But No! Government wants to continue to keep this safe cheap alternative medicine illegal, thereby allowing the black market to grow.

Thereby costing the Government = taxpayer = individual
  • Millions of dollars for police to arrest and detain smokers and growers and patients who use medical marijuana
  • Millions of dollars to build new gaols to house and keep offenders.
  • Millions of dollars in loss of revenue from non-functioning members of society that are addicted to opiates, and the cost to rehabilitate these individuals
  • Thousands of lives lost because of narcotic overdoses
  • We are now talking billions of dollars that could be better spent in other areas i.e. education

Quotation is from: The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles, 2005 by Bruce Lipton, PhD. Pg. 77

“Adverse drug effects like those contributing to the HRT controversy are a primary reason why a leading cause of death is iatrogenic illness, i.e. illness resulting from the medical treatment. According to conservative estimates published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, iatrogenic oiliness is the third leading cause of death in this country. More than 120,000 people die from adverse effects of prescribed medications each year. (Starfield 2000) However last year a new study, based on the results of a ten year survey of government statistics came up with even more dismal figures, (Null et al 2003). That study concludes that iatrogenic illness is the leading cause of death in the Unites States and that adverse reactions to prescription drugs are responsible for more than 300,000 deaths a year.”

These are dismaying statistics, especially for a healing profession that has arrogantly dismissed three thousand years of effective Eastern medicine as unscientific, even though if is based on a deeper understanding of the universe. For thousands of years, long before Western scientists discovered the laws of Quantum Physics, Asians have honoured energy as the principal factor contributing to health and well being. In Eastern medicine, the body is defined by an elaborate array of energy pathways called meridians. In Chinese physiologic charts of the human body, the energy networks resemble electronic wiring diagrams. Using aids like acupuncture needles, Chinese physicians test their patient’s energy circuits in exactly the same manner that electrical engineers “troubleshoot” a printed circuit board, searching for electrical “pathologies”.

Physicians: The Pharmaceutical Patsies

But as admiring as I am of the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine I do not want to bash Western doctors who prescribe massive amounts of drug that contribute to the health professions lethality. Medical doctors are caught between an intellectual rock and a corporate hard place: they are pawns in the huge medical industrial complex. Their healing abilities are hobbled by an archaic medical education founded on a Newtonian, matter-only universe. Unfortunately, that philosophy went out of vogue seventy-five years ago, when physicists officially adopted quantum mechanics and recognized that the universe is actually made out of energy.

In their post graduate years, these same doctors receive their continuing education about pharmaceutical products from drug reps, the errand boys of the corporate healthcare industry. Essentially, these non-professionals, whose primary goal is to sell product, provide doctors with “information” about the efficacy of new drugs. Drug companies freely offer this “education” so they can persuade doctors to “push” their products. It is evident that the massive quantities of drugs prescribes in the country violate the Hippocratic Oath taken by all doctors to “First do no harm.” We have become programmed by the pharmaceutical corporations to become a nation of drug-popping junkies with tragic results. We need to step back and to incorporate the discoveries of quantum mechanics into biomedicine so that we can create a new, safer system of medicine that is attuned to the laws of nature.

Buying the Pharm

I believe that the major reason why energy research has been all but ignored comes down to dollars and cents, The trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry puts its research into the search for magic bullets if the form of chemicals because pills mean money. If healing energy could be made into tablet form, drug manufacturers would get interested quickly.

Instead they identify deviations in physiology and behaviour that vary from some hypothetical norm as unique disorders or dysfunctions, and then they educate the public about the dangers of these menacing disorders. Of course the over-simplified symptomology used in defining the dysfunctions prevalent in drug compliant advertisements has viewers convinced they are afflicted by that particular malady. “Do you worry? Worry is a primary symptom of a “medical condition” called anxiety disorder. Stop your worry. Tell your doctor you want Addictazac, the new passion-pink drug.”

Meanwhile the media essentially avoids the issuer of deaths by medicine by directing our attention to the dangers of illicit drugs. They admonish us that using drugs to escape life’s problems is not the way to resolve one’s issue. Funny… I was just going to use that.

“Wait”, you say. “Times have changed”. We are bow more educated to the dangers of drugs and more open to alternative therapies. It is true that because half of Americans visit complementary health care practitioners, traditional doctors can no longer put their heads in the sand and hope other approaches go away. A few insurance companies have started to pay for services they once deemed quackery, and major teaching hospitals allow a limited number of such practitioners inside.

But even today very little scientific rigor has been marshalled to assess the effectiveness of complementary medicine. The National Institutes of Health did create an “alternative medicine” branch thanks to pressure from the public but, in my opinion, that is only a token gesture to quell activists and consumers who spend lots of money on alternative health care. There are no serious research funds available for studying energy medicine. The rub is that without supportive research, energy based healing modalities are officially labelled “unscientific.”

Blaine Barrett