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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Why I Advocate for Dr. Rob Kamermans

Another Change in Direction

S’mee  Again:

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’re no stranger to a change in its direction and here we go again. It boils down to a matter of priorities.

To all my new Facebook friends, I want and need your help.

I started this Blog last Christmas with the intention of somehow keeping the Personal and Designated Grower Classes retained in the new MMAR they were revising. That went down the tubes in July when they decided eliminate all growth except contracts to supply medical needs.

Then I ran into the Municipal obstinacy and By-laws current in Surrey and across Canada: a great big wall of resistance to all growth requiring a whole deal of work and smarts to overcome. That is still one primary objective and its completion is probably years away: educate Councils to create an exception for small scale personal growth, there’s lots of time. There are three other things now taking priority here and all concern violations of the law relating to Medical Marijuana:

  1. The creation and implementation of a conspiracy by the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  2. The participation of the Canadian government in violating Secrecy and Medical Confidentiality, and
  3. The selection of a victim, and his persecution to create a deterrent to Doctors.

All are morally reprehensible and now I have a soap box. Here we go.

Just after I began this blog, I ran across an article in the Bancroft.ca news that on Jan 26 of this year a pseudo-Nazi raid took place in Coe Hill (wherever the hell that is), and the bully arrested a small town Doctor for signing too may Applications for Medical Marijuana. To add insult to injury they confiscated a rumoured 4000 Medical Files of all Applicants who had applied for and obtained authorization or were getting it. All their Personal Private information has been examined, recorded, and by this time probably distributed nationwide by a bunch of insensitive Cops with no sense of decency left after basic training: a salacious collection of Peeping Toms. Not on my watch or my file.

I’ve been digging into the whole mess for nine months now and I’ve managed to dig up a lot of information about what happened to Dr. Rob Kamermans, about him and who he is. He sets a standard that puts every other doctor in Canada to shame. After all this digging and speculation about his guilt I find Dr. Kamermans committed a cardinal sin: He honoured his Hippocratic Oath “First, do no harm”. He recognized and dealt with the harm caused by his Canadian colleagues. The majority of Canadian Doctors failed to recognize and address the desperate needs of thousands of Medical Marijuana applicants. They were, and still are, refusing to sign their applications.  He signed one renewal for an indiscreet patient whose own physician would not. Loose lips sink ships.

Word spread like wildfire and a trickle became a deluge and he signed around 4000+ in the short time between late 2010 and his arrest 15 months later He filled a void and saved 4000 patients who were suffering. FOUR THOUSAND goddamned patients came to him because they could not find another Doctor among the 67,000+ in the country in 2010 and he signed their application and got them help. Now he is being punished for that!

I want to get some appreciation and payback for him from both the people he helped
From every other reader of this post who has tried, or is still trying, to find a doctor.

Why all of us you just tried?

Because he was there to help!
If you had only known and could get to him
He would have!

 In the space of one year +, Dr. Kamermans output was almost a match of the output of 4800+ applications that resulted from 10 years of combined effort by more than 50,000 of his fellow Physicians.  1 divided by 50000= .00002= .002% of the Physician population was exceeding the output of the total Canadian Medical Association in helping Medical Marijuana.
I owe him and that is why I am doing this.
It took two years and an attack of Myasthenia Gravis to find a specialist and then kiss ass and beg my GP for renewal. Enough said.

I don’t want anyone to do much, not yet. Just follow me: stay tuned and aware of what I am doing via the blog. If you agree there’s an injustice to fix, spread the word as wide as you can to your friends who are tokers, point them to them the blog and at some point before he goes to trial I’ll ask you to send an e-mail, make a phone call or some other simple thing to draw attention to the injustice. Just let the people doing this know they are not very popular at the next election.

Think it over people, I need help, and you have it to give. I won’t beg because if you’re a Canadian Citizen it’s simply a matter of Principle. One simple question

Is This Right or is This Wrong?

What’s your answer?

Go figure! Until next time
Blaine Barrett