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Monday, 26 November 2012

A Rotten Conspiracy: How They Set up Dr. Rob Kamermans

Physician to Felon in One Fell Swoop

The Theory

Big Pharma decided to stop Marijuana Legalization.
Kamermans is simply ``Collateral Damage``

You may not agree
You will have to admit there’s a Baad smell here.

It involves all the Power players:

It all began in The Corporate offices of the Worlds Pharmaceutical Companies - one of the largest assemblages of power in history: A cooperating conglomerate of International Corporations who wield more money than half the Governments in UN. That is the reality of the foremost opponent of the legalization of Marijuana. They wouldn’t even be interested if it was just an effective Addictive Recreational Drug and was only a competitor to alcohol and Tobacco. Unfortunately drug sales will plummet with legalization because Pot is cheap!

Lobbyists are contacted and the objectives outlined- these are highly paid slime balls who will work for any body willing to pay big bucks for bullshit and bribes. They’ve got some of the best liars in the world and their business is to cultivate MP’s and high level bureaucrats: attempt to establish a “You scratch my ass and I’ll kiss yours” relationship. It’s designed to create the exchange of Favours: money and influence; then the hints start.

The Government: Every Member of Parliament who is subjected to their deceptive approach, sooner or later realizes that there is one great big in hook in their friendship. If he doesn’t play the game: Any large contribution to his re-election campaign is simply chicken change to the big boys. They could switch it from his campaign to that of his opponent at the snap of somebody’s fingers. All he has to do apply a little pressure on his boss.

The Prime Minister’s Office suddenly gets a whole raft of complaints from his caucus of Harpocrits complaining there is problem with this marijuana legalization thing. Somehow it has to be ended and we have to control grow ops and the unknown costs and possible medical consequences. The Member is now playing the game. He is fully aware that there is another level of Lobbyist who deals with international relations. These guys are like Secretaries of State for big Pharma. They flit around the globe and lobby the Big Boys: the Presidents, the Prime Ministers, the Dictators (no matter their record while in power) and the top levels advisors are all targets for a little friendly get together and chit chat.

Every MP who plays the game knows the PM Stewey (short for Stupid) Barker is already clued in and he’s interested but, before he commits he’s already told his advisor to marshal his troops and prime the pump: subtly blackmail the caucus into support. No problem, money talks. That being accomplished, he decides to please his benefactors and retain their support by simply stalling legalization until after the next election, Stu now calls in the appropriate members of his cabinet to help him pull off and conceal what turns out to be a massive illegal  intrusion into the personal privacy of a couple of thousand medical patients.

Stewey first called in Fiona Advocaat: Minister of Health, for advice. The boys at the helm of this obstruction of Legalization had indicated that the Medical Marijuana aspect of this problem merited particular attention, so Stewie just gave her a cloud of bullshit as justification and asked if there was some way to sabotage the Program and dodge responsibility for its failure.

Fiona is delighted. She has no reason to object to its loss: The Marihuana Medical Access Program has been a pain in her ass ever since she got the damned thing. She already had her answer ready. “Create a deterrent that will stop all doctors from approving Applications”!

Finding a doctor to sign their Application for Medical Marijuana had already become the biggest obstacle facing any applicant. Doctors faced vague Regulations, legal uncertainty, a possible risk of liability and the perceived disapproval of the Canadian Medical Association. The large majority of physicians were already unwilling to jeopardize their future by signing. All that had to be done was set an example of one of the physicians who was willing to take the risk. All we need is somebody to crucify: But who and how to do it? She got to work.

Selecting a victim was easy. All they did was go to the Top Secret data bank, Ranked the physicians in order of number of applications signed.

Then they just about crapped.

“Jesus Christ, Look how many he wrote!”

Not many doctors signed more than a half dozen applications but this guy signed hundreds. Find out who he is and how we can get at him. Get in touch with the local cops in this Coe Hill, never heard of it, and see what they know about this Doctor. Is he vulnerable?

Fiona told Stewey: Let me do some work, I’ve got a perfect manager in mind, my Deputy Minister Slenda Grates. She’s got hooks into the whole Medical Community and she slings spin with the best of them. She can sell this to the CMA.

Stewey now calls in his best connivers and conspirators for advice:

  1. Rab Snickerson: Minister of Justice for his skill in controlling legal shit and
  2. Sick Nose: Minister of Public Safety for his expertise Privacy and Lies 

Stewie tells them he needs to destroy a doctor who advocates Medical Marijuana and has signed hundreds of applications but there’s a problem: he hasn’t done anything wrong. We’d love to look in all those files, the names, locations, every municipality in Canada wants grow-op location and we could throw them all a bone but all those files are Medical Files and Confidential. How can we get into them?

Nickerson immediately replied, “if we don’t say what we did there’s no problem. Simple invasion of privacy; Sick knows all about that. Even if we’re caught and sued we can stall until hell freezes over or simply do the Sick Nose thing about privacy, plead guilty and stupid, apologise, return the files, pay off the patients and it’s over. In the meantime it’s all digitalized and we can make as many copies of all the personal crap as we want. I don’t see much of a problem if we all keep our mouths shut like G20. It will be over and behind us in no time.

Minister of Public Safety Sick Nose interrupted: “The Cops are no problem. They love overtime, bully boy games and they keep their mouth shut. All we have to do is say OK, boys, here we go again. We would like you RCMP and the OPP to work together and pull a repeat of G8/20 tactics and ensure complete silence about it. We’ve got a big problem if this legalization goes through and so do you: Job Security and Staff cuts!
There’s a Doctor out in the bush north of Belleville who is a major concern because of the number of applications he’s signed for Medical Marijuana and he’s got to go.

For the time being we want you to just lay the groundwork. Set him up. Have your professional snoops dig up enough dirt to support any criminal charge related to trafficking or any other drug related charge. The evidence doesn’t have to be that good just lots of it: allegations from tokers, dealers, growers, photo’s, receipts, or plain bullshit. Follow him for a couple of months and build up a fat file. When it’s big enough we’ll take it to some lazy ass judge who will just look at the size of the file, not what it contains, and sign a warrant. That will get you a legal search warrant for his medical records. Take a SWAT Team for combined drug squads and arrest this Doctor. Storm his office, arrest him, take his files and then refuse to say another goddamn word to anybody except badmouth him. We’ll tell you when.

We’ll take care of all the stuff we want for evidence and you guy can have unlimited access to his files for as long as you want. You can record the identities of every Medical Marijuana patient he OK’d, names, addresses, where they were going to grow their crops and details of their illnesses, all open to nose around and distort and snicker over.

Sick Nose didn’t bother to tell them they are going to commit a crime. It’s a legal warrant for the Doctors’ Records but not for the contents. These are separate private files each of which requires a warrant and just cause. No big deal. Oops, It’s just an honest mistake, we did it, we apologize, end of problem. So how do we keep the lid on Mr. Press Secretary?

Press Secretary:  I don’t think that will be too much problem, I checked him out before I came and he’s got a record of wandering all over the place  and he’s a do gooder but he never stays long and he’s a little weird. We are extremely fortunate in having him living out in the boondocks. If he was in a major city like Toronto or Vancouver he’d be well known and you’d have a couple of thousand stoners screaming and near riots. Coe Hill is at the end of nowhere and news coverage is limited to one small area with no population to speak of: a narrow strip of nothing north of Belleville to just North of Bancroft. There’s only one local paper that nobody reads and we can easily seal it off from the national news scene.
A few hints all the major Media News networks, Paper or air, that their access to all Barker Government news would all be second hand and that a huge part their medical related advertising could vanish will suffice to keep them in line.

We don’t think the old guy will pose much of a problem; he’s over retirement age he’s just made a pisspot full of money with all those applications. He’ll just sit it out until he gets in front of a judge and talks his way out of it, and that can be remanded ad infinitum. Then he gets off and we get shit. Big deal! I’ve got broad shoulders and that could buy us a couple of years.

Prime Minister Stewey Barker said: Only one problem remains: Medical Confidentiality and that is being taken care of. The Medical Communities Milk Cow is getting sick. All of the money connected to research related to pharmaceutical company’s benevolent auspices as well as all the gratuities and thank you’s handed out to physicians at large by Sales Reps was in peril. There was a hand on the tap handle. The CMA can’t oppose the damage to their membership and they’ll swing into line. It’s just a question of whether they’ll just agree to ignore the problem and if the reward is enough help support us by condemning this Criminal Behaviour.

Prime Minister Barker smiled and said “I think it’s a done deal. Get it moving. I’ll let you know when it’s time”.

January 26, 2012 somebody pushed the start button and the SWAT team stormed Dr. Kamermans Office.

They made a serious mistake.
They don’t know the man they picked to victimize.
 I Do!
I’m going to tell you about the man they are sacrificing.


Blaine Barrett