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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

So: Who’s The Enemy-What’s Their Problem- What’s My Game Plan?

So who is the Enemy?

S’mee again!

For purposes of this post and the narrowed down matter of legal personal growth, wherever you live in Canada the final enemy and barrier to Medical Marijuana is your City Hall.

There are any numbers of opponents on a National level but whatever results from that squabble is inevitably going to result in a price increase. Any result requiring Government National Regulation, even complete legalization, will of necessity involve Contracted Regulated Production, Human Greed, Profit Expectations, and a Taxable Product! I don’t think the Harperites in charge are going to voluntarily subsidize Medical Marijuana patients to help them get their dope: they already are slamming stupid mandatory sentences for six plants. Where does that leave any pot smoker, medical, recreational or otherwise who is struggling to or can’t afford it at current pricing? S.O.L.

City Hall doesn’t realize that when that future point comes they will have a problem with illegal residential grow ops that will increase exponentially. To start off, the majority of Medical Marijuana Possession Licensees also have Class C Personal Growth Licenses. If not already growing their own in their residence or wherever, they are fully capable of doing so. They are not going to voluntarily scrap their own supply or they decide to grow their own in their residence the cheapest possible way. Not good.

For purposes of my little crusade I have selected Surrey as the City Council most opposed to all growth in residential areas with the most insurmountable set of Bylaws. They are setting the precedent for imitators all over this country who are as misinformed about the hazards of legal marijuana growth as they are.

So what is Their Problem?

Historical Bias and Prejudice based on false information about

  1. Reality: 10 years brainwashed by Len Garis and his ilk,
  2. The distorted hazards presented by Grow-operations,
  3. the size of a personal grow ops
  4. Not up to date on technology of production, and
  5. completely unaware of the problems coming up.

So what is My Game Plan?

I want to take however long it takes to gather information, prepare a presentation of fact, present it to Surrey City Council and broadcast it to every City Council in Canada. They all need a wake up call to the fact that they are living an illusion. I want to give them all
a re-education as to just what the problem is, but as a first priority the fact that there is a solution possible and all it takes is common sense.

The first task here is to tell them who the Medical Marijuana Licensees are as individuals who also comprise a group at serious disadvantage, with absolutely no power, voice or influence over the decisions that are being dictated to us with regard to a medication we can’t afford from legal sources. They need to be reminded that I don’t give a damn if they only have one local resident they need to empathize with that resident because he needs an exemption from the Bylaw and they have the power to grant it.

I heard someplace that over 1/3 of the Licensees of the MMAP are Senior Citizens on fixed incomes. Retirement funds blown on sickness costs, no extended medical with maximum CPP and Canada Pensions that combined are below the poverty line. Sucks

I want them to imagine the problem of a 30 year old dad and husband who is too ill to work. His EI sickness benefits ran out and now he has the responsibility for his family with only his CPP Disability and Welfare to pay the bills. None of the council will ever have to experience the discomfort of standing in the rain or snow waiting to get into the food bank.

I want them to understand that the Bylaws they have are completely inappropriate for the size of grow-op we are talking about. All of Fire Chief Garis objections to residential growth are based on large installations beyond any concept of personal. It is designed to deter anyone creating structural alterations or damage to the premises in which they are created. Grow ops have shrunk in size and we are now teeny. We now have self contained environments in zippered fabric bags the size of a horizontal or vertical freezer, energy efficient CFL and LED lighting, and every thing is controlled by circuit boards and Chips. It is a self contained environment whose only contact with the premises is the 12 square feet of floor it sits on and it’s connection to a 15 amp household wall plug.

I want to sell them the idea that creating an exception to the Bylaw to allow the operation of an Approved personal size Grow-op is a smart move.
Hell, we can:
  1. have a competition for the best design my friend potheads can come up with, or
  2. challenge the City use their knowledge of the objectionable features to come up with a set of rules and regulations that make sense.

There will be no hazards involved if done right.

I want to create an impact and I think I know how to pull it off: Presentation Technology and Facts that can’t be ignored. I almost got to Council about six months ago and I know the route and the furfural procedure to get there. I think they have a responsibility and I’m going to remind them of the fact but I need all the help I can get to gather the information, collate and understand it, and package it into a 15 minute presentation that will make them actually think.

Anyhow that’s my game plan and I have no idea how long it will take but here goes. I had the great experience and pleasure of working for a family of New Jersey Jewish Light Bulb peddlers in Florida and they taught me that if you decide to do something, you “Do whatever it takes to get the job done!”

We shall see. In closing I would like to ask for any comments or criticisms you readers would care to make.
  1. Have I got my head screwed on straight? or
Do you think it stinks?
Let me Know!!!

Blaine Barrett