I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Need for Marijuana v. City Hall- WWIII on the Horizon

WWIII on the Horizon

A Speculative Assessment of Things to Come

I was pretty damned gloomy when I closed my warning Post about City Hall and their opposition to all growth of marijuana but I was simply stating reality. These deluded local politicians want all future marijuana growth to be contracted under license, controlled and taxable, with the product available to the populace for a “Recreational Fee”.

What are they up to?
What do they stand to gain?
They’re all opposed.
Are they vulnerable?

To validate my suspicion of collusion I managed to find and compare about 14 municipal Controlled Substance By-laws that effectively cover the complete Lower mainland from Saanich to Hope. They all, in the end, effectively ban all marijuana growth. Some differ as to how but naturally the most adversarial, hostile Council outlook and most punitive and impossible set of by-laws is that of Surrey the leader of the opposition as framed by Fire Chief Idiot Len Garis.

They are quite proud of their punitive approach and take every opportunity available to trumpet their progress in opposing all growth including that of Medical Marijuana.

These people who are against all marijuana growth in residential areas are being completely blind to the consequences of their opposition. I believe they are now laying the groundwork for an epidemic sized outburst of illegal growth right where they don’t want it: backyards, garages, basements, bedrooms, closets: Personal sized Grow-ops in the residences of anybody who wants or needs a steady supply of marijuana.

Somehow I don’t think that all those thousands, yes thousands of Class “C” Licensees who have been growing their own at a reasonable cost are going to voluntarily submit to a price level of a hell of a lot more they can afford. The City can’t seem to realize that the gang guys are doing just fine at the current price levels and aren’t going to disappear if you legalize it. There’s lots of business and the inevitable increase in the going legal price that includes regulatory compliance, the reporting requirement, Profit for the Contractor and if anyone thinks there is a tax windfall coming, I think the competitive gap is too big and if you can’t grow it you just take a short walk to the Street. It’s not hard to find in any City, As far as Canada goes, just HST is enough to fuel competition and inflate criminal margins.

The opponents aren’t too happy with the program now. The Status Quo got us here, Ref:

 Proposed Improvements to Health Canada's Marihuana Medical Access Program

Some of the key concerns raised include:
  1. the potential for diversion of marihuana produced for medical purposes to the illicit market;
  2. the risk of home invasion due to the presence of large quantities of dried marihuana or marihuana plants;
  3. public safety risks, including electrical and fire hazards, stemming from the cultivation of marihuana in homes;
  4. public health risks due to the presence of excess mould and poor air quality associated with the cultivation of marihuana plants in homes;
  5. the complexity and length of the application process for individuals who wish to obtain an authorization to possess and/or a licence to produce marihuana;
  6. the impact of increasing participation in the Program on the efficiency and timeliness of the application and review process;
  7. the fact that Health Canada only supplies one strain of dried marihuana; and,
  8. the need for more current medical information pertaining to the risks and benefits associated with the use of marihuana for medical purposes, as a means of supporting discussions between physicians and their patients as to whether such treatment is appropriate.
All those 8 reasons are bullshit and fabrications about now. They bear no resemblance and have no relevance to what I can foresee in 2-4 years if things just keep going along and no effort is made to alter the course of Political and Bureaucratic stupidity.

So once again here we are up, against the wall but I told you before think I can see a sore spot. It’s just a little lesion, a pimple, right in their anal area: a very vulnerable target.

Next post I’m going to tell you how I think I can infect it, fester it into a boil that will burst a hole through all those collected arse holes: if and when we choose to pick it.

I have already selected who the target of all my creative, covert, subversive, nasty, crafty talents will be.
I may even develop some new ones. LOL
Until then
Blaine Barrett