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Friday, 7 December 2012

SLIME!- Everybody missed it except Max.

Everybody Missed It Except Max!
 Finally Fox News bunch has had their drawers pulled right down to their knees and the shit they’ve been hiding is in plain view. They are not only liars, its not spontaneity, its intentional sanctioned creation of fictional news with a predetermined goal. This fact was finally established as gospel with evidence in the form of a video on of all places YouTube. The video is not the production of investigative journalism that you would expect from their major network rivals and opponents.
It’s the work of this guy


Introducing Max Montrose

Max is a Facebook Friend and fellow marijuana advocate down in Colorado and he got lucky. Max was invited to and participated in a Fox News Production detailing the testing of marijuana impaired drivers to determine if they posed an increased road hazard to others. Max is a crafty fellow and managed to go through the test with a “Spy Camera” and then he edited it into a YouTube 10 minute expose of the lying bastards at work.
The production was based on a series of tests that were intentionally designed to indicate a far greater degree of impairment than reality would have yielded. Fox News management sanctioned the creation of  a deliberately distorted farce to be presented as fact, backing it up by their reputation as a reliable source of supposedly accurate, impartial (Tea Party reasoning) news coverage. What a line of horse puckey that turned out to be.
I’m not going to waste time on words as to the significance of all this, time for that later. I’m shutting down so you can go and enjoy the video. You can find it at 

I think Max should get a Hero of the Week recognition but he won’t. Every big shot network journalist  will be so pissed off they were scooped, they’d shoot that proposal down in flames. Vanity and ego rule at all the big networks. Max stuck a weenie little needle into a huge hot air balloon and what emerged smells like beer farts. Enjoy the flick.
Blaine Barrett.