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Monday, 17 December 2012

A Comment re a Comment

Finally Somebody Noticed!

Today I was please to get a comment from one of the journalists I’ve been taking aim at with my Posts about lousy, incomplete, biased media coverage and journalistic indifference to reality.

This lady had the smarts to realize she’s not the direct target and was kind enough to contribute the following Comment to which I felt compelled to reply following:

Comment From Elizabeth Thompson  ipolitics.ca

Interesting comments on what promises to be a lively debate across Canada. At the risk of letting facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory, though, the story isn't the result of a PR push by the government - in fact they are probably not thrilled that some of us read the weekly Canada Gazette where they legally have to give notice of proposed regulatory changes. I believe the minister may be planning to formally announce the proposed changes Sunday - giving Canadians a couple of fewer days to voice their opinions during the 75 day period for commenting.

Elizabeth Thompson

PS - the ads pop up on the site randomly. The next time you'll probably get a totally different ad for a totally different group

My Comment in Reply to That

Hello there Elizabeth
Unfortunately you are only the latest in a series of reporters who have managed to gain my attention
Sort of an apology I guess? I appreciate the comment but I just took another look at the link to you and there now is a cry-baby ad for some guy named Tika hovering over your head. You’re somebody’s target my dear. Big Pharma?.

It doesn’t matter what the Government says now, they’ve already set medical marijuana on the back burner until probably after the next election. Their now insistent demand that Doctors be Gatekeepers has guaranteed that the CMA’s opposition as already stated by Dr. A. Reid the CMA President, the number of doctors willing to sign has dried up and now Doctors are the bad guys holding things up and Harpo’s off the hook. I have no doubt this will be followed by series of problems with the awarding of contracts and subsequent bankruptcy’s when no-one will or can’t pay $15/gram for medication.

I am sorry for slapping at you but I just can’t understand why the national media you represent don’t seem to see the big picture or want to know what is wrong? If you think I’m out of touch: where is the answer to my question about legal justification of the mass invasion of medical files with one warrant.

You don’t seem to notice the little details that are there. You have no idea what the answer is and what pisses me off is that none of your compatriot investigative journalists has the curiosity to try to help find out. The only on not afraid to speak his mind is Rex Murphy, god bless him, and I wish I could get him to stick his nose into this. I think he shares my paranoia about our government!

One other little known fact: The cops had advance information and knew exactly what files they were looking for before they even entered Dr. Kamermans office. That is quite obvious from the less than minimum time they took to sort out all the 4000+ files of Medpot applicants out of approx 4800 files in the office. I was informed by a witness that it took only 6 hours from Swat team entry of the office to file removal. I question the human possibility to do that. Allow 1 hour for assault invasion and orientation to the crime scene that leaves

4800 files with 20 cops nosing through them equals 240 per cop with 5 hrs to examine them equals 75 seconds per file of uninterrupted sequencing, no Tim Horton’s, or barley sandwiches no breaks at all. I have a background that at one time involved Time and Motion study and that is simply beyond reality. 

The fact that a number of cops at the scene were outside creating the law enforcement spectacle they wanted, or had been sent away because they would just get in the way. The half dozen guys left, armed with the computer lists and CD’s with top secret information diverted illegally from Health Canada’s files had no problem in probably doing it in half the time. The other half spent packing them up, donuts, coffee and finally carting them off.

I realize I’m not being very nice and I don’t really give a damn. If you feel offended or misjudged, do something to prove me wrong. In the mean time you’re part of those who I think are failing to honour a journalist’s responsibility to observe the same oath as that sworn by Dr. Kamermans “First do no harm!” before you shoot your mouth off. He could not turn his back on the harm being done by 67000 other Canadian doctors and once started it snowballed.

I don’t know how yet but I intend to try to wake up every Canadian voter to the reality of what a deceptive vindictive bunch of Harper sycophants we have in office. If that means giving the national media a good hard poke in the ass with a sharp stick to interrupt their daydreams so be it. I don’t know when but there’s another one due.

You’re safe now Elizabeth I’ve got other targets to attend to
Best regards

Blaine Barrett