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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Advice to the Liberal Leadership

My Advice to the Liberal Leadership

Is this good advice or not?

Today I got a thing from Liberal Candidate Marc Garneau’s people asking what the Liberal Leadership Candidates should be paying attention to: So I told them.

I was Asked:

“Why are you supporting Marc? What issues do you think Marc should address in this leadership race?”
I Answered:

I am not yet supporting Marc but trying to decide who to support.

I'd like one of the leadership candidates come right out and protest the commercialization of Medical Marijuana because I won't be able to afford it. It's a travesty and the press is swallowing the government line. Now they've got a full scale PR assault to sway public opinion and I've not heard one politician get on the pulpit and blast the bastards. Nobody seems to realize that the bastards just delayed the whole process indefinitely. Forget the promise date, their demand that doctors act as Gatekeepers will not fly. Simple Obstruction: Demand = Delay!

I can't begin to emphasize how important it is to keep pot affordable for needy people. The majority of licensees are at or near poverty level. For Harpo, to think they can float the bullshit profit projections and taxes on their back is stretching the imagination to its limit.

Marc can get my vote if he simply stands up at Question Period and asks Leona what the hell she is trying to pull off. To hell with Roberts Rules of order and the Mr. Speaker crap. Ask her directly and don't stop until she bloody well flees. Stop the bullshit and lies they are spreading and you'll have my vote and support and probably that of every other toker in Canada. What the hell, the country would like nothing better than to turn on the TV and see you or Justin pull a Pierre and tell them loudly to "Stop the F**king Bullshit and try telling the truth." There's nothing to lose and national fame and exposure will follow. Doubt me. Try it.
I dare you!
Blaine Barrett

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