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Saturday, 15 December 2012

More Health Canada Manipulated Media Bull!


How Much News Can Big Pharma Buy?

S’mee again:
Friday, December 14, 2012

Today I got a Google alert. I got all excited at the prospect of finding out what future plans Health Canada has for Medical Marijuana they announced today.
I got a rude goddamn awakening, it’s f**king near propaganda

I clicked on a link to the author I should warn you that if you hover over the banner ad above her picture and decide to watch, you get a straight sob story by a young man suffering from neurological pain. He ends his tale with a plea for a miracle drug to be developed. I guess it’s just common sense to assume that the answer is going to come from
Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies 
  who paid for the nasty little pop-out.

Hardly one thing noted in this whole article is news. Most of it has been bitched about over and over in this Blog ever since I began it last Christmas.  What makes it more interesting is that it seems to be a real PR push by the Harper Crew! A virtually identical article just popped up on 680News site! And at least 20 other papers-Coast to Coast,
It starts out stating the intention and purpose of the changes to the MMAR as being:
  1. Make it easier to obtain by patients?
  2. Provide more options re Physician support?
  3. Result in an insignificant price increase?
Three Lies or Distortions of the truth to start off with
1.      The new system will result in prices that will be out of reach to the majority of those who need it
2.       They just destroyed 99% of any chance of finding a Practitioner since they are now in the process of victimizing Dr. Rob Kamermans for simply signing applications! A very effective deterrent.
3.      Any reduction in the cost of running the program is simply transferred back to the buyer who can’t afford the price now. Note the departure to fantasy with the knowledge that the current price of pot is between $1.80/g and $5/g. Dreamers!
The next departure from reality is the list of risks that currently exist. This I believe was a plagiarized version of Len Garis justification for Surrey’s Prohibitive Insurmountable By-laws.

They once more stress the doctors they just scared sh*tless are supposed to now be supportive.

They conclude the article with a sketchy list of the overhead burden Government Regulatory Compliance Costs but to this add the profit motive and greed of the approved contractors plus a ridiculous tax like the 25% Washington proposition. I see a price level well above the $10 high quality price now current. Where the hell did that $1.80/g come from?

What do you make of this article? Tepid media coverage?
I make it almost the temp of a good stream of urine!
Lukewarm at best.

Why would I make a stupid analogy like that?

Because it’s not stupid!

Think Creatively!
They both result in empty cavities!
One your bladder the other your brain!
There is no input of knowledge at all from the article!
It’s a rote recital of lies
I was right at the start.

Until next time
Blaine Barrett