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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Just One Simple Question I asked my MP

I Couldn’t Get Answers from Anyone in Power!

 Maybe my MP can ask for me?
What the hell.
I’ve got nothing to lose- So I asked him today

My Letter to My MP.

Subject: Violations of Medical Confidentiality

To: The Honourable Jasbir Sandhu Member of Parliament: Surrey North
Cc: The Honourable Daryl Kramp          Member of Parliament: Prince Edwards- Hastings

From: Blaine Barrett, 10202-149St, Surrey, BC V3R 3Z8

Re: The seizure, retention and invasion of Dr. Rob Kamermans Medical Files.

Dear Mr. Sandhu:
Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting you at your constituency office, and introduced myself as a Medical Marijuana Advocate. I wanted to find out how much you knew about the problems Licensees were facing with the revision of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations underway. I can’t say I was overly impressed but here’s a chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of a whole bunch of sick people who need help.

In addition to being a MM advocate I am also a Licensee of the MMAP. As such, I feel that the personal Private information contained in my Medical File is under threat of invasion by the Harper Government. If the Kamermans seizure is allowed to go unchallenged it will set an abominable precedent for a police state.

Jan 26 of this year, a combined SWAT team of RCMP and OPP stormed the office of Dr. Rob Kamermans in Coe Hill, Ontario, arrested him, then seized and removed 4000+ Confidential Medical Records for later examination. They performed this mass invasion of privacy in complete violation of what I understood the law to be regarding third party access to a patient file.

I have checked the Policy positions of both the Canadian Medical Association and the College of Physicians of Ontario regarding Confidentiality of Patient files. Both of these Policies stress that disclosure of the contents is only by reason of medical necessity as determined by the Physician, but Third Party Access is only permitted on the basis of a warrant for that file.

I want to know what Statute, Law or Regulation justifies such a mass seizure on the basis of a single warrant related to only the Doctor’s conduct. There is no linkage between conduct and patient file contents unless the conduct is that of the patient, not the Doctor.

I have requested the same information from Federal and Provincial Privacy Agencies, the CMA, the CPSO, Justice, Canadian Defence Lawyers, the RCMP and the OPP. Most won’t even acknowledge receipt much less attempt to answer.
I realize you won’t have the answer at your fingertips which is why I copied The Honourable Daryl Kramp, the Harper Government member for Prince Edwards-Hastings. Perhaps he can throw light on the matter but somehow I think it’s another “No Comment” question for him.

 It is his government persecuting Dr. Kamermans, a respected physician and one of his constituents, in his constituency. Mr. Kramp hasn’t even commented and the SWAT team tactics of the local OPP bullies have got nearly all Coe Hill residents living in a state of fear.

I have managed to contact a number of local residents who support the Doctor, the Wallaston Township Council among them. They all smell something rotten, are appalled at the treatment accorded him, but are a afraid to comment for fear of reprisals. Maybe you can ask him in Question Period to see if skulduggery is involved? If there is I’ll make his constituents aware of it, I promise. It seems they are now living in a police state and they don’t much like it.

Thank you for your time and consideration. All I want to know is the legal grounds that can justify such an action. Are mine and all other Canadians secrets and privacy secure in our Medical Files or must we now keep secrets from our doctor and jeopardize our medical treatment?

In anticipation of your response
Best regards
Blaine Barrett