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Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Zenn Car- The Best Kept Secret in Canada

What The Hell Is a Zenn?

It’s Electric
It Costs $12000
Zero Emissions No Noise

Today I discovered that Zenn is not an offshoot of Mahayana Buddhism.
It’s a Made in Canada automobile, or was?

It’s a cute little bugger!

I got an e-mail that gave the link to YouTube that you will find at the end.
It’s a link to a Rick Mercer introduction of what sounds to be one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in environmental technology in the last decade. What really got me interested is that the Mercer segment was shot away back in 2007 and I’ve never heard of the Zenn. What happened to it? It has vanished after six years of what should have been product development and promotion and that is an interesting mystery.

I’m not going to say more. It seems like they knew what they were doing from the photos below. Look at them and then hit the link and enjoy Rick acting the fool!

Nice Specifications

They had a pretty nice factory

 Revolutionary Power Pack Batteries

They all Just Disappeared

Go Figure