I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Sunday, 24 March 2013


I’m Not An Ogre 

There is another side to this Old Fart

I’m a lover of a good joke and I have a joke collection I am proud of.
I put it up on the Web years ago but have never tried to promote it in any way.
I had no friends to share it with and no idea how to contact an audience.
That has changed.
Now I have all of you reading and supporting my Blog and my Advocacy.
I intend to give you all a peek
Before I send you out on a fact finding mission
Here is what you will find as a Thank you gift!

I began to appreciate a good joke when I went to work for Alcan in the Kingston Works Foil Mill in 1965 and I met Pat Patrick. Pat had the distinction of being the only General Foreman in the Company who had ever plays drums in a Montreal whorehouse in the Depression. My generation used to tell jokes as a standard practice every time you had the opportunity and Pat knew them all and he shared. That is when I began collecting jokes I believe are some of the best

From Pat I learned something that I value to this day and that is the similarity of telling a good joke to fishing off the riverbank. It’s a three stage process:
1.     You sit with a beer in your hand and you bait a hook and drop it into the audience or pond and then you watch the bobber.
2.     You move it around with secret ways so that the bait dances around to attract attention. Then the bobber jumps. You’ve got a nibble and you can anticipate what is coming next. Sure enough, there goes the bobber on the run.
3.     You let them chew on the bait a little and then you whip your rod or punch line and sink the hook as hard as you can.
Success and skill at both fishing and joke telling is determined by measuring how far your catch swallowed the bait.

On that note my collection is housed at theyarnbarn.blogspot.ca. If you go directly there is an Index tab in the upper right corner for your guidance as to contents because there are 76 of them and then I ran out

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