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Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Nasty, Nasty, Nasty Fax to A Nasty, Nasty, Nasty Cop

To Staff Sergeant Peter Valiquette

To all my readers and helpers: I wrote this post about two weeks ago but held off publishing because it might have aroused enough anger in Copville Madoc to jeopardize the outcome of Mary’s Kamermans appearance at court yesterday morning. That was stupid on our part. We were hoping for a dismissal of charges but all we got was another six months of her persecution simply because she is Rob’s wife. By the time she gets to pre-trial it will be over 18 months of harassment and stress from financial straits because they have had no real income except pension since the raid. Just goddamn despicable. I intend to try to do something about that in a future post.
Rob had reservations about this post fearing repercussions.
it has nopthing to do with him. This is my bitch. 

Ontario Provincial Police                 From: Blaine Barrett
Central Hastings Detachment                  #255, 10202-149St         
105953 Hwy. 7 Madoc, ON                          Surrey BC V3R 3Z8
Fax # (613) 473-5029                                                                              thesmeegoanguy@gmail.com

Attn: Staff Sergeant Peter Valiquette

Dear Sergeant Valiquette:

Are you in charge of Central Hastings or are you not?

My name is Blaine Barrett. I am a Medical Marijuana Advocate.

I have a blog

Medical Marijuana with TheSmeeGoanGuy.


I have a problem with the way that you are running your detachment.

If it is not you who is responsible for the way officers in the Central Hastings Detachment conduct themselves in the discharge of their duties, please pass this on to your boss. I’m sorry that I don’t have that individuals name but tracing responsibility in the OPP is impossibility. Even if you know the guys name and rank I got lucky and found you as the first in the chain of command covering Coe Hill.

If you were in your current position of power on January 26, 2012 you had to be the individual who authorized the “Nazi attack” on Dr. Rob Kamermans office. Today you must be the one sanctioning his subsequent evil and vindictive persecution by officers under your command.
I am sorry to inform you that there is now no anonymity available and your responsibility and role in what I consider a major violation of Canadian Law cannot be avoided.

1.    The first question I have is what legal provision permits the invasion of privacy of  4000 files of confidential and secret Patient information on the basis of the one warrant for a Doctors office? The medical records are the property of the Doctor but files and the information held in the Records are the property of the patient. My interpretation of law is that each and every one of them was entitled to a separate warrant unless each one of the seized files was named in the wording of the warrant for the contents of the Doctor’s Office.
Your chief Sergeant Mark Duval delivered the warrant to the Doctor. He then used its authority to not only invade the privacy of those files, but seized them for inspection of their contents and then hold them in custody despite all requests for their release by the patients whose property they are. Today all the utility of the documentation contained in the Medical records has ceased to be any use and that made all 4000 renewals nearly impossible. Health Canada doesn’t grant renewals based on verbal evidence. Why is he still refusing access to the hard stuff. Why are you letting him pull stuff like this? Won’t he obey you? 
2.    You have been, and still are, permitting Sergeant Rob Henderson to intentionally and vindictively attack -Dr. Kamermans reputation. He is intentionally trying to destroy Rob’s complete support system as punishment, not for crimes but for allegations! Rob Henderson has already judged and convicted him before the courts have even brought him to trial. I interpret this attack on his financial base as a direct attempt to compound his difficulties in defending himself against what are politically motivated bullshit charges!
3.    It had to be you who approved payment for the expense of Rob Henderson unnecessarily sending two constables all the way to Sturgeon Falls to arrest Rob there. All that was gained was 7 hours until he got home from work. The act was intentional and the Henderson knew full well that to remove him from mid shift in the Emergency Room would compromise his employment not to mention putting the entire community at risk? The community both of you are sworn to protect
Why did you authorize punishment on the day of his arrest?
4.    You are also the one who authorized notification to three banks (the base of all his financial support), that Dr. Kamermans had been charged and was a criminal of some sort. All his transactions were probably connected to proceeds of a drug kingpin? You or someone in your command intentionally extorted the banks to report any and all financial transactions: that provided the basis for his arrest for Breach of Bail when the Credit Union advised you of his transfer of Mortgage money to the US. 
5.    Were you the one who authorized his arrest on that Breach of Bail “bullshit”? It was a complete fabrication that enabled Henderson to not only override a Crown decision to release him because it was a “bullshit charge”, but also to hold him over the weekend simply to inconvenience and punish the Heinous Criminal he apparently fantasizes he has captured.
6.    Are you the one who allows your Constables to verbally assault and harass his patients like Constable Mark Moore does with his phony traffic violations? Scare the shit out of his customer to ensure he’s broke? Despicable!
7.    What is even more despicable is that you permit your officers to intentionally gather at popular local gathering spots and slander the good doctor.
I’d like some clarification and some answers as to what gives you the authority to sanction all this Fascist bullshit in Central Hastings but I naturally don’t expect any from you. You don’t blow the whistle on your buddies and superiors in a hierarchy based on "Nazi principles".
I do want an answer to Question Number one:
You, as his superior, were the one who advised Sergeant Duval the he could legally invade and confiscate all the patient files removed from Dr. Kamermans office,

What legal basis were you using to justify the invasion of privacy
of 4000 patient files on the basis of the single warrant used?

I have to assume that you know the law you are enforcing I want to know what that legal basis is because nobody seems to know. Everybody from the Prime Minister down the daisy chain of irresponsibility has pled ignorance. You can’t do that because you ordered the dirty deed. I want an answer to that question and I’m not going away.
You can’t plead ignorance and claim you were only following orders! That line of bullshit went out with the Nuremburg War Trials and finking on your boss is a no-no with the Skull and Crossbones club. Who do you report to by the way and could you please provide his contact details?
On the other hand you could be totally ignorant of what goes on under your command. That is a somewhat frequent occurrence in OPP operations. If that is indeed the case then please refer me to someone who does, or better yet, go to my blog at
Read my last post about Evil and Vindictiveness.
It’s in the archive list on the right.
It’s very educational. Enjoy!

At this point it’s your ball Sergeant, the ball is in your court.
I’m now just going to leave it with you. See what creative CYA answer you and your superiors can come up with.
You can waffle and dodge on all the above questions except the primary one for a legal justification for the mass invasion of privacy that took place?
I await your answer
Blaine Barrett

P.S. Please reply by e-mail. I assume you have that capability.
Please expedite your response. I don’t want my readership kept in suspense unnecessarily

I also took the liberty of adding your toll free number at Gestapo Headquarters in Madoc.


I’m inviting my readers to play Hounds for the Bastardsville!
I hope they jam your switchboard with calls for the Asshole in Charge
Sic em, troops: Dial,Dial, Dial

OPP – Ontario Provincial Police (Central Hastings Detachment)
105953 Hwy. 7 Madoc, ON

Staff Sergeant
Peter Valiquette

24hrs 1-888-310-1122
24hrs TTY 1-888-310-1133

(613) 473-5029

Municipalities/ Townships Served
-Marmora & Lake
-Tudor & Cashel Township
-Centre Hastings
-Madoc Township

Patrol Area
2469 square km

Staff S/Sergeant