I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Anonymous Doesn't Cut It For Comments

Some jerk named Anonymous is all pissed off
Because I delete comments.

His! ----------Tough!

I think that is perfectly understandable to my readers who aren't Cops
I cut comments I think originate in the back room Doughnut sanctuary!
The one at OPP Central Hastings Cop Shop in Madoc.
I have no problem with criticism (positive or negative) if the author has the balls to stand by his opinion and puts his name to it. I don’t publish negative gutter level slime from some cop named Anonymous just to pollute the minds of my readership.

You want to make a comment? Put your name to it.
Otherwise I judge its suitability for inclusion in the conversation.
I think that is fair, don’t you?
If you don’t like it, make a criticism, keep it clean and sign it.
Then I’ll print it.

Blaine Barrett