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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Our Government is Vindictive and Evil

Our Government is Vindictive and Evil

It is NOW Inflicting

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Who is the Victim?
Dr. Rob Kamermans: An ethical compassionate doctor

What did he do?
He honored his Oath and authorized Medical Marijuana for his patients

Where did he do this?
In the backyard of the Coe Hill Fascists – The Ontario Provincial Police

When did he do this?
In 2010 and 2011 when it was legal to do so.

Why did he sign?
Because 67000 of his Fellow physicians were unjustifiably refusing to
4000 of their qualifying but refused patients asked him for mercy!

I Challenge You All as Canadian Citizens to read this Indictment
Render Judgment

Is the punishment leveled on Dr. Kamermans Cruel and Unusual?
Simply the Normal Vindictive and Evil behavior of Harpocrits?

I have now spent 15 months advocating for Dr. Rob Kamermans. The raid on his office in Coe Hill, Ontario Jan 26, 2012 caught my attention and my curiosity got the better of me. I began  to look into what happened: and then to try to figure out why? It turns out we can only infer “Why it happened” because:

Only the son-of-a-bitch who loosed the hounds knows WHY!

He has to be high up in the Ottawa Political Power Pack.

Anybody got a guess as to who that might be?
I’ve narrowed my suspicions down to one of these moral misfits

It’s a shameful debacle, the misuse of political power in an evil conspiracy.

It’s a Fascist police state action to ruin an innocent man.

Worst part: it’s still in progress!

I didn’t know a damned thing about Rob Kamermans when I started this crusade but I have learned that despite all the allegations, negative pressure and hostility from our supposed democratic Government he’s a man worthy of my respect and admiration. 
Right now he’s at the bottom of the Totem pole of Canadian power and we should thank Christ that he is still standing.

He’s one single man demonstrating the Six Pillars of Character that are supposed to be the foundation of our common Canadian humanity:

Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

Unfortunately none of the consortium of bastards ranged against Dr. Kamermans has any of these attributes left. No-one should be surprised it is simply confirmation of two natural processes and is obvious to any decent observer.

1.    The trickle down effect does exist and
2.    The vacuum it leaves must be replaced.

Since the installation of the Conservative Government led by Stephen Harper we have all watched as the Harpocrit Totem Pole of Political Power has been leached of all traces of Character and been replaced by an excess of Malevolent Evil in its upper structure.

Dr. Kamermans persecution is the action of a triumvirate begun by an arrogant vindictive out of control component of our “Harper” Government, who have been joined by the Canadian Medical Association, and now by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in obstructing access to and destroying Medical Marijuana.

For 15 months Dr. Kamermans has been bound by a Gag order and has not been able to speak in his own defense. He still can’t as far as legal matters go but I have finally gained his approval to speak for him and have convinced him that while he cannot address anything legal he can describe what has been done to him in the last year and he is still waiting for a trial date.

I want you to note that neither he nor I are discussing his innocence or guilt. What we are going to tell you is what has happened to him as a consequence of going against the wishes of the Government and the two medical associations who should be defending him but have thrown him to the wolves.

I think this is Cruel and Unusual Punishment and qualifies as EVIL!

To begin I have outlined who, and what Dr. Kamermans is, where he comes from, and how he earned a reputation as a model physician up until his return to Canada. I have not been able to find one formal complaint from a patient regarding his treatment throughout his whole career both in Canada or the US.

The Medical Associations’ and Colleges complaint against the good doctor is a criticism of his record keeping, not his medical competency nor any harm done to a patient. By the same token our government is trying to distract our attention that the only crime he committed was to legally sign applications in a number that shamed the rest of the 67000 doctors in Canada. The Harpocrits could not permit others to follow his example so they have intentionally and evilly assassinated his character and ruined his life.

I think this is a clear demonstration that Harper and his consortium of moral cretins have brought the “Dark Triad” personality to Ottawa. That is a new diagnosis by British Researcher that is a trifecta of three personality traits: Narcissism; Machiavellianism (using deception, manipulation and flattery for wholly selfish gains); and Psychopathy. Viz:

In short a nasty bunch of pricks!


They made a mistake when they picked Rob Kamermans as a victim.

He has the one quality that none of his persecutors ever contemplated encountering in Canada:- a backbone! He will not submit to their Gestapo Nazi approach and banishment to oblivion in a simulated Holocaust Concentration camp. Our wannabee Fuehrer is already constructing space to house the victims of his mandatory sentencing obsession.

Rob is uniquely qualified to judge what our system is falling into because his family has a history of dealing with Hitler, Nazi’s, Gestapo, SS, and a sub-human government. They fled the wreck of decency and what was left of a ruined life for the promise of Canada and arrived in Montreal in 1954. He quite plainly reveals their expectations and hope for their new country when he told me:

“My parents and I as a child came to this country with the hopes of a better and brighter future in a supposedly democratic country where everyone’s Constitutional rights were equal regardless of their social or financial status.

His mother was a morally stalwart teacher experienced in the Montessori Method and she was successful in her instruction and interpretation of the Six Pillars of Character. I have so recently complained the Medical Profession has abandoned. Honouring those principles was drilled into Rob with maternal love and he accepted them completely

His father left the family when Rob was 14 and Rob became the man of the family. He took his responsibilities seriously and by the time he was a teenager he had a reputation as a hard worker who would tackle anything assigned him with a sense of purpose and determination.

He left school at the age of 15 to help support his Mom and gained a lot of construction experience as well as a basic understanding of engineering that stood him in good stead. At 19 he made the normal stupid mistake of getting married to a neighbor girl that fortunately ended amicably after a very short period of time.

The next six years he led a more or less gypsy life all over the US and Canada making a very good living as a supervisor of major construction projects. During this period, at one point he visited Coe Hill and was impressed enough to purchase some property for the future.
He met Mary his wife in Hamilton in 1972 and after a short time they formed a common law life commitment. After a time of transition they relocated back to Coe Hill and set up residence.

In 1975 Daughter #1 was born - Cheyenne
In 1977 he and Mary got married and Daughter #2- Hopi arrived
In 1979 he and Mary decided their lives weren’t what they wanted so they set out with the kids on a voyage of discovery hat led them to a life dedicated to the service of others. They spent the next 4 years volunteering at a Carmelite Monastery in Carmel California. Serving and assisting the underprivileged they noted well how under-serviced these communities were and they sympathized with Carmelite philosophy 

In Carmelite belief, God is exciting enough to take our breath away. We live in God’s presence, to confront injustice and evil, and stands for a kind of allegiance to God which no one can misunderstand.

That rubbed off and Rob decided his mission in life was in medical care and decided to apply to Medical school. He needed High School equivalency to apply to university so he took courses to obtain it, and in 1983 there were two big events he had Daughter #3- Carith-Rose and he was accepted at McMaster University.

I have no idea how he and Mary got through the years from 1980- 1994. The following chart takes you through those years with the major educational time and effort. To this record of accomplishment, add the expense, the time and the hours of work to support and raise a family of 5 children while he completed a 6 year medical education and during which time his wife Mary also earned her own degree in Nursing. Somehow they worked enough shifts to survive the hard times and went to live the good life in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

They managed to do just that. Rob developed an excellent reputation as an Emergency Room physician: he had all the work he wanted. He and Mary raised their 5 children to hold beliefs like theirs and they have all graduated University and are contributing to society’s benefit. For all the years of comfortable practice and financial reward in New Mexico, Rob and Mary kept Coe Hill in the back of their mind. They loved the town, the people, it was a small poor underserved community with a desperate need of a family Physician. By 2008 they had enough to relocate and set up Medical Practice and they proceeded to do so.

What they managed to accomplish
1979- 83
Carmelite Monastery volunteer work
Decision to apply to medical school
Daughter #3  - Carith-Rose born and Accepted at McMaster. University and Assisted at the National Cancer Institute- Botanical Anti-tumour Study
First son Elijah born

Second son- Carlos born
Completes degree and applies University of New Mexico- Qualifying for and being Accepted into the Advanced Primary Care Curriculum similar to that of Harvard
Graduated University of New Mexico and began 2 years Residency in Sudbury NOFM program
1994 –
Moved to Carlsbad to serve Three years with US PHS Indian Health Service for student assistance. There he learned the sad truth of the Native American Health deficiencies. On completion he set up Practice as an ER physician and set up permanent residence
Set up practice in Coe Hill

At this point all of Rob’s Personal and legal troubles began when he applied for a Canadian License to practice Medicine. Because he came from the US, he was required to undergo a practice review by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. They took a sample of his medical records and determined that he did not keep records worth a damn. They granted him permission to practice but with conditions that he improves his bookkeeping.

He was to practice with a Preceptor who started in 2012. The Preceptor regularly selects 25 random files to check and assess his record keeping on a monthly basis, then advises any shortcomings and how to rectify them. There is no supervision or interference in the function of his practice and even he agrees overall that it serves a useful function. Unfortunately for Rob, his handwriting sucks and his record keeping still stinks. All the charges against him by the college are based on his lousy bookkeeping not on his medical competency.

Note that contrary to slanderous police planted mistruths
There is absolutely no connection here to Medical Marijuana.

After his Licensing, Rob created his practice at a cost of more than $250,000. Up until January 26, 2012 everything was fine. He somehow managed to build and support his clinic work with services as an ER doctor. His services were needed and in high demand at regional Emergency Rooms and he created a reasonable life in Coe Hill and proved a real asset to the community

Just imagine yourself in his place when he went to work on January 26. He had an excellent reputation as a physician with an excellent record, comfortable practice and he was trying to correct the harm being done by his fellow Colleagues at the College. Their refusal to sign applications for medical marijuana was based on politically motivated lies and distortions given by the CMA and CPSO regarding the risk of inhalation. Rob never counted on the ripple effect that performing a perfectly legal action and signing one application in 2009 would have. He trapped himself: by respecting his values more than AMA and College disapproval.

One morning he was busy in his clinic office doing his normal routine when suddenly his whole life was destroyed.

From this point on the story is as he told it to me. He approved it before I published it. It is a condemnatory indictment of our whole legal system with which I agree wholeheartedly.

Part Two The SchutzStaffel disclosure
Schutzstaffel (SS) The Nazi Protective Squad reveals itself

Before I begin this portion, I should give you the history of Rob’s practice before he arrived back in Canada. He’s worked about 20 years in medicine: about 75% Emergency Medicine and about 25% Family practice. He always did family practice in underserved poorer communities thus the ER work was necessary to supplement his income. He had graduated from a top notch US school, served his residency in Canada, went back to the US to raise his family and then decided to return to Coe Hill, another underserved poorer community back home in Canada.

In 2008 he came to Coe Hill and started the practice part time but he still worked in the US in the ER to support his family. He started the practice with his own money at a cost of about $300,000 with no assistance from anyone: No Federal handouts or subsidies.

In 2010 they were pretty much back Canada 100% of the time. His main source of income once again was ER work where he worked 70% of his time that accounted for 90% of his income. The clinic in Coe Hill was primarily to serve the community and it required his work in the ER to support it.

In 2009 he did one Medical Marijuana Application, that expanded to 150 in 2010 and finally to 4000 applications in 2011. His main source of income was still ER work. Because the number of people of people coming to the clinic was too large to handle in Coe Hill, he started the clinics in Toronto, etc. This relieved the congestion at the clinic and made it simpler for those with difficulty traveling.

You have to understand that Rob has several issues with the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Because he came from the US it was mandated that he undergo a Practice review. That initial assessment established that he kept poor charts.. None of them had any connection with his current legal troubles related to Medical Marijuana.

In 2010 they took 5 charts, reviewed them and determined that his documentation was not improved. His period of procedural supervision of his record keeping lasted only 10 months, then the Preceptor had his own problems with the College and could not continue to help him. That is why he now needs a new preceptor.

He thinks the Preceptor is actually a good idea. The Preceptor takes 25 random files each month and reviews the content. He then advises regarding any negative aspects and suggests corrective measures. The system is not onerous. There are no negative effects on Rob or his practice. That issue is now at rest but now he needs to find a new Preceptor.

At the end of 2011 he had 4000 patients, the majority for medical marijuana, but those minimally required 1 visit per year so when his lawyer suggested that he not continue signing- it would not be a hardship. He then signed an agreement under the impression he would be able to sign the renewals for his patient pool. The fine print says that he can’t. He should have known better than to trust this Government with anything..

Mid morning on January 26, 2012 Rob was busy when suddenly the office was invaded by 20 imitation Schutzstaffel  (SS) fully armed, aggressive, with an overload of attitude. They were led by Unterfuehrer Sergeant Mark Duval apparently some agent of the Ministry of Health who set the example for asshole behavior that day. The Squad dispersed to conspicuously secure the crime scene in a fashion designed to deter any Terrorist rescue attempt.

Arrogant, aggressive and ignorant Duval confronted Rob with a warrant, and then set a small squad to searching for evidence. They proceeded to tear the office apart inspecting and removing all the confidential medical files of all 4000 of the patients for whom Rob had signed applications for medical Marijuana. Duval later established himself as a prick of the first order by resisting the efforts of patients requesting their file returned for an urgent medical need. He still has the majority of them in his custody. This guy could have and probably has caused the death of patients but he just doesn’t give a shit about “need”, only “nasty”!

On the day of the raid- Defective Sergeant Rob Henderson was in charge and arrested him according to police reports, but did not charge him. I don’t know if that is legal, or fair but it seems the police can do whatever they want.

He was handcuffed in the office and then they took pictures of him in cuffs. When he asked if the cuffs were necessary they said it was for their protection. Please note that using the same name Rob for this pseudo-Nazi creates confusion. Accordingly I refer to him in future as Sergeant R/F (Ratfucker!), which quite appropriately describes his normal approach to his job.

Twenty young guys with guns- give me a break: One old man who doesn’t know “karate”! On exit from the office, they once again made him stop and get photographed in cuffs posed in front of an OPP Suburban cop car.

At the station they assigned someone to question him who opened the interrogation with the statement of his bias and disapproval:” You obviously smoke Marijuana”. Rob actually does not. He was released in the afternoon with no charges laid.

His practice continued in its usual way except he was unable to sign renewals. This matter was becoming a large issue because 4000 people had nowhere else to go for signatures. This gave them the choice of either
1.    Returning to Percoset or Oxycontin and side effects. Their doctors were quite willing to supply these drugs as well as semi-toxic simulated cannabinoids like Sativex and Marinol, along with the fear of puking and side effects, or
2.    growing a medication with no side effects, but with a fear of arrest and mandatory sentencing for doing so.

At that point he was not sure if he could sign in the near future and people kept calling back to see when he might be able to sign.

Six months later in mid-morning on August 15, 2012 Rob was working in the ER in Sturgeon Falls when the Bancroft OPP came to the ER and arrested him. He was in the middle of seeing a patient but I was not allowed to finish his assessment. This left the community completely unprotected in case of any medical need: Minor or critical. Rob asked them if they were aware of the ramifications of shutting down the ER and they told him they knew: So did Sergeant Ratfucker: who was counting on its publicity value.

They had driven 200 miles to transport him to Bancroft to be taken to court and finally charged the next day. They could have just waited one more day or arrested him when he came home from work six hours later but Sergeant Ratfucker Henderson couldn’t wait. They also arrested Mary that day and held her overnight as well.

Facing a six hour wait to make an arrest for an alleged paper crime, Detective Sergeant Henderson chose to prove he is a really vindictive prick and wasted two cops: a days pay each plus overtime to drive 200 mile to make an arrest equal in importance to not behaving a summons for loitering. Henderson just can’t seem to do enough to punish Rob. He decided Rob’s arrest was more important than his service to Sturgeon Falls and intentionally endangered the community he supposedly is sworn to protect.

Both Rob and Mary were released the next day and Rob called the people in Sturgeon Falls. He found the people in Sturgeon Falls were sympathetic and looking forward to his return the following week.

The next day Rob made a normal scheduled transfer of money to New Mexico to pay for mortgages and other US expenses.
He was then arrested a second time for Breach of bail even though they were perfectly aware that transferring funds is not a breach of bail.

This was the first time Rob was made aware that simply being accused of some crime is grounds for financial Ruination: all his financial support disappeared overnight.

Rob’s lawyer went to the Crown and asked for his release in the AM and the Crown agreed. Ratfucker Henderson of the OPP objected and effectively bullied the Crown into subservience; refused to obey and held Rob until Monday. In this jurisdiction the cops rule not the Crown.

He found out that his old reliable friend and personal bank: The Kawartha Credit union had cancelled their line of credit and immediately informed the police as soon as he made his normal monthly transfer of their US Mortgage.

They were customers of The Toronto Dominion for many years: 2 paid off mortgages and they were refused service.

The Bank of Montreal, source of their operating funds would no longer serve them and there went their line of credit and their Credit Cards.

For all three banks to be aware of Rob’s arrest within twenty four hours, they had to have been approached by someone from the Police. With no authority to do but with the power to threaten consequences, some Ratfucker persuaded or more likely ordered all three banks to dump a customer who now nearly a year later has never been brought to trial.

On his release Rob once again spoke to the people at Sturgeon Falls re his work. They refused to take him back because the police could come at any time with no warning, arrest him and cause a medical crisis. At the same time, for the same reasons, he lost his position in the ER in Bracebridge.

Rob is now cut off from being an ER doctor which is 90% of his income. The clinic is mainly a community service and pays for its overhead and little else. Mary doesn’t get paid and his share goes for expenses.

They are however still helping people despite all the adversarial activity. They are referring their patients with supporting documentation to physicians sympathetic to the use of medical marijuana.

They are continually harassed at the office by the Police. Conspicuous stakeouts- constant slow drive-bys, recording patient license plate numbers recently since January 26, 2013.

One of Rob’s patients was stopped for a traffic violation and they treated her badly. Constable Mark Moore OPP followed the Ratfucker approach, accused and advised her “you’re a druggie just like your doctor. He’s up on all kinds of drug charges.” The Cops and their brainwashed sycophant cohort loudly and intentionally slander him at the Tim Horton’s, his fully occupied office in Bancroft, and in other public places.

At this point in time the slanderous newspaper articles initiated by the police have prevented him from getting employment in ER in Michigan and New Mexico. Prior to his arrest he was working 7 days a week- mostly ER –very well paid: Now he works in the clinic with little or no wages. He now has time but no money and all legal activities involve, driving, lodging and meals.

He’s fucked! He knows it! He now sees Canada and the way we are now governed as I do after 50 years of watching the decay.

As he has told me and I quote this as first person:

“By looking at the trouble and persecution Mary and I have suffered at the hands of the police we should not lose sight of the big picture that we are living in a police state.

The whole justice system in Canada is a dance around the police. Lawyers can plead to the Crown; the Crown makes a decision, some Cop can object to the decision and refuse to carry it out. That is not fiction because it happened to me. It may not happen in the rest of Canada but here in this district the police influence the courts and eventually the police have all the power.

My parents and I as a child came to this country with the hopes of a better and brighter future in a supposedly democratic country where everyone’s Constitutional rights were equal regardless of their social or financial status.

Since then Canadians have left their guard down and we have now devolved to and are living in a police state.

1.    Is it possible to change this politically? Not when the Crown and Judges can be influenced by the police.
2.    How can you possibly make changes when the police are an armed camp?
3.    How do you manage an armed Coup?
4.    Revolution- that only happens when you affect enough peoples income!

Probably 30% of police work amounts to ridiculous arrests for minor offenses like busting a guy for roaches in his ashtray but no marijuana. The cops enjoy helicopter tours all over the province looking for a pot crop big enough to mean a bonus overtime shift chopping the crop and raising hell.

Why aren’t they looking for child killers and serial rapist in our neighborhoods?  There’s no overtime involved if you’re dealing local: you turn in your car at shifts end and your overpaid replacement takes over.

1.    Cut them off where it hurts- overtime!
2.    Reaffirm our constitutional rights
3.    Demand our politicians represent us and be the voice of the people not lackey of the big bucks and a police force of Fascists.
4.    We should all be practicing anarchy
5.    If you still believe in this system go out and vote! Please!

It is all well and good if people are sympathetic to our cause but unless they escalate it to a higher level of assistance by writing to and complaining to all the politicians, your local MP’s, your Premier, your mayor: Nothing will happen.


I will end this here but we have now received notice that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has now decided to join in the wolf pack and finish him off. Dr. Kamermans was informed Thursday that they are starting a new investigation into his already presumed guilty misconduct in helping sick people get a legal medication and signing applications. Something smells in this again because it appears, but we now have to prove, that the College of Physicians released the official notice of the investigation to the Press three weeks before they notified Dr. Kamermans of the new charges. They want him in the headlines before he can defend himself.

I will accordingly start trying to find out what this latest member of the Marijuana Rat Pack is trying to pull off.

They are intentionally bankrupting and ruining him before he can even get them to bring him to court to establish if he even committed a crime. Innocent until proven guilty? Not in Harpoland. Now you’re Damned and Doomed if you Dare Disagree