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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Why the GOP Doesn’t Love Chris Christie

I think I Found a Ruby in the Rubbish Heap

An Honest Politician?

I got up early this morning and was just surfing the news when I happened on an article in the Daily Beast titled “Why the GOP Doesn’t Love Chris Christie”. I’d give you a link but its 3 lines long and not worth clicking on unless you like him. I’m a fan because he’s the only politician in North America who actually speaks his mind and backs it up with common sense reasoning.

The article has two main points that I thought were worth notice:

1.     Compromise and how you get there,
2.     Fat retirement benefits of our political Aristocracy.
It’s a reality that both our governments have fallen into gridlock and hostility: Canada because of Stephen Harper and his majority. He has the ability to ram shit down people’s throat with no explanation or justification. He loves to do so: a perfect example is the MMPR. We can’t get rid of him and he’s free to fuck up the country until the next election. Woe is us!
The U.S. has had the unfortunate experience of having government ranks corrupted by a handful of Tea Party assholes. Having been elected they are now free to fuck up the system until their next election. Woe is them!
Following I quote from that article:
 “We have to find ways to compromise with each other,” Christie said. “The place is so dysfunctional; they so don’t talk to each other, they so dislike each other that they can’t get to the common-sense point. I have said this all along with Jersey. I have argued all the time with the legislature. You heard me say a bunch of stuff about the Democrats in the legislature this morning. But I don’t have the luxury to hate. I have a job to do. You elected me to accomplish something, not just to occupy a space.
“I am not going to compromise my principles, because that is who I am, and that is why you elected me. But there is always a boulevard between getting everything you want and compromising your principles. There is always some space there, and the job of a governor or any executive is to find that space.”
Can you imagine it? Christie is honest, has principles and managed to get elected to a position of power. Fortunately for Stephen he didn’t have to overcome those obstacles: Lying is second nature to him and he has no idea what principles or decency is.

Also worthy of note is Christie’s assessment of his political peers. That group, the bureaucrats, were, in Christie’s telling, a bunch of greedy paper pushers lining their pockets with the public’s money, especially in retirement. I quote:
“If we are going to pay these folks these exorbitant sums of money, you should be able to give it to them personally. I think that when one of these guys retires, we should have a little party down at the town hall in Parsippany, for instance,” the governor said to guffaws from the crowd. “Every person who lives in Parsippany gets to come in with their check for their share of the money. It would be like the wedding line! You would go in and you would say to them, ‘Great service, congratulations. Here is my $120 for your sick time.’ And at least then you would get a thank you!”
If only that could happen up here: Maybe then someone like Bev Oda wouldn’t be able to screw up, resign under a cloud and then keep sucking the left hind tit of the public purse for the rest of her life. At $16 a glass she can afford to buy truckloads with her ill gotten gains. May she choke on it.
I wonder what revelations and opinion he’s going to come up with next?