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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Where is the “Liars Lair” in Canada?

Stephen Harper’s Office
The Absence of Honesty

I believe that honesty is the fundamental basis of Character. After watching the circus in Ottawa created by the Tories complete unfamiliarity with the concept I am simply disgusted and confused. They lie, about minority governments, about Jets, about G20 and G8, with Vic Toews and Stevie tied for honours as the biggest bullshitters of all time.

They don’t only lie about fact, and distort true perspective; they also are masters of creativity when it comes to presenting fiction as fact. They are expert character assassins. They openly and blatantly slander and lie about their opponent’s i.e.  concealed personal flaws, evil motivations, suspect loyalty to Canada and a threat to freedom and democracy: Dion, Iggy, Khadre, Guergis, environmentalists, now Native Americans who simply don’t want their asses frozen again. All their enemies are painted with whatever emerges from the shit bucket available to the army of propaganda experts Harpo has hired.

Criticism of them is claimed a violation of personal privacy: (like Grandad Toews avoiding Statutory Rape of a minor. He avoided with a hasty divorce and remarriage to the victim. If that dodge isn’t possible then Harpo simple ignores the problem as unimportant and refuses comment. He can pick and choose both the people allowed into interviews and also limits the questions to specific topics he wants to promote.. Where did all this abuse of truth and fact start, how can they get away it?

To me the answer is simple: In One Stupid Elections Canada Regulation. It simply stipulates that any falsehood or promise told in the course of an Election Campaign is not a Lie. The liar cannot be held responsible if he reneges because all he made was an Election Promise. Elections Canada realistically recognizes historical precedence for concluding that the Canadian electorate has accepted that anything promised in an election is pure bullshit when the time comes to honour that promise.

 The first real demonstration of how far the distance is between Political Opportunism and political integrity was the result of the Liberals winning the 1997 election and failing to eliminate the GST after having promised to do so as a critical component of their campaign. Jean Chretien used his political pragmatism to defeat consequences and on national TV unashamedly told a bald faced lie knowing that his entire national audience knew he was lying. “I never said dat!” was told to an audience of twenty million who had watched and heard him promise GST freedom. Sheila Copps, his partner in the deception, is the only Canadian politician in my memory to show integrity and resigned as she had promised to do if the tax was not abolished.

The only difference between Harpo and Jean is that Harpo expanded the B.S. arena and gives himself Electoral Absolution by deciding that the next election campaign starts the day the old one ends. He now has the freedom to promise and not deliver anything his little shrivelled heart desires.

I don’t think I am a lone soldier in my disillusionment but I was surfing through all my new friends, and I was surprised at the naivety some people have when it comes to Politicians and their promises. Then I remembered an Ipsos Reid Online Poll of 1,101 Canadians, conducted June 20-25, 2012 for Postmedia News and Global Television.

The complete article re the poll results can be seen at

For simplicity I have condensed it to a simple statement of its findings with all the B.S. eliminated.
The poll concludes
1.     95 per cent of Canadians feel politicians in Ottawa have little in common with average Canadians, That sentiment perhaps can best be seen on the issue of trust.
2.     57 per cent don't really trust the federal government to do the right thing.
3.     The provincial level results were very similar with voter distrust of provincial governments highest in British Columbia and Quebec
4.     72 per cent either strongly agree that we have too much government interference in our lives,.
5.     77 per cent Canadians feel they pay too much tax in Canada for the services they receive. A small majority of those polled said they don't receive good value in services in return for the tax dollars they pay to the federal and provincial governments. Public sentiment was a bit more positive at the local level, with a slight majority (55 per cent) saying they either get very good or somewhat good value for their tax dollars from their municipal governments.
The report concludes that the public's feelings of being overtaxed and interfered with by government plays lets the Tories present themselves as the party of lower taxes and smaller government.
It's one of the reasons that they got elected, because people don't see Ottawa as being a source of great ideas, they actually see government . . . more as part of the problem than as part of the solution."
I think the Canadian public is far from naïve after all. They are fully aware that nothing can be done before the next election. Why pay attention. Harpo has his majority and a free hand until the next vote on his promises. I hope and pray the Canadian Electorate will send the complete Conservative caucus to the Hell reserved for Political Malfeasants.

More later
Blaine Barrett