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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Why are you my friends? Are any of you listening?


I Am So Happy I Could Just Shit!

II am not going to beat around the bush. I publish this blog as an Advocate for Medical Marijuana and Medical Ethics. Both are in serious need of reform. I want to help. I work like hell to find and dig up factual errors and distortions of reality that are the output of both an adversarial Government and Medical Community bereft of all traces of Character.

I joined and belong to Facebook for serious reasons. I did not join for social chit chat or to exchange trivia but to find and contact the pool of the people who are the most concerned with the future of Cannabis in Canada. In the course of the last six months I researched over a thousand potential friends. I selected, contacted and have been accepted by over 350 friends: all of you!  Each of you was selected for contact by the positions and statements you made and by the number of friends in your sphere of influence and contact. I worked under the somewhat naïve impression that my acceptance as a friend indicated that you knew who I was, had checked out my blog, and were actually interested in and potentially was an ally and a source of support.

My Disappointment with you all

Last Friday I posted “An Appeal for Help to All My Facebook Friends” and asked all of you simply hit the share button and post a link to on it their time line. I was under the impression that I would get a reasonable response from the 250 odd friends on my mailing list if from nothing but an automatic reflex hit on the Share. Not!

I have been let down by you all to a degree that you simply cannot imagine, 4 days to respond and comply and to my knowledge at this point only two of my Friends(?) were paying any bloody attention at all. Jack Kungel and Sandy Daviau are the only two sites of the 250 advised who simply did as requested and shared my link on their timeline. By doing so they helped distribute the message that I was searching for victims of outright persecution. Simply posting it on their timeline exposed my appeal to a potential 400 of their friends who might visit the sites and those two friends did more to help my cause that the total of all you other two faced $^%$ with loud mouths and huge followings.

Your failure to simply punch the button destroyed the exposure of the link to my appeal to millions of your collective friends. Any one of them might have been able to contact a Medical Marijuana patient who needs recognition as victim of our shared enemy. They are the only ones who know and can tell the truth about the basis of the persecution of one of the few doctors in this country who had the balls and moral character to defy a blockade to Medical Marijuana applications by his fellow 67000 ethically challenged physicians with their refusal to sign applications.

I am not overstating the millions exposure number. I wondered just what kind of distribution number I had missed do I did a random skip and jump through my list and selected 20 Friends at random all of whom had at least 1000 friends and checked their timelines. Not one fucking share. I did a head count and your failure to act cost my message close to 3000 potential contacts each, or 60,000 in total. What the collective total of what you 200+ other failures cost in potential views is incalculable. Right now I’m down on my knees begging for you too once just do it. It is early enough to salvage so please just help. The minimal distribution of my post by my only two verifiable friends to only 400 of their circle resulted in three responses from Dr.K`s patients who`s opinion of Dr.Kamermans is not for a bunch of armchair voyeurs. Today I am e-mailling the truth of their witness to John and Sandi only. They earned the right to a share of the truth by their sharing of mine.

Here’s another bit of straight talk

I’m not done with this little clarification of the relationship I am trying to build with you all in Facebook. I don’t want Friends! If you read my last post I simply want to get Canada to a point where Medical Marijuana is affordable to the people who need it, and I want a following of people who are not interested in friendship but understanding, following and helping advance the causes I am advocating.

One of the biggest disappointments I have had with my Facebook experience is watching the tremendous amount of time, work and good intention that are simply wasted because it all is uncoordinated effort with no direction and no real purpose. What the hell are invitations to events supposed to prove or accomplish? The best metaphor I can come up is an invitation from a lonely coyote to all his buddies to come out and howl at the moon with him. The harmony sounds great to the participants but the only ones who get the message are a few other coyotes in hearing distance. The rest of the world audience simply is left wondering what fuck of the moaning and groaning is about?

Nobody outside the Facebook crowd has any real idea of the discontent and controversy that is going on within the Cannabis community or the enormity of the change that will be made to our society when all the dust settles. The public at large is simply aware that marijuana is taking its own sweet time coming to its inevitable legalization but they have no idea of the dirty tactics and lies that the opponents are using to delay and distort the process and the results.
I want to tap the knowledge, energy and support latent within our cannabis circle and use it to raise public awareness of what is at stake in all this mess, by the time it comes to a vote in the Commons.

I want to find a bunch of allies who will help me rattle the chains and scream living Jesus. That will take active participation thinking and time but I am now inviting you to join me in actively and aggressively trying to wake them up.

Before you make any decision as to following me, it is only fair I tell you where I am going. In the course of the coming year my advocacy and blog posts will be divided among five major topics and areas of concern. These are priority because they all stem from the Medical Marijuana conflict but involve matters of, legality, privacy, ethics and decency that are equally importance

  In order of my present priority of their importance:

  1. Kamermans Defence
  2. The Prime Minister’s Responsibility
  3. Legality of the Medical Records Seizure
  4. CMA-The Doctors Character Wàsteland
  5. Political Advocacy Coordination
  6. PPL/DPL Advocacy re City Hall

Why each?

If you actually give a shit, you’ll find out in my next post.
Blaine Barrett

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S`mee again: Don’t like it? Goan fuck yourself!
Your choice.