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Sunday, 20 January 2013

It’s Treason, Not Terrorism

Post #56- It’s Treason, Not Terrorism

Criminal Cabinet, Criminal Cops

Harpo, Our Criminal Leader

In my last post I identified 6 topics that I considered priority that would be the primary focus of this Blog and my Medical Marijuana and Ethics Advocacy. In this Post and the next I will outline the reason for its priority and how I will approach it. The first three problems are all the responsibility of, and were created by our Federal Government. I deal with these in the following. The remaining three items will be the subject of my next Post.

Criminal Action No. 1

Sometime in the latter part of 2011, Health Canada’s Private Top Secret files holding all the names of participants in the Marihuana Medical Access Program were violated; accessed without permission and Top Secret Information was removed for further criminal use. This was an inside job. There is no way this could have been done by external personnel. It had to be sanctioned by some Ministry at the Cabinet Level. Whoever conducted the raid had all the keys to open the physical premises and all the access codes to bypass several levels of sophisticated security technology and software. There’s a traitor in our midst sitting right next to Stevie the Stupid at his conference table,

These invaders knew exactly what they were doing and what they were after. Someone at Health Canada had noted a large volume of applications for Medical Marijuana that originated from one specific Doctor. In the course of one year of compassionate actions he signed more applications than any other Physician in the Canadian Medical Association. His actions were legal activities but if allowed to continue would set a precedent all other Doctors could follow and that is not desired by “Harper Government.” He had to be stopped.

Once inside the system, the invaders efficiently located the names of all applicants the Dr. had recommended, recorded them, and removed them. The Cabinet Conspirators then cold bloodedly set about devising a plan of action that would serve as a deterrent to all other Canadian Physicians. They decided that while totally innocent of breaking any Law they would set up Dr. Rob Kamermans of Coe Hill as an example to deter other doctors from signing. They used Harper Government Standard Operating Procedures to do the job:

  1. Created a fictitious threat based on his signing applications
  2. Created false allegations of fraud and deception to justify their future actions.
  3. Invaded his office in a manner designed to exaggerate the danger he posed,
  4. Arrested him based on their false allegations
  5. Confiscated files to support their allegations and ruin his Medical Practice
  6. gained access to confidential information  that they could not legally obtain.
  7. Indulged in Character Assassination inferring criminal financial motivation
  8. biased and controlled all Press coverage.

One year ago they had set the stage for “Operation Teach the Bastards a Lesson” and somebody pressed “Start”

1. In Dr. Rob Kamermans Defence

I believe the arrest and prosecution of Dr. Rob Kamermans in Coe Hill, Ontario is the intentional persecution of a sacrificial lamb and a character assassination. It is intended to obstruct the Medical Marijuana Program by creating a deterrent to all the medical community:

Sign an application at your own risk.
                                                   We can ruin you too!                         

A strong onset of signature paralysis will result.

Jan 26, 2012 they struck:

There is a major question I want answered and no one is being forthcoming. I want explanation of the timing and conduct of the search of the Dr.’s office.

How were the confiscated files located among the 5000 in his office?

Mid-morning the Swat Team arrived and invaded the office, the warrant was presented and read and a after bunch of cop legal talk they arrested Dr. Kamermans and his wife, and removed them from the office. They then began their search of the files which they subsequently removed. I question the time taken for them to locate the 4000 specifically marijuana related patient files within the lot of 5000 Confidential medical records they encountered. They had to locate each, check its contents remove the file and pack it for confiscation within the time taken to complete the shift: one afternoon.

The staff available for the job were only 15 Dumbo Cops complete with Jackboots, helmets and assault rifles (stupidly defending the perimeter against imaginary terrorists who might interfere with the crime in process) and a half dozen geeks armed with laptops and briefcases who did the inside job. There is no way a half dozen donut addicts can manually separate that number of files from an individual examination. Only by starting at the beginning of the alphabetical shelf and checking each against a list if specific names to find. I smell the Vic Toews Stink Finger Signature.

The only possible source of a list of names of Dr. K’s patients with links to Medical Marijuana is from the record of his applications. That means a Cabinet level decision with a subsequent high level conspiracy to intentionally violate Health Canada’s integrity and access confidential Medical information.
That to me is treason by the state and that is high priority.

Criminal Action No. 2

2. Legality of the Medical Records Seizure

The second Intentional Violation of Privacy is not a single intrusive action of the State, but an arrogant assumption of immunity and freedom from prosecution by the State, by both the
RCMP (Royal Corrupted Moral Perverts)
and the
OPP (Obscene Provincial Pricks).

There was only one single warrant alleging wrongdoing by a Licensed Physician and on the basis of this one set of allegations, the Vic Toews Snoop Brigade descended on a set of privileged confidential Medical Records.  They abused their authority and without justification: located, seized, removed, and refused to return over 4000 medical records for months while they continued their criminal  access and violation of the privacy of the individual Patient.
That will be followed up for explanation in forthcoming posts.

The Criminal

3. The Prime Minister’s Responsibility

This was the second possible Criminal action by Canadian Authorities. Once again it is a matter of Intentional Violation of Privacy. 

The first criminal action of accessing the contents and names of Dr. Kamermans patients from his confidential file record in the custody of The Marihuana Medical Access Program files was a single act of either Terrorism or Treason. A secret state file was accessed and Top Secret information was removed without permission. If it was the act of hostile parties outside Government it would be Terrorism and immediately labelled such by the Conservatives in power. The fact that it has not been suspected and investigated by CSIS, leads me to believe that it is far more likely an act of Treason by Cabinet level members of this Harpocrit Government now refusing to accept responsibility. They follow God’s self appointed Prophet and Mouthpiece as he leads our Country to a position of shame and contempt before the international community.

He presents himself as a second Moses with God given instructions and advice to the World. His presentation of his Gospel is polished and perfected by constant practice and exercise. He mounts to his pulpit, raises his arms in benediction and then:

Sees no Evil! Hears no Evil!
But Screams about Evil! Evil! Evil!

He Creates Imaginary Evil Threats to justify His Stupidity
Most of all
Distorts the Truth, Fabricates Lies, Vilifies Enemies, and Condemns All Opposition As
That includes the majority of citizens he now governs.

More to follow next post
Blaine Barrett