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Friday, 11 January 2013

An Appeal for Help to All Facebook Friends

I advocate for Dr. Rob Kamermans.
I believe him innocent but have no proof of it.
All media coverage has been prosecutorial
I need evidence of his innocence
It’s out there among you
Help me find it
S’mee again:
With the exception of this Blog there is a complete lack of knowledge or information about what Dr. Kamermans did to get persecuted by the Harpocrits. Everything is kept very low profile and what little national media exposure permitted is limited to a repetitious spewing of allegations, inferred moral deficiency and criminal motivations, capped off with regurgitation of the stupid biased criminal charges against him to complete the character assassination.
1.    At no time has any actual evidence, or statement of verifiable fact, been provided by the prosecution.
2.    At no time has any condemnatory nor exculpatory evidence been discovered by any media, national or local. Investigative Journalists, if there are any left, either don’t know how to do the job or just don’t give a damn about justice via the truth.
3.    If they can’t find it why do I think I can? Because I know where to look.

There are only two people who know the truth about the validity of any commercial transaction: the buyer and the seller. We know the allegations against the Doctor but the only other people in this country who know what Dr. Kamermans actually did, and how he conducted these business affairs, are the 4000+ applicants he got licenses for.

Somewhere, out there, among all you friends, from coast to coast, these people are lining under the threat of disclosure and prosecution because their identities, addresses and all the personal private details in their pontificated Medical Records were illegally disclosed to a bunch of stupid ethically deficient morons who specialize in violating the privacy of others. The only privacy Canadian cops value is their own and their fellow officers when accused of crimes against the public. No body talks i.e. the G8/G20 assault and battery criminals who hid their badges.

I want to contact as many of Dr. Kamermans customers as I can to find out the truth of what happened. Is it a good truth or a bad one? Only they can answer.
Following is the list of questions that need their answers. I simply want every person who reads this to share it in order to contact them and inform them they are needed. This is being sent to every Facebook friend because you all are part of and well known within the Marijuana Tokers Team. I took a good look at what sharing can do and this can work with very little effort for any of you. I am asking all my readers and about 230 Facebook friends to help. If each of you simply shares this on your timeline after reading it my goal will largely be accomplished. Heavens, Several of you have friends and followers in the thousands! The cumulative weekly total visitors to those and 200 more fellow sites have to be astronomical!

The Questionnaire:

To all of the 4000+ (?) MMAR Licensees who obtained their License with the assistance of Dr. Rob Kamermans, you are now potentially vulnerable to the same illegal search, seizure, and persecution. I firmly believe that the confidential information contained in your Medical file regarding your identity, location, dosage, and most importantly if you are a Personal or Designated Grower has been extracted for follow-up. It is also my belief that this has been done as a sop to the Municipal Bylaw freaks and that the locations of all these grow ops will be, or possibly have already been, disseminated nationwide to every Municipal Bylaw enforcement officer and local cop shop.

The only way to find out what really happened and where it is going is to find out the information only you know. What is the truth of what happened between you and the Doctor from finding his identity to the receipt of the signed form and payment?
The following 18 questions are designed to get essential details only and no personal information beyond
1.    Your License to Possess Number- to verify the validity of the information and source if required, and
2.    The medical condition you needed Cannabis to relieve.

License to Possess Number:
Medical Condition:
Where were you residing when you found out about Dr. Kamermans?
City or Riding name only.
How did you hear of him?
Why were you interested in him? No Doctors available locally?
Please Expand on any problem finding treatment. How many turndowns?
How did you contact him & when? Method, month, year
What were you advised to do. Be as explicit as possible, Where to go, when to be there, docs to bring and funds to pay.
How long did you have to wait?
Where was the interview conducted? Hotel? Rented office? Meeting room?
Were you the sole attendee or were there others waiting, How many?
What happened between arrival, reception and your interview?
How was the interview conducted, desk? Table? Seating positions, etc
Describe the interview as best you can to assess both his procedure and the interview objective.
In your judgement was the interview:
1.    a professional medical assessment of your need with his advice or
2.    a commercial payment transaction with little medical assessment?
In your considered opinion was there any indication of criminal wrongdoing in the transaction? Any false information, evasion or deception noted?
How much did the Doctor charge? Was there any flexibility or negotiation involved?
Do you consider this a reasonable charge for the service rendered?
Were you happy with the result when you left?

That is the end of the questions regarding your application process. Most importantly, in recent history has anything occurred to make you suspect that the personal information in your file may have been used to identify you as a Licensee and target for the enforcers? A surprise fire or building inspection: or an unjustified traffic stop with non traffic offence related questioning based on a “What do I smell?” excuse?  If you have please expand as much as possible. Theory is acceptable but facts to support it are needed.

If you are going to reply and help please do so promptly, his trial date is less than six months away and that is not much time to collect and assess an overall picture from hopefully even only a 25% return.
Please reply. Don’t assume others will do the job instead and your answers are not needed: they’re assuming you’ll answer as well. This really is worth your bother.

Thank you for the time and effort spent. Your answer, combined with those your fellows will help create and then throw light on the dark spot in Harpo’s underwear.

Please return your answer to me at TheSmeeGoanGuy@Gmail.com

Thanks to everyone who helps
Blaine Barrett