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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How To Apply To Grow Pot legally

How To Apply To Grow Pot legally.

I wish all my friends did this

You have no idea how much I appreciate your providing me with their turn–down letter. I intend to publish it and answer the question that every potential legal grower needs answered. 

Can I qualify as a Legal Grower under the new rules?

You gave a lot of people some damn good information that has not been available to them and I’m going to acknowledge its source. I have no idea who you are just “Tracie out of the Blue) but you deserve credit. You just helped a lot of friends.

To: Tracie
Subject: Re: Applying for R & D with marijuana for medical proposes

Due to the high volume of requests regarding research and development
activities with marihuana for medical purposes, please note that the
Office of Controlled Substances will not respond to specific questions
until the required information listed below is received.
 This includes
questions related to a legal supply of seeds, security requirements,
information on which licence and/or exemption is required or criminal
record checks.

Thank you for your interest in research and development activities with
marihuana for medical purposes.  On December 15th, the proposed Marihuana
for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) were pre-published in the
Gazette, Part I.  The full text of the proposed regulations is available

A Notice to Interested Parties, also published in the Canada Gazette, Part
I, describes the mechanisms and the required information and documents for
parties who are considering becoming an LP and are interested in engaging
in research and development activities.  The full text of the Notice is
available here:

Interested parties wishing to conduct research and development activities
must provide Health Canada with a letter expressing their interest and
providing the following information, as applicable:
·       a statement indicating that these research and development
activities are being conducted with the intent of eventually applying to
become a licensed producer;
·       a declaration from the applicant that the municipality, local law
enforcement, and local fire officials where the proposed activities are to
be conducted have been notified of the proposed research and development
activities with marihuana;
·       valid criminal record checks of the person responsible for the
licence or exemption, the person in charge of the research project, if
applicable, and the person in charge of production, indicating that they
have not been convicted, as an adult, within the preceding 10 years, of a
designated drug offence or a designated criminal offence as these terms
are defined in the Narcotic Control Regulations (
NCR); and
·       a letter from the owner of the proposed location where the
proposed activities are to be conducted indicating that there is no
objection to its use for marihuana production if the location is not owned
by the applicant.

The information must be submitted to the Office of Controlled Substances
by email at OCS-BSC@hc-sc.gc.ca or by mail at the following address:

Office of Controlled Substances
Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate
Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch
Health Canada, AL: 3503A
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1B9

Once this information has been received, it will be reviewed and an
officer will contact the interested party within 10 business days.
Information regarding the application process and questions, including
information regarding the availability of a legal supply of seeds or
marihuana for research and development activities, can be discussed at
that time.

Just Fucking Ridiculous!