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No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Like Minded Loathing but Don’t Judge Harpo Yet!

He’s not finished!

His crimes are still in commission

S’mee again:

Today I got this letter from a like minded person and I agreed with him.
My reply to him follows:

Hi Blaine, I was looking around on your site. Very little on the Mernaugh case. Summit in Columbia in the spring was landmark event. Harper's stance on the war. We need to know our goal. The MMAR is a system set to fail. We need to focus. What we ask for will be fucked by torie bureaucrats. Go for gold. The only thing makes sense is legalization. The war on drugs is way more detrimental to society than marijuana will ever be. Harpo's stance on MJ is stone cold. No democracy. No constitution. Just no! He was in Columbia in the spring while the Mernaugh case was on. A vote on prohibition is a vote to fund organized crime. His stance on grow ops is unreasonable and his facts unsubstantiated. How many fires caused by legal grow ops?  Anyone should be legal to grow 6 plants. Regulation will help keep our children safe and take the demand off illegal grow ops. 'A kid does dope ruins his life or gets caught selling where the market is and his life is destroyed by the war. What is better? Harper doesn't make his stance for money. He is trying to drive the price up so people cannot afford weed. He wants his army. These laws allow him access in anybody house at any time. Billions spent on policing, What will he do with the cops, the dogs and the air traffic?
 The stance that won the Mernagh case was ignorance and safety. This stance is filled by false truths. He sat at the summit where world leaders said it was a myth that marijuana leads to harder drugs, and said in an interview that the problem is that marijuana leads to harder drugs. ???

Like everyone else. I live in fear. The war has taken the life I knew. Victimless crime? The victims are society. Oppression.
Stay strong, be organized. EDUCATE.
Victims of the war

Hi back Ron;
I can’t disagree with anything you just said. You’re right about the Mernagh stuff because everybody else is tuned into it and they don’t need reminding. As a matter of fact I’ve decided to simply avoid all the current kerfuffle about the MMAR. They are dead and buried and I don’t care how many current appeals get won they are a waste of time. If Harpo manages to create the intentional bureaucratic snarl up I see coming, starting as soon as the new Regs are official, there will be a whole new decade of lawyer bullshit and screwing patients ahead.

Just as food for thought what if Harper knows exactly what he’s doing? What if Stevie really wants pot legalized so he can pay for his jets and his other screw-ups? Be realistic Ron: that son of a bitch could teach Machiavelli a lesson in two-faced betrayal to get an objective. Legalization would suit him perfectly, he already has half the tokers in the country pushing for it and I think he would love to pull an about face and beg forgiveness and the sucker Canadian public will bend over backwards to re-elect a leader who will admit a mistake in judgement and give in to the will of the people. You know those people: the same goddamn idiots who voted for him the last time.

If you think I’m wrong, consider that from his standpoint. Harpo can’t allow the legalization of pot without total control of the legal supply. What better way to get control than to screw up Medical Marijuana by establishing a rigidly controlled system of production and distribution facilities that are doomed to failure because of the resultant cost of the product. At that point you have to save the mistake of pricing medicine beyond patient reach so you have to come up with some subsidy money to help them. Well, well, well: what do we have here? Why a whole bunch of underutilized Medical Marijuana Commercial Growers with facilities already to expand and burst into the sale of Recreational Drugs at an exorbitant price of a system of ridiculously combined costs: Production, overhead, greed and profit compounded by taxes up the ying yang.

You may think this fantasy or fiction but that is what all the Harpo’s ideas have seemed before he rammed them up our collective arses. He conveniently forgets his lies and BS, I hope Canadians have better memories but he’s already diagnosed Alzheimer’s as the next epidemic to be used as a weapon. Baby Boomers beware, the weasels in the chicken coop!

Blaine Barrett