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Thursday, 24 January 2013

C.M.A. -The Doctors Character Wasteland

The Canadian Medical Association

C.M.A. -The Doctors Character Wasteland

When I began this post it was as an introduction to two others as a single post
The topics are simply too complex to deal with together and I have dealt with each separately primarily because of length.

This first deals with Medical Disintegration, the next with my dream- Political Warfare, and finally and most importantly the third with the future of Personal Growth. With that introduction: read on.

The Canadian Medical Association has lost all credibility when it comes to the simple exercise of Character when dealing with the public it is supposed to be helping. Any traces of Samaritan or charitable nature have been lost in the conversion into the mammoth money sucking commercial monster it now is. There will be more posts regarding ethical and monetary flaws as they now corrupt the system and determine its moral direction.

This post is concerned with the results of the transformation of the honoured and respected Community of Doctors that existed before the 20th Century began into our current Canadian Medical Association.

The difference is major and reflective of the change in the Doctors comprising each community. There are significant differences between the two and I took great care and attention to precisely define them in a bloody good post. Unfortunately you can’t see it here because I got a compliment that just about made me bust. Georgia at

invited Me to do a Guest Blog and that is where you can find

I suggest you go there and read it before you continue with this post. I’ll warn you in advance that it’s pretty long but it provides a good comparison between the Doctors of yesterday and today. Today comes up very short. The subject of this post is the Canadian Medical Association. As laid out in The Profession Has Lost Its Character, that lack of Character morphed from being simply Doctors they were into Doctor, MD, MBA. To understand, this post uses the other as a primer to understanding the change in the Association.

If you did so, let’s continue.

The Canadian Medical Association has changed in the past century. It no longer represents the interest of Doctors as they were before then. It now represents an avaricious collection of MD/MBA graduates pursuing the best interests of the Corporations they own and control. The benevolent Samaritan motivational content in the profession has been replaced by indifferent financial greed. It’s changed as a result of the destruction of the Doctor/Patient relationship.

As it was before its corruption by time, the physician’s role was that of a member of a community who functioned as a Family Doctor. His practice was based on the trust and respect accorded a wise and valued member of society and he was accorded the title of Doctor in recognition of his status. He knew more about his patients than their families did. He was a center of trust in his community, and had the role of a confessor privy to all the secrets too shameful to share with family. When he treated a patient he knew them and acted in their best interest. His motivation was to help relieve their pain and the symptoms he had observed, and he used his knowledge to guide and modify his treatment. He treated his patients as victims, used his skills to relieve their suffering, asked for no reward, and usually survived on the grateful charity of his community.

That role as a Family Doctor no longer exists and never again will. Scientific advances in the past century took over with an explosion of Resources, knowledge, and techniques beyond the ability of any single individual to understand them all. Specialization was created, drugs were invented, procedures changed, new tools were invented and there was an incredible exponential growth creating a medically oriented and controlled supply chain. Corporations exploded to take advantage of the profit potential of spin-off industries and they are numerous.

1.    Pharmaceuticals of a thousand varieties all competing for position
2.    Surgical supplies for a thousand different procedures
3.    Diagnostic imaging: x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI,
4.    Digital diagnostics: ECG. Blood pressure, neurological studies for psychology
5.    Diagnostic chemistry: Tests for almost everything under the sun from fecal analysis to genetic testing. Blood chemistry, bacterial and viral diseases,
6.    Hospitals and treatment centers, HMOs, Insurance
7.    All the supplies and services required by all medical treatment

There is one indisputable fact: The end result is an enormously expensive system designed to maximize profits. A mammoth complex of businesses all bound together by their dependency on medicine. It’s an amazingly complex system of interdependencies and influence controlled by the medical community. A closer scrutiny of the major corporate firms who dominate the field reveals that not surprisingly the major shareholders and board members are all MD’s and members of the Canadian Medical Association and the cream of the crop comprise the Board of Governors directing policy positions the Association takes in its central role as coordinator and voice for 67,000 Canadian Doctors who have just balked and stalled the Medical Marihuana Program dead in it’s tracks.

I have several problems with that. The Association is balking because it claims that by some poll that was conducted about a third of its membership is opposed to prescribing marijuana. The primary reason given is that there is an unknown risk of harm from its long term use. There is some sort of hidden agenda or motive because both justifications are a total distortion of reality.

Who are the doctors comprising the thirty percent opposition? The poll was based on a sample of 67000 members. I think more than 50% of those members are specialists who have had no occasion to even consider its use. There specialists in many fields conducting their functions at arms length and never in contact with a conscious patient. They have no voice in the matter

What about the other 50% of the GPs in the membership? They talk to patients but do all of them have the right to an opinion about its use- More than half of them have never been asked by a patient and had to seriously consider it. They should have no voice in the matter.

I will wind this up here but watch for future posts and I’ll leave you something to consider. There should have been two more very relevant questions asked:
Have you ever denied signing an application?
If yes: how many?