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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Two Faces of Dr Danial Schecter

He Mirrors the Ethical Decay of the CMA.


He Owes an Apology to a Far Better Doctor Than He!

In the middle of this month I ran across this article in the National Post.

Doctors planning clinic devoted solely to medical marijuana hoping to avoid legal quagmire over cannabis prescriptions

I got excited because it was written by Tom Blackburn and in a prior article about Dr. Rob Kamermans he had checked his facts with my Blog articles as had been suggested he do by Dr. K. I assumed he would have done the same with this new article. I was wrong. Since he didn’t have my blog to plagiarize he couldn’t be bothered to verify the crap spouted by Dr. Danial Schecter .

Let’s get some facts straight

All the patients Dr. Kamermans signed for had documentation signed by another fucking Doctor. All 4100 Form B’s that Dr. Kamermans signed were not his diagnosis but simply a declaration that on the basis of valid medical assessments these patients met Form B requirements. They arrived with documentation and payment. Their doctors had diagnosed them with a condition serious enough to qualify for cannabis. Then they showed their true character and ethical shortcomings: they all, thought “Fuck the Doctor/Patient relationship” and in accordance with the CMA’s stupid obstructive advice would not sign.

“Fuck the patient, obey Big Brother!” was acceptable policy for all 67000 CMA members. If they had honored their Oath they would not have created the backlog that so appalled Dr. Kamermans. He had to help their castoffs to relieve the harm created by CMA hypocrisy.

I don’t recall ever hearing of Dr. Danial Schecter or his signing any forms until the Post article appeared.

Where fuck was he when 4000 desperate patients were looking for him two years ago? I checked up on the good Doctor and discovered he’s a partner with Dr. Ira Price and his shyster Lawyer

I think Dr. Schecter’s motive in this statement is quite obvious: he’s trying to save face for the profession when he states:

“If physicians are seen making lots of money off of cannabis, that’s not going to look good.”

I guess that is why he doesn’t disclose his fee structure for his new business venture. My grapevine tells me he charges $280 for a less than a couple of grams signature, if you need more you get referred to his lawyer and then you really get fucked over. Now that is not looking good!

Big deal! Cannabis is irrelevant! Why doesn’t he condemn all his fellow physicians profiteering by sucking up to Big Pharma and prescribing all the drugs responsible for Pharmaceutical deaths and side effects?  Doctors in Canada are killers prescribing poisons as declared by one MP who actually took the time to check the numbers out and condemns the Profession, Terence Young, Member of Parliament for Oakville, Ontario

Dr.. Schecter begins his condemnation of Dr. Kamermans:

“Dr. Schecter said the key is to assess patients with proper diligence, noting that he has seen some of Dr. Kamermans’ former patients and would not have prescribed marijuana to them”.

That is sheer fucking arrogance and a bullshit comparison of proper diligence and his. What is the basis of his judgment and how does he know anything about Dr. Kamermans improper diligence? What does smartass have to work with?
He can’t make any comparison. When he looked at this patient he would reject, it was two years after Dr. Kamermans saw him. He has no idea how that patient physically presented at that time and doesn’t bother to point out the possibility that the Cannabis provided by Dr. Kamermans’ was responsible for his improved condition.
He has no access to any of those patients medical files, he has no idea what paperwork was submitted or anything else that might be relevant to the patient’s treatment and only states that patient’s fee as relevant to “making lots of money off of cannabis”?
He fails to note that the patient there to see him has to be totally reassessed because he cannot get access to the patient’s files and previous diagnostic history. Why not? Because the Cops are still holding them and committing Criminal Negligence under Section 219- Criminal Code of Canada. His only source of information is his own imagination and even that sucks

Dr. Schecter has no basis for his personal judgment of Dr. Kamermans performance as a physician and he should have kept his mouth shut but he didn’t. At least if any reader is still interested in his service they will be forewarned to ask “How much will you sign for Doc, and what’s it going to cost me? before they even book an appointment.

So There!
Blaine Barrett