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Thursday, 26 September 2013

An Open Letter to Dr. Anna Reid and the Canadian Medical Association


“Under Paragraph 1(1)33 of Ontario Regulation 856/93 the Canadian Medical Association and all of its members who refused to sign Medical Marijuana Applications have engaged in conduct and acts of omission relative to the practice of medicine that, having regard to all the circumstances would reasonably be regarded by members as

“Disgraceful, Dishonorable or Unprofessional.”

Dear Dr. Reid:

That is reality!
You, the whole collective body of your followers: every individual doctor following your suggestion (more likely Imperial Edict) to not support Medical Marijuana and refusing to sign applications is betraying his Oath as a Doctor. Oh yeah! I forgot!

You experts in Medical Ethics decided that “First! Do No Harm” was just a suggestion and really old fashioned so it was dropped from the Oath. The oath all of you modern egocentrics swore was not the Hippocratic Oath that entitles a Physician to the Honorific title of “Doctor”!

You are not Doctors. You are Corporations!

You are individual components of the humongous Monetary Sucking Machine which the modern Medical Profession has become with the abandonment of the Doctor/Patient relationship and its conversion to a Corporate/Client relationship based on moral turpitude.

I dealt with the ethical deterioration of the Medical profession in some detail in a guest blog the was published back in January by a fellow blogger and Marijuana Advocate.It was titled

The Profession Has Lost Its Character!

and can be seen at

It asks one simple question:

Medical Doctor? = Mental Defective? = Morally Destitute?

You are a collection of pretenders who assume the title in order to capitalize on the benefit that accrues to the title. You present yourself as a body of men worthy of the respect and the honour that is accorded to a Man of Exemplary Character who has devoted his life to the service of his patients: providing for their physical health and well being. Your bunch of imposters forgot or never bothered to learn the Six Pillars of Character that entitle you to that respect. You all were trying to figure out how to learn and manage the magnificent income that came with the Incorporation of your own little Medical Empire.

The interlocked Monstrous Medical Conglomerate that sucks money out of our extremely profitable system thanks you for your contribution. Providing all the required Medical Services and Materials on an international level and fixing prices by simple understanding is extremely comforting in these troubled times and the times are going to get very troubled for you.

For most of the past, the opposition to endorsing Medical Marijuana by you lot of greedy bastards has been based on fear of future legal liability. The potential risks related to its use in any manner of medical utilization have been exaggerated beyond all belief: You claim that 5000 years of testimonial evidence is not acceptable: (there is no risk in its use and that there are no adverse effects beyond a comforting kick from its THC content). There are no scientifically valid studies that demonstrate its benefit in any medical treatment. End of position!

Well you poor lot of pretenders; the internet and statistical data sharing just blew that all to hell and reveals the base fear that should be infecting you all

“What If the Fucking Stuff Works?”

All of you are willing participants in a farcical pretension that you are actual Doctors and believe in Medical Ethics! You are refusing to sign MMAR and the new MMPR applications for patients you know have a symptomatology that qualifies them for Licensure. That is the intentional betrayal of the Doctor/Patient relationship and intentionally Doing Your Patient Harm. That; to anyone with the intelligence to understand even the smallest concept of human decency qualifies as

Disgraceful, dishonorable and unprofessional

What is CMA Policy?

Canadian Medical Association policy describes the Association’s positions on issues relevant to the Canadian healthcare system, medical education, the practice of medicine, and issues of importance to Canadian physicians and their patients. CMA policy is a key instrument used by the Association to carry out its mandate to serve and unite the physicians of Canada and be the national advocate, in partnership with the people of Canada, for the highest standards of health and health care. CMA policy serves to inform decisions and actions of Canadian physicians, lawmakers, health policy decision makers, other health professionals, and the general public. Canadian physicians value and support advocacy as a one of the most important activities of the CMA.


During the past twelve years since the passing of the MMAR the Canadian Medical Profession has indulged in avoidance of their duty as physicians.

The Canadian Medical Association has proven itself a two faced bunch of liars who under the leadership of Dr. Anna Reid are intentionally advising their members to avoid their responsibility to their patients by obstructing the Medical Use of Marijuana. The Association has taken full advantage of the gross mismanagement of the Medical Marihuana Access Program by Health Canada to lever themselves into a position where they can think they can dictate the future of the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. and the provincial Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons are unanimously following the CMA’s lead into dishonor

How dare I accuse these two honorable Canadian Institutions of doing such a bad nasty thing? Because twelve years ago at the beginning of the MMAR, and its Medical Marijuana Access Program, the CMA was all for the idea and even was proposing further decriminalization in its Journal. Unfortunately the commercialization of the entire Medical Profession resulted not in a concern with their patient’s welfare but rather with the financial consequences and potential for Legal Liability.

In 2011 Health Canada’s tranquility was disturbed by a sudden influx of applications that was entirely unexpected and overloaded their improperly designed system of control. They set out to punish whoever was responsible for wrecking their ill conceived mismanagement of Medical Marijuana. That turned out to be Dr. Rob Kamermans, honoring his Oath, doing his duty as a Physician, and signing as many applications as he could. It was a good but futile effort to mitigate and correct the harm being done by the Canadian Medical Association’s suggestion to Doctors that Big Brother was not in favor of legal signing, it would bugger up the game plan with Ottawa.

Dr. Rob Kamermans and his wife Mary are both Canadian citizens, Medical professionals with excellent reputations who returned to Canada in 2008 to resume Canadian Residency and provide service to the community of Coe Hill, Ont. They did well and he began picking up work as an excellent ER doctor. Using their money as leverage they borrowed a lot more and invested it in the practice, a clinic and the Coe Hill community. Everything was going as planned and the clinic was an asset to a community who needed medical service.

Then in mid-2009 a patient walked in with a Form B application for Medical Marijuana, provided a Certificate of Diagnosis from his Doctor and requested he sign it. This was the first time that Dr. Kamermans signature was requested for an application, and he didn’t know what to do. He thoroughly checked and what he found out decided him to sign the application. He found out it was not a matter of legal risk. By signing he was not “Prescribing”, he was not “Authorizing”, he was “Declaring” that this patient qualified for a License to Possess Marijuana. Dr. Kamermans stepped off the cliff.
At the time Dr. Kamermans entered the scene, the mismanagement of the Government combined with the duplicity of the C.M.A., was successfully building a backlog of patients desperate to get a license and unable to find any Doctor who would sign their MMAR Form B. He was totally unaware of it but the escalating nature of this backlog created a trap that he with his code of honor could not avoid.

When the time came to make a decision regarding signing, he was compelled to do so by honorable observance of the Hippocratic Oath. He was further compelled to try and mitigate and relieve the harm being done to Applicants by his fellow CMA Members.

Your mass refusal to sign applications was an intentional blockade of the only legal route by which a qualified applicant could get a license. Unlike the CMA he was very aware of the testimonial effects of cannabis and accepted their credibility. He was neither authorizing nor prescribing Marijuana but a close examination of the form revealed that he was simply signing a declaration the patient met Application standards to be furthered to Health Canada for final approval and licensing.

On Jan 26, 2012 the Ontario Gestapo invaded his office, arrested him seized 4100 confidential Medical files containing all the Medical Marijuana Application forms he had signed. Over the course of the past two years he has been publicly persecuted and ruined but has not been convicted of anything yet. The 4100 Personal Private Medical Patient files have been opened and their privacy violated on the basis of one single Search warrant.

What happened to the warrant for each of those files required by CMA POLICY regarding third party access by non-medical personnel?

When the Ontario Provincial Pricks decided not to return these essential Medical Documents back to one of your Members patients you did nothing to help get them back.

I can understand the C.M.A. dismissing Dr. Kamermans as a pain in the ass causing problems and siccing the suckhole College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario on him to get rid of the embarrassment.

I cannot understand how you could simply walk away from 4100 of the patients you purport to support and just fucking ignore that they are being made victims of Criminal Negligence by the OPP.

You must be fully aware that all 4100 Licenses have now expired!

Where the fuck do you get off, even now, more bitterly opposing any of your members signing any application including those 4100 renewals? To me that amounts to intentional Secondary Victimization of a pool of patients completely helpless and dependant on you their Doctors. By betraying your watered down Oath you became deserving of another Oath as a title:


You will have to admit it is well earned. You deserve it!

There has to be something more critical to the future of Medicine than the imaginary risk factors you regurgitate?

Maybe it’s that damned question again:

“What If the Fucking Stuff Works?”

That unfortunately for you lot is turning into a major possibility.


Doctor Sanjay Gupta,

Note I use the honorific respectfully: as it should be if earned.

When Doctor Gupta aired his special “WEED” on CNN he shot a great big arrow of TRUTH into the air and when it came down it hit the Yukon: and it blew up the mountain of frozen Bullshit where Dr. Anna Reid lives. He just threw her Presidency of the CMA as a source of pride into the cesspool of Malfeasance in office. She’s a fucking liar but she has good reason to conceal the truth if it turns out the answer to that damned question, remember

“What If the Fucking Stuff Works?”

The Single Most Obscene, Offensive, Threatening and Feared Word

in the

Medical Lexicon



Think of the consequences. Recent research shows a variety of illnesses the marijuana helps relieve: but the biggest threat to the Medical Community right now is its effect on Cancer.

There have been validated reports that in many instances a variety of Cancers have been Cured by the use of Marijuana or its derivative oils and extracts. I have seen documented proof and pictures of a Melanoma shrinking from a ½ inch black pit to a shiny pink blemish in the course of a couple of months. I have Facebook friends and allies who have cured themselves but then they don’t count.

Where have you and the CMA been Dr. Reid? I gather for all your desire to base your medical support of Cannabis on those statistically significant pharmacological type studies you have simply been denying their existence and once again indulging in lies to protect the industry. Here’s some of what you all were missing:

Harvard Study says Marijuana Cures Cancer

National Cancer Institute-Cannabis and Cannabinoids (PDQ®)
20 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Cancer
34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer


Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

The damage that can be done to this medical specialty is probably best illustrated by the cost of curing a brain tumor with a couple of drops a day of a cannabinoid extract under the tongue. What does the Medical Money Machine lose if a Cancer surgeon cures his patient with some Happy Oil instead of his usual slice and dice treatment?

The Machine will lose big time from just that one patient:

1.    No fee for surgery for the Doctor
2.    No work for his OR staff- Doctors and nurses
3.    No hospital stay= no need for all the hospital staff providing after care
4.    No business for the contractors providing services
5.    No need for expensive pharmaceuticals on a continuing basis
6.    No need for repeat procedures with chemotherapy No repeat consultation fees.
7.    No Lab tests or x-rays or MRI’s or ultrasounds or any of the extremely overprices services controlled by you all through your corporate status.

I’m going to wind this up on a hopeful note because I think that is coming and all of us, the long time victims of your greed are going to get some payback. I hope we will get to watch you get ruined and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving lot of fakes.

Dr. I. M. Greedy, MD, FRCS, CPSO
have a future ahead of you of watching your Turkshead Knot of intertwined Corporate investments dry up for lack of customers. You shouldn’t have betrayed your patients, it’s habit forming. Too bad it bit you back and you betrayed yourself. I love it.

In conclusion it would be nice if Dr. Reid would have the courage to openly address the Canadian public she purports to be protecting and explain hers and the CMA Board of Governors duplicity and deception in representing a profession where truth is supposed to be paramount in the Doctor/Patient relationship.

That will not happen: but, considering their malfeasance in discharging CMA official policy the whole crew should all be chucked the hell out of any control position and replaced by someone with integrity. That will of course be extremely difficult considering the ethical deficit extant in their current membership. In reality given the obscene number of Board occupants, finding that many replacements with any semblance of Character verges on the impossible.

Blaine Barrett