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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Welcome Change in My Advocacy

An Overdue Shift in Direction

Loose the Hounds!!

When I began to advocate for Dr. Rob Kamermans back in January, 2012 it soon became apparent that I had three main problems to deal with. In order of priority:
1.    The vindictive persecution of Rob and Mary Kamermans,
2.    The Invasion of Privacy re 4100 Patient Medical files, and
3.    The Criminal Negligence of the OPP for refusing to return them.
For the past twenty months I have concentrated almost exclusively on Number One: Dr. Kamermans, defended him and promoted his best interests to the best of my ability. It was not an easy task and I have had a fantastic education in a very short time. It’s like a bloody disease. More snooping and investigating, analyzing the results, what’s it all mean? Rip it apart, something smells here and now there’s a new cemetery loaded with rotten crap to start digging in and it goes on and on.It has not been wasted time. 

I am pleased to report that I have finally reached a point where I can safely leave Rob and Mary in the trusted hands of others and get on with Problems 2 and 3 foregoing.
What happened?

Two things happened almost simultaneously. I have been gifted with finding you lot! A whole crew of decent motivated honorable people that I never knew existed until I started the blog and got involved on Facebook. I won’t name any names because there are too many and the people, to whom I am directing this, already know their self worth and they are not doing their thing for adulation and recognition. Thank you for your help.
Suddenly a new Group page named “Dr Kamermans Support“ opened up and the Good Doctor’s pretrial hearing was kicked into next spring. Bonus to both but for me my work for Rob is suddenly redundant. 

Check out the new page at 


So where do I go from here with my advocacy?

We’ve Got:
1.     A Leader who Emulates Hitler
2.     A Police Force of Common Criminals, and a
3.     Canadian Medical Association Advocating Patient Harm.


If you are one of the 4100 patients of Dr. K. who had your file seized and held: you have been victimized intentionally by your Government and by the Ontario Provincial Police.

You have had your Medically Confidential Patient file invaded by the Ontario Provincial Police. All your personal private medical and personal information is open to examination by Pigs. That was not the objective of the seizure: the objective was the information in your Medical Marihuana Access Application contained in your file. Health Canada rightfully told the Gestapo to “F@ck Off” when they requested access to their Top Secret files but some higher power in the Harper Autocracy simply provided the Pigs with the 4100 names in Dr. Kamermans files.

The policy of both the Canadian Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario demands each of those file required a separate warrant before the contents could be accessed by a non-medical third party.

Who’s going to complain? This is the OPP breaking the Law! If anyone does complain the Office of the Independent Police Review Director will cover our ass. That is simple fact 

“Cops are not Criminals”!
Ask any one of us!

I am not going into detail here about the specific damage this has caused all you victims. That is for later but compensation is due for the enormous cumulative damages yet to be determined.

That’s not all that sucks big-time about how you have been victimized. The invasion of those file was compounded by one asshole arrogant son-of-a-bitch Sergeant Mark Duval, who with the consent of his superiors in the Ontario Provincial Police intentionally has refused to return your file to you, its rightful owner to this day. 

They have my file. I complained to the Director of the Office of the Independent Police Review and he covered their ass as expected and denied the complaint on the grounds the crime was over six months old. Even when reminded that it was still in progress shithead simply told me to piss off. 
Unfortunately under Ontario law my complaint that the OPP were guilty of Criminal Negligence under section 219 of the Criminal Code was denied by an arrogant asshole bureaucrat and there is no appeal to his decision. To hell with 4100 victims: the matter is not worthy of investigation, much less punishment of his poor confused Brotherhood of the Beast.

That is where it is at right now. Every one of us victims is completely powerless to get Compensation for Invasion of Our Privacy. There is no way to punish the Cops who intentionally broke the law in order to persecute and cause problems for every one of us.

I want every one of you fellow victims to go to the mirror and ask yourself if you liked being spat on. That is what they have done and you probably resented it and got mad at the time. Since then you sort of wrote it off as hopeless and just bitch about it When it happened you got mad and screamed and nothing happened.  You were ignored and by and large the majority of you wrote it off as a lost cause and just became an apathetic observer.

Getting mad is old hat
Don’t Get Mad! Get Even

If you are a victim I don’t care how mad you are, as an individual acting alone you’re like a powerless fart in a hurricane. Get involved! It will require no effort and only requires you agree to participate and wait for two very important possible results.

I want to get a Class Action Suit started because once initiated it can’t be stopped. I also want the Cops who intentionally committed Criminal Negligence to be brought to account.

I will follow this post shortly with another outlining each of my proposals and how they could and should proceed with your help.

Stay tuned. Simply recognize that together, 4100 powerless farts can make one hell of a stink!! 
More to follow
Blaine Barrett