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Monday, 9 September 2013

The Mernagh/Kamermens Difference

Warriors, Victims and the Law

A Clarification Regarding the Difference
Matt Mernagh v. Dr. Rob Kamermans

At the beginning of August I wrote An Open Letter To Matt Mernagh that resulted in a back and forth series of increasingly revealing e-mails that effectively destroyed the high regard in which I held him. I expected to contact a compassionate Medical Marijuana proponent, knowledgeable, and most importantly someone up to date on the impact that the vindictive application of the Law can have on a victim. So much for expectations based on propaganda.

What did I find?

A complete and total asshole! I was advised that all Dr. Kamermans had to do was hang in and just do as he had done and everything would work out fine. Matt didn’t believe that Doctor Kamermans was in any sort of money trouble! If his pro-bono College provided lawyers had weaseled out he wouldn’t have any trouble getting a new crew, all he had to do was pay for them. Ho! Ho! Ho!

To say I was surprised is an understatement so I decided to check out just what Matt had done to earn his reputation as The King of Pot. Just how relevant was his conflict with the Law to that of Dr. Kamermans? Turns out Matt’s high opinion of his own legal expertise is based on fuck all except patience and perseverance.
It took him ten years, a crew of supporters, and a hotshot lawyer to lose and consent to get a License from Health Canada. Big deal, he lost but in the narrow mind of his followers he’s a hero because he had the balls to attack before he became a victim. That makes any similarity between the two cases a straight impossibility.

What further destroys Matt in my eyes is that he’s got a loose fucking mouth. In one of my communications to Matt I specifically asked that he keep confidential the information that I was considering asking Bob Erb to consider helping Dr. K.
I never followed through with that intention but within one week, the slimy fake name slander artist Coe Hill was spouting my confidential information on Facebook. I have no idea who Coe Hill might be and I don’t care. When I see Matt and I have one mutual friend we share and that is Johnny Fredette, then that is all the linkage I need to establish his source of facts about Dr. Kamermans to be coming directly from The Baleful Bitches of Bancroft. He’s a believer in gutter gossip and not to be trusted.

Sorry for the departure into Character analysis when what needs clarification is the difference in the two cases and that means outlining what each of these legal combatants faced in the years of legal confrontation and therein lays the difference.

Matt is a Warrior: Dr. Kamermans is a victim.

Let’s take a look at what happened to Matt, the warrior, during the course of his encounter with the law.

First off, Matt was guilty of a crime! He admits that. He was smart enough to realize that the MMAR was a crock of shit and there was an excellent possibility he could evade arrest and the consequences by challenging the law itself. He was right.

I have no idea how he did it or what help he had, but he managed to prepare an acceptable submission and on a day of his choosing he walked into a courthouse and presented a package of argument that admitted his guilt but asserted there was no crime because of legal deficiency. The filing fee was paid and he walked out on his own recognizance, blanketed with an immunity that prevented his arrest as a confessed criminal until such time as the case was resolved. It took ten years of relative peace and freedom from stress until he lost and the penalty for his crime was submitting to a court order to either get a License or actually do some minimal time. To the disgust of many of his supporters, Matt caved and applied for a License.

Note that because he was a warrior and began the fight he successfully evaded every nasty consequence that could have; more likely would have, been inflicted on him. He has absolutely no idea or expertise in handling anything from a defensive position and victim.

Following is what happened to Dr. Kamermans. If you are a Mernagh fan and consider him some sort of a legal advisor just ask yourself how either he or you yourself would have dealt with the following;

1.    You are a Medical Doctor and you become aware of the victimization of Medical Marijuana applicants who have an acceptable qualifying illness their doctor has successfully diagnosed and documented. The whole damned crew of your Canadian Medical Association brethren have refused to sign and betrayed their oath to do no harm. You check with a lawyer who advises by signing applications you are not approving or recommending anything but simply declaring: on the basis of their documented diagnosis they qualify for acceptance by Health Canada. There is no crime involved in what you are going to do.

2.    You accept your legal advice and for two years you sign, at an ever increasing rate, a flood of applications and then in the course of your normal daily office routine you get surprised. A combined force of OPP and RCMP complete with a SWAT Team with terrorist firepower and asshole leadership oozing Cop mentality storm in and hand you a search warrant. The leader of the wolf pack is one Sergeant Mark Duval: King Turd of Coe Hill, the same son of a bitch who is still committing Criminal Negligence. You are not arrested but they slap both you and your wife into handcuffs, jam you into a Cop car, slam you into a cell and subject you to a fun filled day of hostile Cop interrogation before releasing you without charges. WTF?

3.    You return to your office to discover that all the confidential patient files relating to Medical Marijuana have been seized and removed and for the next four months you are subjected to a vicious harassment and slander attacks from the politically correct police perverts. They conspicuously stake out your office and home, regular local patients are unnecessarily stopped when they leave after a visit. They are falsely accused of being a druggie and lowlife in the most hostile and intimidating manner. Slowly but surely your practice and income base are getting destroyed by fear of the Gestapo tactics encountered by your patients.

4.    In April the axe finally falls. The decision to arrest you is made and Sergeant Rob Henderson takes the initiative to make that arrest in the most damaging way possible. Rather than wait until the next morning to arrest you at home, Ratfucker Rob takes a crew and drives 200 miles to arrest you in mid-shift at the Sturgeon Falls Emergency Room so that you will be deprived of that source of income. The fact they leave the community they are supposed to serve with no resource if a medical emergency arises is not as important to them as ruining you.

5.    In the following six months and that is as far as I will go, you have to come up with $60,000 bail money of stay caged, you go to your bank and withdraw money to pay your US mortgages and get arrested for trying to launder the proceeds of crime. The cops use that as leverage to force all your financial resources (Two banks and the Credit Union) to cancel all your accounts including your credit cards. This had the effect of establishing that you were subject to arrest at any time and accordingly your only other source of significant income was lost. Your other ER position was lost because of the possibility of another mid-shift arrest. You are slapped with a No Contact gag Order that prevents you from defending yourself, your phone is tapped, they’ve bugged your house and office and you have no idea what they’ve installed into your computers when they had access to them so forget any confidential e-mail traffic.

If Matt is so certain Dr. K has a pisspot full of money stashed somewhere then where is it. Why would a guy with a pile of cash have been depending on pro-bono legal services from College insurance if he had other funds available? None of that illegal money is in any Canadian account nor is it in the USA or the IRS and DEA would be all over his ass.

I’m going to end here. I’m tired of being forced to listen to comments about Matt Mernagh as if he were doing something to help Medical Marijuana at present. He gained a position of respect and a voice that would be listened to if he had taken advantage and come out as a voice for the victims who are facing ruination with the MMRP.

All Matt has done since he caved in is promote himself as a TV clown and expert on marijuana cultivation, strain selection, the resultant products and methods of use. Big fucking deal! That might be some use if it wasn’t totally useless in an environment where all personal growth is illegal. All he’s doing is advising how to get maximum benefit from your illegal activity when you decide to grow your own.

The majority of opinion I see on Facebook by current Licensees is that the MMRP is going to be ignored and people are going to intentionally break the law and grow their own because of medical and financial necessity. They are fully aware that they are probably going to be arrested and while Matt may be a useful source of grow advice he could do better service trying to prevent their arrest in the first place by raising a voice of protest now. Unfortunately that prospect never occurred to him because he has never ever been arrested and suffered any of the consequences of victimization like Dr. K.

Matt, my boy: If you have a problem with this I’m prepared to defend my conclusions. As my evidence base I’ve got all those secret confidential communications between us I don’t think you want seen.
Challenge me and I’ll publish the whole goddamned list and let my readers make their own judgment of the King of Pot.

Balls in your court you asshole

Blaine Barrett