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Thursday, 10 October 2013


It’s All a Question of Standards

You’ve Either Got Them or You Don’t!

Nearly six weeks ago, I published “The Two Faces of Dr Danial Schecter”. It was not only an expose of his motivation but I also accused the author, Tom Blackwell, a Senior National Reporter with the National Post, of plagiarism and distorted reporting.

I hurt his feelings and he felt compelled to contact me and protest my defamation. Following you will find his protest and criticism of my post followed by the rebuttal I just sent him.



I received this e-mail from Mr. Blackwell

Dear Mr. Barrett

In a search for some other information, I came across your blog post last month about my story on Dr. Danial Schecter. I gather that you make a habit of throwing around off-the-cuff, defamatory comments about various people, but please be advised that accusing a journalist of plagiarism, as you did in this post, is about as libellous a statement as one can make about a member of my profession.

To be completely clear, despite your comments, I had never even looked at your blog until today and certainly never "plagiarized" anything from it. 

Please immediately remove any reference to my having used your blog as research for any story of mine, and any suggestion that I plagiarized.

Thank you very much for your attention to this serious matter.



Tom Blackwell
Senior National Reporter
National Post


I gave his request some serious thought and have replied:

Dear Mr. Blackwell

Please note that both your note and this answer will be published to Google+, Facebook, and to my following.

You take your professionalism highly, but I have no intention of retracting anything. Why should I? If I make defamatory remarks they are not off-the-cuff they are intentional and my judgment of conduct. You allowed a two-face liar trying to protect his money flow and propagandize and you never checked your facts about the BS he was spouting.

You were absolutely silent about the fact that if Dr. Schecter saw any of Dr’.K’s patients it was because Dr.K referred them to him unaware of the thievery he was sending them to. You totally ignore the possibility that when Dr. Schecter saw the patient he was in a hell of a lot better shape because Dr.K had committed the crime of signing his application and saving his life with pot..

Read your column again with my question and criticisms in mind and tell me it was a first class presentation of facts worthy of a respected professional.

Read my blog again and read about the atrocious victimization of the 4100 0f Rob’s patients by the OPP and CMA.

When are you going to do anything to bring that to the attention of your national public audience? Doctors are betraying their Oath and do harm to their patients: the OPP is Guilty of Criminal Negligence but the asshole head of the OIPRD is a useless turd who won’t listen. Nobody knows what is happening because you and your Professional Journalist crew in the upper echelons of the media are either totally unaware there is an atrocity in progress or you are all guilty of intentionally abandoning a problem that is far more worthy of publication than Dr. Schecter’s problems.

I did not say that you did anything! I committed no libel! I made allegations about you because that is what everyone is doing with no facts or proof. The Cops allege Dr. K is a criminal, Dr’ Schecter can allege his virtue and allege Dr. K’s medical competence and I allege you committed plagiarism. If you want, take your turn and allege I have committed libel. Feel free.

You want to do some real investigative journalism take an interest in the 4100 victims everybody wants to disappear without justice or compensation. You have a national audience who deserve to know what their government is doing. Tell them the facts for a change and earn your reputation.

If and when I see that I’ll reconsider a retraction and apology. Not before