I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I've had a Bad Week

This Sums It All Up!

Seems Mr. Hale Hit A Dead End Too!

I’ve had a bad week. I was going hell bent for election at my exercise program and overdid it, then I got a bladder infection and I collapsed. If you’ve had one you know the fire piss problem all too well: if you haven’t be thankful. It wasn’t the 40 times a night for a two teaspoon dribble that defeated me; it wasn’t the pain and burn each time I dribbled, it was a massive dose of that plus muscular pain and cramps, complete exhaustion and that constant I just don’t feel good focus. I went to the Walmart Walkin Clinic for Cipro and T3’s, got Cream of Tartar, Cranberry juice took the whole bunch and stopped dead in my chair and bed and stayed there until yesterday and I’m here now.

I had a very disturbing experience with my computer while I was lying here feeling sorry for myself and fortunately it made me realize the limits of what I can do by myself, in the hours that I can commit each day. In short, I lost Google and faced disaster for all my plans. There was no real problem but me but for two hours I lost my complete digital identity and access to all of my work and utilities.

When I went to sign into my homepage I was told my password was incorrect  and I was denied access to all my Google accounts including iGoogle, Google+, G-mail and worst of all Blogger. It was all false, but for two hours I had to think about everything I was losing control of: Projects and plans and big ideas. I had to look at what I had to work with to recover my advocacy and I pretty much came to the conclusion that there was no point in recovering much but a very small portion of my grand plans.

I’m too damned old and I’ve got to ease up. I don’t need any more stress than simple survival has to offer. So here goes the chopping block again.

Of my recent output I think you will all note I have been beating the drum about The 4100 Club for a Closed group, a community for Class Action and a pro-active protest collective. It’s a damned good Class Action plan that I believe could pay off but that is all I can ever do with it. There is far too much reasoning and explanation about what such an action is to waste and I will be publishing it but more as a general guide for a victims group or advocate.

The 4100 Club is a possibility but I won’t be the one to Administer it. There needs to be a central confidential circle for sharing ideas in private and that idea will be pursued. A place to participate with others about private problems and get group advice.

The simple fact is the 4100 victims have no impact as victims and it is all past history. If we were the survivors of any Canadian community that suffered a physical disaster we would be front page news. We are not there because we are the victims of a faceless bureaucracy and a timid national press. The Club has the potential of being a central locus of Agitation to wake the world up to what is happening and we are here to protest.

That sort of boils down where I want to go with my advocacy right back to where I started: It’s all a matter of principles. I’ve still got them but my world has lost them. I’ve now spent the last two years gathering evidence to support a complete loss of faith in our Democracy and its Governance. Not only under the Conservatives in Canada but under any collection of misfits operating under the secretive lying adversarial system that now infects Governmental Party Systems, the Global Commercial Conglomerate, and its greed.

So where does TheSmeeGoanGuy go?

What will be the driver of my advocacy?

What it has always been.



Because Nobody Knows What It Is

I note that over 50% of the recipients of my Newsletter announcing posts are not Canadian but rather US citizens. I have for some time wondered what the hell you guys saw in this raving Canadian maniac but I hope that it is my ethical scale of values that has kept you as followers. If not, hit “Bye” as requested because that’s what my new advocacy is about.

When it comes to ethical problems our countries are twinned.

I have decided to mount my “Bully Pulpit” and Bully some Bastards

A Simple Matter of Character is Not a Simple Matter!

Character is Complex and based on Six Foundational Pillars

Trustworthiness. Respect. Responsibility. Fairness. Caring. Citizenship.

Each of these pillars has a multitude of facets to be considered. It is on the shortcomings of our societal systems to even be aware of sufficient ethical probity to deserve our respect and trust. Simply look at the six Pillars and consider the three main targets for my Bully Pulpit sermons: Score each 1-6

1.     Politicians and Government    (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

2.     Cops and Justice                    (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

3.     The Medical Profession          (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

Just how I intend to attack the character shortcomings of each is now in the planning stage and each requires a serious rethink. At this point I have only a vague idea of how to play a new game and no idea how productive I will be in the immediate future or how frequently I will be posting. I can assure you there will be progress reports as the framework of my advocacy develops.

I would like all of you readers to not only be patient and wait but to take the time now to do some serious thinking about the current state of your world with respect to the three foregoing focus groups. Given the relative importance of each to our well being it would seem the obvious place to find a Man of Character concerned with the proper governance of his group. After all the cream rises to the top doesn’t it?

If you have managed to read this far please read the page titled The Six Pillars of Character that I put on the right hand side of this page for your convenience. It’s an education in itself.

If you get nothing else from the article you will begin to understand the things that are missing when someone makes you a proposition and you feel uneasy about it. It’s the itty bitty details that all together add up to form the “Skunk” factor of the presentation. How badly it stinks is a pretty valid indication of the moral and ethical values lacking in the speaker and on that we base our opinion and trust. It’s not so much what is said but how the speaker twitches when poked. LOL.

On that note I am gone. Thanks for your patience.