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Friday, 30 August 2013

A Politician Actually Listened to Me

A Politician Actually Listened to Me

The NDP Town Hall with Tom Mulcair

Sheraton Guildford: Fraser Room 1:45 PM
September 29, 2013

Dear Diary:


Today I went to an NDP Town Hall Meeting with Tom Mulcair here in Surrey. I had no idea whether I would get the opportunity to speak with him. I wanted to ask about Medical Marijuana  and what the NDP could do to help with the disaster coming with the implementation of the MMRP. Not to worry!

Anticipating failure I prepared a request to be forwarded to someone in the NDP Hierarchy who could answer my questions with specifics and not generalities.
On my way into the meeting, I was fortunate to meet Jasbir Sandhu, my MP. He remembered me as the Marijuana Advocate who bugged him a year ago and after reading my written request, promised to forward it to Mr. Mulcair’s inner circle. Bonus! Half way there- somebody is going to have to deal with me. LOL.

I’m not dumb and when I took my seat I noted the position of lights, camera and the big Red Cross on the floor and positioned a seat where I could see his face at all times when he was speaking to the camera. This had the advantage of Mr. Mulcair having me in his field of view. There was an introduction our local MP hosts and then Mr. Mulcair took the stage. During his introductory speech he and I eyeballed each other and sized the other guy up. I think I got him right.

I think he got taken by the Bassett Hound eyes I inherited from my father. You know: that pleading look you get from buddy when you eat that great big hunk of steak. Tom proved he can recognize desperation and took pity on mine. The minute he opened the floor to questions and Holy Bejasus Mother of Earth and the Cannabis God struck and Mr. Mulcair pointed to me and I found myself with a microphone stuck in my face. What now??

I identified my self as a Medical Marijuana Licensee and advocate and more or less asked him this.

“I am aware of the party policy regarding this whole legalization kerfuffel and I am largely in agreement with it. There are millions of questions to be answered but nothing is going to be implemented until a change of Government 2 years away.

I have a much more immediate short term problem to be dealt with and that is how to survive the destruction of the Medical Marijuana Program and the financial consequences of the MMRP.

He listened seriously

I’m a Senior on fixed income, I have occasional neurological pain and depression. I can only afford a minimal 2 gr./day dose at the cheapest source: HC at $315/month. A probable doubling of that cost from entrepreneurs and the difficulty in accessing vendors will simply divert me to any illegal source who undercuts the profiteers. That applies to virtually every other licensee whwere the only alternative is grow your own and risk mandatory prison time just for relieving symptoms. Would he and the NDP give this a problem a priority consideration and try to help with our problems?

I’m not going to try and quote his reply except to say that he accepted my request and Medical Marijuana will be a priority in all NDP consideration of whatever develops regarding Marijuana at large.

More importantly than misquoting his words: I Believe him.

I sat through another 45 minutes listening to him on a very broad range of problems facing Canadians and while I don’t wholly agree with some of his answers I trust him to honour his word based on his excellent background and knowledge of the political history of Canada. I actually think I may have found a Man of Character who understands the moral and ethical principles that Canadians have always valued as a matter of pride.

I finally found a Canadian Politician worthy of my respect: He’s one of a small handful from 50 years of disgusted observation of the Ottawa circus. He’s got good company with Broadbent, Layton and Pearson.
He may not like the company of good old Pierre but liking is a personal matter. Respect is earned.

Enough praise and Kissy Kissy for Mr. Mulcair. While he comforted me with his leadership role, he did not provide me with any specifics re policy and understanding of the problem. That will be forthcoming as a result of that Request for Information that Jasbir Sandhu is passing on.

This is the Request for Information I submitted:


Thursday, August 29, 2013

To Someone familiar with NDP Party policy and plans regarding Marijuana.

My name is Blaine Barrett and I live down the street.

I am an Advocate with a Blog.

“Medical Marijuana With TheSmeeGoanGuy”

I am familiar with the Party position regarding Legalization of Marijuana and have no problem with it. That is a long term problem for you to deal with. What I want to know and will publish if informed is just what is the Party proposing to do about the immediate problems facing the Medical Marijuana Patient population by the stupidity of the Medical Marijuana Research Program. It’s passage will financially destroy access to sufficient dosages of marijuana to provide proper relief for their symptoms.

It’s time for some clarification and I would like to be contacted by someone with the ability to provide specifics and not generalities.

I can be reached at 604-585-0236 or by e-mail to

In anticipation of a prompt reply
Best regards,

Blaine Barrett
You want to know who I am just Google the Word

Now I wait!

And so must you!