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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Trashy Cheap Shot Yellow Journalism

A Perfect Example

“Legalizing pot endorsing stupidity: DiManno”

I just read and almost puked when I read the column by By: Rosie DiManno Columnist, Published on Wed,  Aug 07, 2013 in the Toronto Star.

This is nothing but Character Assassination at it’s worst by a dimwitted broad who doesn’t respect Justin Trudeau. Why not? Because he actually thinks and reassesses his actions. I put a link to her article below but I wouldn’t recommend reading it for content but rather a quick skim to determine where to place it on the totem pole of despicable yellow journalism- Poison opinion with no evidence provided and no way for the target to respond.

How can you refute another’s personal opinion of you like the following slime Rosie threw at him in this article. If it was private, “Fuck Off Asshole!” is adequate but since this is a bitch looking for attention how do you respond? You can’t sink to her level because you have a public image to protect.

“I trust Justin Trudeau will give dope a wide berth because he’s already the political embodiment of stupid, a callow fellow who’s parlayed genetic pedigree — and not much else — into public office, the putative saviour of the federal Liberal party. Cute but silly, Liberal-lite on policy and vision rather than the transformative figure plumped by Grits yearning for a return to preeminence.

Rosie declares her intelligence and ability to criticize by using great big words and in Justin's place I would parse that first paragraph and use those big words as ammunition and reply:

Haysoos kristos Rosie, it looks like you got me right down to a tee! All those big words fit but and I’m going to have to explain how accurate you were. Using that “highfalutin” language to describe me is a gift I wasn’t expecting because it gives me the opportunity to interpret all the humongous verbiage you vomited into the Star.
Stupid? I am not stupid or I would not be where I am today. Unlike you who got stuck at a lower level.
Callow? That means Inexperienced and immature. I’ll concede inexperience component but not the Immaturity. I am doing what has to be done to gain experience stupid, there’s no other way and in this business you mature quickly when you are subjected to asshole attacks like yours. Been there, done that.
Parlayed? Guilty as hell! Trudeau is a name that is recognized as that of a master politician and I intend to follow in his footsteps and leave this country in a hell of a lot better shape that it is now.  No-one knows if the name has the weight needed to attract people’s attention and get them to listen to me and take me seriously. It’s a gamble worth taking.
 I do have a genetic linkage to a master politician, and first hand observation of him combined with his teaching during my upbringing. I do indeed have a Pedigree from a family tree of wonderful people with an established family history. I know my lineage; can you tell me the name of your Great great great grandfather?
Putative Generally considered or reputed to be a savior for the party. I hope so because that is my whole intention.: Liberal-lite Yes. I was brought up to understand Liberal philosophy but it is not written in stone. That is my reason for being here to help form and guide the party to a platform and policy that reflect these times are changing and how to confront them. In order to achieve that you have to be Transformative . I am a firm believer in Transformative justice as a general philosophical strategy for responding to conflicts, and I am trying to apply it to the internal wounds of our party. If successful and so far I think I have been well received. I am predicting I will win and get our party back to its former
Preeminence where it rightfully belongs.

End of response:

If anyone wants to read the garbage in it’s entirety the link follows. I couldn’t get past that one flatulent paragraph: the smell of bullshit was too much to bear.

Read at your own risk

Decriminalization backers, including Justin Trudeau, haven’t thought out the consequences, including massive bureaucracy.