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Thursday, 1 August 2013

An Open Letter To Matt Mernagh

An Open Letter To Matt Mernagh

The TheSmeeGoanGuy strikes again
I hope I Found A Crack in His Armour

Attn: Matt Mernagh

Good Morning Matt

My name is Blaine Barrett, with a nom de plume TheSmeeGoanGuy
I’m a Medical Marijuana Advocate with a blog and Dr. Rob Kamermans is one of my near and dear causes. When you commented to Tom Blackwell about Rob Kamermans you made a minor slip of the tongue that I have to challenge. You made a couple of way out of line comments about a man you obviously know very little about.

You owe Dr. Kamermans an apology!

It was stated:

“Yet the fees for signing marijuana forms did rankle some of Dr. Kamermans’ patients.”

Where did that come from? Who!

There has never been one complaint from any patient regarding the matter of fees. That is because if you were one of his patients you would know that if you told Rob you had a problem and needed a refund there would never be an argument. You are his patient! You have a problem; His fee is hurting You: to refuse a refund would be to do You harm!


That is the whole fucking reason he’s in this mess!
He honored his Oath as a Physician!
Does anyone have a problem with that?

He signed applications in a futile but commendable attempt to relieve the Hurt being caused by the refusal to do so by 67000 of his fellow Physicians on the advice of the Canadian Medical Association.
They consequently have turned their backs on him!
He can expect no support from them!

 “They seemed exorbitant,” said Matt Mernagh,
a prominent medical-pot activist.

His Greed and Criminality is the product of Cop propaganda and you’ve apparently bought the slander. You demonstrate your ignorance of fact when you comment about his intentions and apparent greed as evidenced by the outrageous exorbitant fees he was charging.

What is reality about this Greedy Criminal shit?

Pay Attention: It’s a lesson in elementary Mathematics!

It’s common to hear $250 cited as his fee. Correction! That’s one of his fees. That was what he charged to make a House Call in Halifax. He intentionally saved his Halifax patients half the return fare to come to him in Ontario, and he saved them a hell of a lot more when you look at fares from BC.

You might also consider that the average cost of a signature was ($500,000/4100 signatures) = $120. That’s not too bad is it? It’s a lot lower that the outrageous exorbitant $250 Halifax Home Call and that brings up a question: What were the minimum charge and the lower fees that dropped the average that much?

I can’t answer that but I have someone who just did. This morning I got an e-mail from my friend and ally Jon. He has Crohn’s disease in all its nasty ways and it’s bad. He lives near Rob and is a long time patient. He is outraged by the treatment being accorded Rob and is extremely critical and sensitive to anything written about his doctor. He disappeared on us for two weeks we feared he’d died but there was no way to contact anyone to find out. He popped up two days ago and won’t say a damn thing about whatever happened but he read the Kamermans column he felt compelled to supply a few missing details that answer

What was the minimum charge and the lower fees that dropped that much?

Jon’s Criticism of the Blackwell Kamermans Article

 From: jon
9:22 AM  July 28, 2013

to me, tblackwell


A Very good and fair article.

Few things i did not see addressed, local & regular patients paid nothing, zilch, zero for signings of MMAR forms, i know of many that were not even asked and a handful of others that traveled to see him and did not have the cash to pay because of being on ODSP or other pensions / assistance and he just signed for free or on condition they donate to the local food bank.

The only 2 doctors advocating and actively signing at that time were Rob Kamermans and doctor David Saul (see the order entered by the College of Physicians and Surgeons against David Saul - -  an older and longer haired near-clone of Kamermans in looks and advocacy) and both became overwhelmed by demand from patients that could get no offer of help anywhere else.

Dr.Saul also did not charge many of his patients unless they could afford and offered.

Dr. Rob also throws patient Xmas parties at a local tearoom, does house calls and invites patients over for dinner or to help pick fruit or hang out with him and his wife.   Since being charged he has cut back on his open heartedness but not by much and still calls to patients to see how the new meds are working, to remind of pending appointments or to do 'well being calls' when appointments are missed.

What other doctor calls you to say "the cherries are ripe, come by and pick some?"


That is a question for you Matt. I think you owe it to him to check out the truth about him. You’re a person of experience in this sort of shit and I think you could do him a great favor! You’re a Celebrity and your large following deserves the truth. Take the time to find it out about Rob and then tell them what reality is!

Both his character and professional reputation need salvaging because of the Character Assassination he’s had at the hands of the police. There is another matter where you could be of great assistance but before I say anything about put on your lawyer hat.

Financially Dr. Kamermans is now in really deep water. His Insurance Coverage for Legal Representation just ran out and he is now in the position of having to defend himself. NFW! That is hopeless. He has none of the basics skills, knowledge, but most of all his character is such that for him to assume an adversarial posture is impossible.  

I don’t know if the man has ever felt rage or wanted revenge.

He needs help and I am confident all 4100 of his patients will join me in asking you to do so.

Please consider my request for assistance for the man. He is ruined. Even if he managed to get the whole pack of bullshit legal charges dismissed he still will have no practice, no employment and a bunch of bills that aren’t going to go away

In conclusion Matt, you think just like the Doc. I can hear him saying what you did about him in the first person:

 “Part of me feels that I’ve been thrown under the bus.
Part of me feels, ‘You kind of did it to yourself.’ ”

 Maybe he did but his intentions were honorable and they made him a victim

 If you extend him some help you will be helping a Doctor who demonstrates the Six Pillars of Character that C.M.A., and the rest of our modern society, have either forgotten or never were taught.

Trustworthiness. Respect. Responsibility.
Fairness. Caring. Citizenship.

The Medical Marijuana Community owes him some payback.
I hope you can provide some.

 Best Regards,
Blaine Barrett