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Friday, 16 August 2013

Whatcha Gonna Do For Me? Me? Me?

Hey there! My MP!

Whatcha Gonna Do For Me? Me? Me?

As it now stands, as of April next year the Harper Government is going to change the laws and outlaw personal growth of cannabis. Mandatory criminal charges and sentencing for anyone caught growing over 5 plants wil back up this new twist on prohibition. That is cruel and unusual punishment being inflicted on anyone needing medication but unable to afford it under the new pricing that will result from their new supply and distribution. The Harpocrits claim that this is going to result in a price level around the $8 level but given the framework of the deal as I see it, they believe they can implement a cartel of producers coordinated by Ottawa, LOL . They want to maintain a monopoly of supply with pricing the least of the concerns. 
I smell GREED!

Big Pharma? Big Business? Big Finance? Tobacco?
Big Crooks the Lot!

Who’s going to grow it?

I guess it will be the successful bidders who can come up with a small fortune to invest in a seat on the cartel and can wait till hell freezes over to realize a profit.
Why a small fortune? The initial set-up investment, operating costs, the size of the market, outside services i.e. QC, technical services for inspections and testing on a continual basis to ensure regulatory compliance,  +++ 

I don’t know how big the market for medicinal pot is right now and neither does anyone else: supposedly 20,000 buyers but growing to half a million in short order. Somebody’s going to be damned busy trying to just figure out how far and how fast any successful bidder can get to a break even point.

Health Canada has made the system so damned complex with regulatory overkill that the casualty rate in the first year is going to be disastrous. As of April 1, 2014 nobody will have any customers but the will have to have stock on hand. When do you start to grow? That’s easy, One grow cycle before April 1! How much? What kind of cannabis? How many strains? What’s that going to cost? How long will it stay on the shelf before we can get our money back? Where do I get customers? What do I charge or do we have a cartel price? I‘ve watched businesses start and fail for 50+ years and there’s disaster on the horizon come the big day. It’s going to be a bureaucratic fuck-up of massive proportions: that’s a guarantee.

So What’s the Point?

My point is that regardless of the mess they create and have on hand when the starting gate opens next April, if I grow my own medication,
I will immediately become a felon, subject to Criminal Code charges under the Controlled Substances Act and a mandatory sentence in one of Harpo’s new accommodations (you remember,for all those cells to handle the unreported crimes Stockwell Day predicted before he fled Cabinet). Harpo couldn’t let his buddy Stockwell be wrong: he had to do something to get his cellblocks loaded so he just created some new crimes to be reported.

I’m simply asking all Members of Parliament, what they are prepared to do to protect you, their constituent and supporter, from Harpo’s cruel and unusual punishment for growing my own medication.

I don’t want to spend my retirement years in prison!

I need Cannabis and can’t afford enough now

Whatcha Gonna Do For  Me? Me? Me?