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Monday, 30 July 2012

To All Conservative Members of Parliament

 To All Conservative Members of Parliament

The Character Assassination of Canada

Dear Conservative Member of Parliament:

What kind of a Canadian are you?

Ever since Stephen Harper first took office, my two thirds of the electorate has watched you representatives of the other third allow him to turn the Conservative Party into a collection of 120 silent puppets who just sit silently across the aisle. If you are not in Cabinet you don’t exist! All of you Conservative members have sat there for over two years of majority control and silently allowed your leader and Cabinet to launch a full scale attack on the Character of Canada. That’s not very funny and I’d like to find out why. You are supposed to be reflecting the opinions and wishes of your constituents: silence in the face of the complete lack of character displayed by Mr. Harper amounts to near treason. He’s attacking our core democracy with his slash and burn tactics and you lot sit there and can’t even voice your disapproval! Shame!

I think the Character of Canada has been a reflection of both the people and our Government adhering to a Code of Conduct that has been the envy of the world. It still is judging by the huge line-up at Immigration they just savaged. That Character so admired is reflected in The Six Pillars of Character as defined by the Josephson Institute.

The Six Pillars of Character
Trustworthiness Respect Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship
All are totally lacking in the actions and statements of Mr. Harper, his Cabinet and the PMO. I suggest all Members stand in front of a mirror as you refresh your memory as to what the Pillars represent and what your electorate expects from you. Apparently it slipped your memory.

Why are you sitting silently and letting Stephen
Lie to us and Lie about us?
It’s all he’s done since he got his damned Majority

The Six Pillars are expected of all of you as elected representatives. Voters are only too aware of your shortcomings but expect at least an adherence to a set of standards reflecting common decency. One might expect a grunt of protest but there has been none to date, Pardon me: there was one recently by a truly courageous lone soldier who thought the budget was an act of idiocy. Why the silence you others?

It’s a good time to ask. Right now we have on hand a gross avoidance of responsibility and a violation of all six pillars by our Fearless Leader. He’s broken an almost Holy Covenant. Under his leadership, for the third time, our formerly decent Government is lying through its teeth. Now he has his Minister of Adultery, the Dishonourable Vic Toews refusing to honour a Legal Public Promise to Omar Khadre to allow his return to Canada.

Omar Khadre.

I know you’re thinking “Not Again” but pay attention to me. This is one thing that has truly polarized opinion in our nation.

You have an opinion! It doesn’t matter what side you are on, you have an opinion! the validity of your opinion depends on recognizing Three Facts that cannot be ignored.

I know, I know. You’ve made up your mind and hate the little bugger.

It doesn’t matter what you think or the bullshit you can spout to justify your position, the end result is that only three facts are relevant with regard to his case:

  1. He was a Canadian Child! Harpo refused to help a Canadian child!
  2. He was a Child Soldier! Harpo broke Canada’s pledge to save and protect a Child Soldier!.
  3. Harpo promised a return if he pled guilty!  Now the prick is welching on that. He’s sicced that model of infidelity and violator of Privacy Vic Toews on Omar and now wants bullshit paperwork before he can return “Home”

It’s a continuum of lie after lie after lie and he’s infected the whole Cabinet with slime.

Omar was a Canadian child age 15, a minor, and a soldier when he was captured and under a UN Agreement that had been sponsored and signed by Canada, he was entitled to be treated as a Child Soldier! Canada was honour bound to repatriate, rehabilitate and return Omar to society. Harper abandoned Omar to a fucked up biased foreign justice system and broke Canada’s word. Our leader betrayed Omar by charging he was a bad ass Super-terrorist who was a threat and had committed the atrocious act of murdering an American Sergeant who was heroically trying to murder him?  Another Fucking Lie!

The problem is it simply doesn’t matter how vicious, or nasty, or threatening to the public Omar may very well be: under Canadian law he was a minor at the time. Even if he had chopped off some guy’s head and mailed pieces to his favourite politicians the most he would get in Canada is a slap on the wrist and detention till 21.

Harper doesn’t have to apologize because he’s a politician and even if sued he’s immune. All his followers seem to refuse to accept the truth that his behaviour is that of a common lout. He lies simply for pleasure and because he can get away with it: Narcissism in full bloom, egocentricity run amok

To me and the Opposition, the Conservative backbench is a motley collection of cowards afraid of their leader. You’re all afraid you’ll be the target of a “Serious allegations” accusation and given the Guergis treatment.
Trustworthiness Respect Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship
None of these Pillars of Character are included in Mr. Harper’s makeup. He’s polluted the Conservative Party and its fair to conclude there’s a similar shortage in all you Backbenchers! There should be shouts of outrage at his dictatorial, keep you all in ignorance approach to Governance. Silence again!

If you lot don’t start making noises of protest at asshole’s behaviour then I can only hope that you disappear down the toilet in 2014 when your constituents finally get fed up. That is where Chicken-shit rightfully belongs.
Maybe you lot can muster the courage to turf the bastard out of the Party before then. That would almost guarantee your survival or at least give you a shot at salvaging your career. Think about it. In short:

If you don’t or can’t curb his behaviour: Prepare for a trip to Auschwitz! It’s rumoured he just ordered his Fuehrer hat in a size 12!

Once again,

Why are you sitting silently and letting Stephen
Lie to us and Lie about us?