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Monday, 23 July 2012

A Condemnation of Global News

Irresponsible Journalism at its Best
 In my last post re the Dr. Kamermans Affair, I concluded with couple of what were probably perceived to be “Cheap Shots” against Global News and its’ Health Specialist Jennifer Tryon. The shots might have been cheap but they concern a neglect of Professional Impartiality and Fairness that is all too commonplace in the Canadian Media.

A superficial presentation of allegations as fact with no follow up justification is a plain betrayal of readers trust. Naturally any clarification and apology to re-establish the victims’ reputation if innocent is out of the question. The Press has Papal Infallibility!

The cost to Dr. Kamermans has been tremendous because it is the plain intention of Health Canada and the Medical Profession to ruin him and his practice to scare the shit out of any Doctor who might be inclined to sign a form for a Patient who might have a real desperate need.

Read on:
Global News : Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ms. Tryon began with good intent to find the major source of trouble in the Medical Marijuana system regarding a doctor’s reluctance to sign forms, but then she got lost.

It started with a reasonably acceptable recounting of events, and a discovery of a major corruption at the bottom of the barrel:
A Medical /Legal Consortium of Lawyers and Doctors charging extortionary fees for a simple signature on a basically simpleton proof form.

It’s an unfortunate exhibition of professional greed by both.

Then she unexplainably changes focus from:
  1. Exposing a corrupt and immoral collection of sinners, to
  2. Assisting in the unwarranted Persecution of Dr. Rob. Kamermans.

She began her article:

Marie Cole was desperate for help, her doctors refused to sign her Form B. They made her feel guilty for just asking them. She finally found help: a Dr. Ira Price who would sign.

She had unknowingly made an appointment with the Law firm of Criminal Lawyer Ron Marzel. He has formed a network of doctors willing to sign for an Application, but only if the Price is Right.  The forms themselves are so simple a child can fill them out but due to the stigma surrounding pot and absence of guidelines on what to prescribe it for, most doctors refuse to sign the Health Canada paperwork for a licence. For a $1000 referral fee Mr. Marzel will fill in her forms A & B and provide a list of the Vampires eligible for her bloodletting. It’s now a bidding war among them.

How does this differ from a scum sucking Shyster fronting a bunch of Ambulance Chasers?

At this point Ms. Tryon concluded her first article but readers expected an exposé of this legal medical charlatan game to follow. It didn’t. Somehow she forgets about the Marzel Cartel and changes direction. Instead of focussing on the illegal dealer problem and pursuing the Cartel and all those anonymous dealers she can find, she switches to assisting in the Character Assassination of Dr. Rob. Kamermans.

Global News : Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jennifer somehow managed to locate one anonymous marijuana dealer, whose qualifications to comment are impeccable. He has 73 plants, can’t use it all himself, sells to the street, and it’s all legal because got his License with a purchased signature from a Medical parasite. Perfect.

Rumour has it she advertised in Craig’s List for a Licensed Medical Marihuana Grower willing to o brag about screwing the system for all the other Medical Marijuana Licensees? Ratfink met all the qualifications but in addition to her shit list, he had one qualification she was too dumb to spot.

He had SEVENTY THREE !!! plants.

If it's all legal at 5 plants per gram then his License is for a 15 gram per day allowance.

Marihuana is harsh to smoke and it’s 100% Fibre!
. You can’t smoke that much, and
If he’s eating it he’s leaving a trail of Elephant dung balls!
Obvious Questions Global News Never Asked!
  1. How the hell can someone at Health Canada authorize a license for this amount?
  2. If not the Minister, who besides the Minister has the power to issue such a license?
  3. Who signed these ridiculous allowances?
  4. How many other Licenses for excessive and unreasonable amounts (anything over a 10 gram limit) have been authorized? Now that is really “SECRET”
It’s not only Secret it is Commonplace because he got his the same way Sam Mellace got one for 60 grams/day that he brags about that on his website

Sam claims he needs that much for his skin and liver but that’s just more bullshit.
He can make enough Magic Grease to lubricate himself inside and out many times over. He’s developing a business and somebody’s “greasing the way”!

“I have the largest medical marijuana licence in Canada,” Mellace said of the 60 grams of pot he’s legally entitled to daily. “I am hoping to become Canada’s first private-sector provider of medicinal marijuana.”

Not if I can help it.

Ratfink speaks again: "I came to the doctor's office prepared with cash in my pocket ... I wouldn't have the licence if I didn't pay that $250.

Now there is a sudden shift in direction.
The Cartel’s extortionary Corporate Corruption somehow gets forgotten (or forgiven?)
Suddenly some Dr. R. Kamermans gets appointed the target!
Why? Who is he?
No one has mentioned his name up to this point: Ratfink didn’t mention him!
Suddenly Jennifer presents him as the sponsor of 5000 potential criminals jetting around the country to all these signing clinics? Some guy named Chris Lawson claimed he attended one of these clinics with nearly 20 other people for a fee of $250.

It’s all bullshit A verbal allegation with no supporting data.

A question for Jennifer:

You got the Who? and the What? But somehow you missed:
When did this happen (dates)?
Where did this happen (Cities, Towns, Hotels)?
Why didn’t you include some fact in your Fiction?

Suddenly the questions change, become confrontational and accusatory, and attempt to assign Dr. Kamermans responsibilities for Personal Information that is completely divorced from Medical Practice.

Global News asked
Were they really patients?  Or were they criminals?

The Marihuana Medical Access Program requires all applicants for a Class D Designated Grower license to provide a Criminal Record Check. Health Canada simply can’t be bothered with minor details like that for Personal Growth Licenses. Why should a doctor waste his time on determining Criminal Propensity when the Government doesn’t think it’s important?

I don’t understand how this crap got on the air. Global News is not stupid and doesn’t miss details or change directions in midstream as a normal course of affairs. I suspect there was a phone call from a VIP in Ottawa to a VIP at Global telling them to back off! They are facing the risk of the same SWAT Team raid on the Corporate Offices and the confiscation of their entire files just like they did Dr. Kamermans.

The Harper Law and Order boys can apparently invade the privacy and destroy the medical confidentiality of 4000 patients with impunity by confiscating their Medical Files. A slight change in tactics and they could ruin Global with Legal costs on the basis of allegations from unknown sources. That is what they are doing to Dr. Kamermans. They’re giving him treatment that will serve as a deterrent not only to Press pursuing the truth, but also scare the shit out of any Doctor displaying any support for Medical Marijuana.

Enough for today, more to follow