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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Character Assassination is Conservative Policy

Character Assassination is Conservative Policy

I Pray this Third Strike is Harpo’s Last One

It started in 2010:


First Harper and his Cons savaged Helena Guergis and kicked her out of Cabinet. They have never retracted their allegations nor revealed them and have managed to stall for over two years. She’s suing.

Then they savaged Colonel Ouellette and kicked him out of Haiti and never retracted their allegations after he was cleared. He’s suing.

May they both live forever because the government PMO will drag things out and doesn’t give a damn what the costs are. They have legal sharks and spin doctors by the thousands on the Government payroll. Even if they lose, any costs or penalties are the taxpayers’ problem and not the Cons who committed the character assassinations.

Now they’re savaging Dr. Kamermans of Cob Hill and they’re trying a repeat of their patented slime-ball silence tactic. They violated his and his patients’ privacy and medical confidences on the basis of another bunch of allegations with no foundation in fact and no justification forthcoming. They’ve got his reputation in tatters, his practice crippled and here we are six months later, no charges have been laid and no allegations or grounds for the search warrant have ever been released. No comment! No clarification at all.

What really irritates me is that the Cons can’t get it through their heads that Canadians aren’t stupid, nor are they blind. Unfortunately for the Cons I’ve got this blog, e-mail, a big loud mouth and I have thousands of paranoid questions I’d like answered.

I’m going to keep on asking! I’m like a bad case of haemorrhoids that just keeps coming back to inflict a nasty pain in the ass. I think at least one post a week, but then again, a random pattern might induce some false hope I’ve died. Then I could disappoint them and dash their hopes with a new haunting.

Could be fun!?

More to follow