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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Kamermans Conspiracy

   Conservative Party Policy Manual: Adopted - Jan 1, 2012

 Personal Attack and Character Assassination as Effective Tools

The Dr. Kamermans Affair

A Chorale for our Conservative Cabinet:

They shouted beat the prisoner hardy

We're havin’ us a Lynchin' party

Gonna hang him high!

Watch him die!

For Selling Mary Jane!


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, but I’ve been busy watching.

At the start of this month the shit hit the fan and nobody knows who is going to get hit!

The Ottawa Cirques De Stupidos has finally decided that Medical Marijuana is an embarrassment. Minister Leona Aglukkaq’s announcement that they now intend to eliminate the Personal and Designated Growth parts, has effectively killed the Marihuana Medical Access Program.

It’s an embarrassing write off that the Government in power doesn’t want to explain. The Cons and Harpo would love to blame the Liberals but they left it too late. They’ve had 6 years to correct shortcomings that were apparent years ago but have either ignored them or been incapable of correcting the faults. It all came to a head last year when they asked for submissions re a revision of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations at mid year.  This was the result of failures at the Supreme Court to validate them as anything near compliance with the Charter or what most Canadians consider common decency. It was an admission of failure that the Cons simply couldn’t avoid and they needed someone to blame. They decided to portray Medical Marijuana as breeding ground for creating Hell’s Angels from a pool of 15000 patients with Criminal tendencies. 

They schemed and conspired all the rest of the year, dreamed slimy dreams and boned up on Machiavellian precepts until they came up with the ultimate deterrent. They couldn’t stop the issuance of Licenses to grow this evil weed so they decided to fuck up the submission process. They knew that while most Doctors were reluctant to sign the forms the money is too good to pass up and some of them have already set up fronts with some of their scum sucking friends in the Shyster sector of the legal community.

They collectively decided to scare the shit out of the entire Medical Community. It seems appropriate that by the end of last year the Chief Conspirator (Stevie? Leona?) screened all the doctors submitting applications and selected Dr. Rob Kamermans as the best sacrificial lamb they could find. In perfect imitation of Pontius Pilate somebody, probably Vic Toews, approved starting the New Year with a SWAT Team raid on Dr. Kamermans office!

In keeping with his conception of privacy as a nonexistent right, he intentionally violated the medical confidentiality of all 4000 patients by confiscating their medical files! His minions in the vocationally insecure RCMP and OPP refuse to return them. It’s all against the law but they are the Harper Government and above all restriction. They want to keep a low profile with the general public, but they have made damned certain that the CMA, and the chicken shit leaders of all Provincial Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons are aware that the Cons have drawn the line. Sign any application for pot and we’ll do the same to you.  

Why Dr. Kamermans? Because he was perfect target for ruination, he had an excellent reputation that could be attacked. He’s just a very respectable small town doctor with a patient base of 4000: mostly local residents and very highly regarded if you Google the Doctors’ ratings sites. He is an advocate of Medical Marijuana and he exercises his legal right to sign applications for patients with qualifying symptoms. It doesn’t matter that he is innocent of any wrongdoing. An unjust an assault of unsupported accusations, allegations of sin and the refusal of any investigative reporters to file an unbiased report with some actual facts.

I’m concluding this little introduction to atrocity because it’s already too long. The public is vaguely aware that a Crucifixion was set in progress at New Years but no details were supplied as to charges or anything else. After letting the pimple fester in the public mind for a couple of months they began the full scale propaganda assault on the Doctor with the full complicity of the National Media. The Press swallowed the Harposhit and suppressed any follow up inquiry. That’s a disgusting incestuous relationship yet to be explored. It will be interesting to see if I can ask enough embarrassing questions to actually dent the inflated egos of these “Investigative Reporters” who either don’t know how to, or are too damned lazy to do their jobs and dig out some facts to support their allegations.

Fortunately I have found one of the most biased and distorted presentations presented by Global News. It purports to describe the initial developments in Medical Marijuana. I look forward to exposing that little piece of trash for propaganda in my next post.

You might want to look at the trash to be dissected. It was presented as two related columns by Global National health specialist Jennifer Tryon on March 27 and 28: A three months late exposure that slices up the Doctor but ignores the outrage of this major invasion of Personal Privacy and Medical Confidentiality. She either assumes it doesn’t matter or simply can’t see the problem.

Until next time