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Friday, 13 June 2014

Who is this Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti?

Mr. Asshole Himself

Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti

I got my first impression of Dr. Francescutti from an article in the Vancouver Sun in 2011 when he was President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

I was extremely impressed by his vision and grateful that he was trying to impress his understanding on the medical community.

Mistake #1- I Was Impressed!

When I saw his acceptance speech outlining his priorities as the new President of the Canadian Medical Association in 2013. I was disappointed he made no mention of the blockade of signatures and the Medical Marijuana problem and a little disappointed that his message to the Association membership concerned only the image of a Physician and how to restore it. Unfortunately it was self-image of a Physician as seen by the profession.

Mistake #2- I Let That Slide By!

There was no recognition in his speech that the public image of the Association was that of a bunch of stubborn bastards refusing to accept the reality of marijuana benefits. Over the life of the MMAR the CMA has been nothing but a constant source of criticism and objections to any suggestion of benefits and their role in the Program. They effectively killed the Program with repetition of a platform of lies and distortions that was formulated at the inception of the Program.
There were 4 main components to that platform

1.    no acceptable scientific evidence of any medical benefit.
2.    The horrible unknown risks of its long term use as a medication
3.    being asked to “prescribe” a Gateway drug leading to addiction
4.    denial of 5000 years testimonial evidence of benefits

Nevertheless I attempted to contact him three times to attempt to bridge the gap between patients and doctors and even sent him a reasonable solution with a plan for a Risk Research program between Physicians and Patients involving the sharing of information and guidance from each side see:

I ran through my proposal again and it still could work: all it needs is for Francescutti to get off his high horse and listen to reason.

He Opened My Eyes With His Mouth

Then I ran across his interview by the Huffington Post and I was stunned by his presentation and his complete ignorance or understanding of the benefits of marijuana. This was a complete reversal of the man I thought he was and I began to research him to find out just what was going on. What I found out is not of my liking nor do I think of yours.

So. Who is He?

He’s a complete mystery to me. All the material regarding him that I researched had nothing but praise for his capacity as an expert beyond belief in a range of subjects that is amazing. I looked at his education and career history and nowhere did he spend enough time training in any field to absorb the amount of knowledge attributed to him. WTF? How did he get that reputation s I read it completely and was surprised to find that it is his personal website by finding his personal invitations to: “e-mail me”: lou@drlou.ca, “contact my office”:
 780-492-5775 and to participate in an “audience survey” (link) and let me know what you thought of my presentation!

The website exposes a significant expenditure for a competent staff because it is obviously constructed by professional web experts and written by professional propagandists and neither comes cheap!
Combine that with his extensive travel costs and the amount is not in a General Practitioners budget? Where’s he get it?

Turns out he’s a millionaire! How do I know that? From his website and how his staff describes how he lives:
“Lou spends every spare minute with his family.  An amateur stone mason and timber framer, Lou's acreage, home to many interesting projects, is enough to keep any person busy full-time, but he manages.  An authentic Italian pizza oven, a get-away log cabin, a hockey rink, a pond, a maze of trails, and an authentic jail house, Lou's personal life is as interesting and intriguing as his professional endeavors.”

That Lou has enough time at home to maintain a palace like that: between his world travels, lectures, teaching and playing doctor at two Edmonton locations: is pure bullshit.

So is the rest of his website; It’s a non-stop stream of 4 pages of nothing but exaggeration of his excellence at everything, with carefully selected use of flowery language that presents him as a model to follow.
I am not going to say more about the site but will let you make your own judgement of its portrayal of the man. To save you that time, the items in the following list are simply repeated phrases and attributes as used to describe him: Forgive the weird indenting, I can’t get rid of it??

1.    President of the Canadian Medical Association,
2.    Past-President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada,
3.    one of Canada's leading medical visionaries
4.    an emergency room physician,
5.    an educator,
6.    program developer
7.    speaks to the masses, connecting with individuals
8.    regarded internationally for his corporate mentorship sessions and safety culture seminars
9.    visionary, educator, speaker, and doctor
10.                       Emergency Medical Technician in Canada's Arctic,
11.                       MD and PhD at the University of Alberta.
12.                       founded the Injury Awareness and Prevention Centre
13.                       Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health in Baltimore, Master of Public Health degree and a Preventive Medicine Residency
14.                       Professor in the School of Public Health
15.                       Adjunct in the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta,
16.                       Works as an emergency physician in the Emergency Departments of the Royal Alexandra Hospital and the Northeast Community Health Centre in Edmonton.
17.                       Alberta Coalition for Cellphone-Free Driving, for example, which Lou founded in 2005
18.                       promotes safety culture and corporate mentorship
19.                       delivering his provocative and compelling message to everyone from telephone and power workers to oilfield laborers and engineering professionals
20.                       speaking to small and large groups of individuals, new and mature organizations and corporations, students, and government agencies--not to mention international authorities and organizations.
21.                       Offering a bold and ultra-real-world perspective on topics such as safety culture, substance abuse, injury, injury prevention, fatigue, mental illness, communications and health promotion,
22.                       Everyone benefits from hearing Lou's message
23.                       His lectures are a recurring event at many educational institutions, including Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton,
24.                       Dr. Francescutti is internationally regarded as a medical expert and visionary. 
25.                       His years of mentorship and inspirational speaking put him in high demand for international consulting, mentorship, and speaking engagements  from Norway to New Zealand, and Sweden to the United States,
26.                       Dr. Francescutti is one of Canada's most revered medical figures, being acknowledged around the world for his unique approach to injury control and prevention.

One other thing that gives me doubts about Dr. Francescutti is the fact that for all his years in training and in academia he has not published one paper worthy enough to declare in the sites paean of his accomplishments. There is no paper trail showing that he actually learned anything worth sharing to his fellows in academia. The other big question is “Where did all that money to create a Country estate worthy of Royalty come from?”. You don’t earn it from the practice of Medicine as a Professor on tenure with part time employment as an Emergency Room doctor in an Edmonton hospital. I conclude it had to come from his talent as a bullshit artist with speaker fees and a genius for self promotion almost as good as Donald Trump.

To bring this indictment to an end I have concluded that at this time he is Medical Marijuana’s chief enemy and a traitor to his Oath to Do No Harm. I have no idea how to counter his influence but we can all take comfort that he has a limited time on his seat as leader of the “Parliament of Medicine” as he describes the Association. He leads it with the same arrogance and lies as Harper in his imitation of dictatorial governance in Ottawa. His term as President is only two years and over half of that is already history. All of us can look forward to his disappearance in 2015 along with Harper. It can’t come soon enough.

In the interim, since the good Doctor ha requested feedback, his request should be granted! I suggest that if anyone disagrees with his asshole position on the medicinal benefits of marijuana they tell him so by clicking on the e-mail link he thoughtfully provided, lou@drlou.ca, participate in his “audience survey” and let him know what you thought of his presentation!”

That is how I sum up Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti and my conclusion: My labelling him an “Asshole” is perfectly justified:

Arrogance + Ignorance + Bullshit = Asshole

Proof Positive!

Go figure:
Blaine Barrett